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CBeyond Review by WhichVoIP

A byproduct of venture capitalist funding, Cbeyond was initially formed in 1999 by Jim Geiger as a provider of managed IT services to the Atlanta, GA area which took off in 2001. Over the next few years, they expanded to several other markets until the company went public in 2005. It was around this time the company began offering SIP-based VoIP service which is now one of the primary focuses of the company.

On July 21st 2014, the acquisition of CBeyond by Birch Communications was completed.

The Good

Today, Cbeyond focuses heavily on VoIP services but still stays true to the roots on which the company was founded by offering managed IT services and beyond. Their TotalAssist program is an IT monitoring system broken into several categories that can monitor most hosted services and on premise devices. They also offer cloud infrastructure as part of their TotalCloud system that can migrate and host your existing systems or can be utilized to build new servers and desktops as part of a hybrid solution.

The TotalVoice service is part of their TotalCloud Phone System (TCPS) that is much like many other hosted cloud VoIP solutions. There are a wide variety of features like a virtual receptionist, customizable hunt groups (call routing to specified employees) that integrates with direct inward dialing (DID simply means you can dial an extension for an internal number), voicemail and other features you would expect from a hosted provider. All the features are included so there are no additional fees for a feature that some other providers may consider ala carte.

They can integrate analog phones or Ethernet phones which is helpful for businesses that are not currently using IP phones, and though some may not work, virtually all Cisco devices will work with their service. You can buy any phones you need through them also. Like other hosted services, there is a web portal so the system can be managed from a web browser. They offer their own toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox which is nice for companies who are jumping ship to Linux since the demise of Windows XP.

Call forwarding is one of the included features which is good for mobile users. There is also a mobile app available for Android, iOS and Blackberry. This integrates with the company directory which can pull contacts from applications like Microsoft Exchange, meaning you can easily access contacts on the go.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

The Bad

Like some other cloud based VoIP providers, the language used in the Cbeyond web page is somewhat vague. It required contacting customer service via a chat application to uncover costs. The customer service professional was very prompt in replying and as informative as possible. However, the range for pricing was quite broad as services per line are said to range from $15 to $40 depending on the selected package. Also, the site claims to offer "plenty of long distance minutes" which is not ideal for a consumer simply looking to uncover base pricing. As they do offer full mobile solutions and Internet service, it is understandable that pricing can vary depending on the amount of services selected.

Other information was also difficult to uncover such as mobile application availability. The data sheet mentions compatibility with iOS and Android but fails to mention that BlackBerry is supported as well. You also will not find their video conferencing solution mentioned in conjunction with VoIP, rather it is found under another section labeled applications. When one is looking to purchase a full Unified Communications solution, this is important to feature alongside calling services.

Historically, sites like Yelp, ConsumerAffairs and even WhichVoIP have a great number of negative remarks from past and present customers. Most are very specific making the reviews seem very credible, while positive reviews seem quite generic. However, this may be a small percentage of the 60,000 users they claim to service.

The Bottom Line

  • VoIP services can range from $15 to $40.
  • Very broad spectrum of IT services is offered including cloud hosting, VoIP, managed services and many more.
  • Sales associates answer promptly but provide mostly vague answers.
  • Poor customer reviews on a variety of web sites.
  • Select areas can use the Cbeyond mobile network and certain popular phones like iPhone and HTC devices.

Overall Thoughts

The biggest problem with Cbeyond are the predominantly negative reviews found on various sites across the web. Of course, people are more likely to report negative experiences and considering the company claims to have served 60,000 customers, it may be a very small percentage of clients who experience actual dissatisfaction. In the very least, employee reviews are mixed.

It is difficult as an IT provider to give exact measures of the effectiveness of any application or process unless offering comprehensive service. This is difficult for the consumer to process which is common when there is lack in depth of IT comprehension. It seems that if you are a customer in a fully supported service area, you will have a positive experience with Cbeyond as most that have complained only used one or two products or services from the company.

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