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Talkroute Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Talkroute was founded in 2013 and is a virtual phone system provider, based in the Greater Chicago area.

Desktop and Mobile Apps are used to handle all of your phone calls, thereby allowing you to make and receive calls at your business, your home or even on the road.

The Good

Talkroute offers five different plans to choose from based on your needs and starts at just $19 per month for the basic plan. The basic plan is aimed at single user entrepreneurs and includes a local number or toll free phone number, unlimited phone calls and 500 text messages per month. It has a basic feature set, as you would expect, and gives you a single voicemail box, call forwarding, caller ID, call stacking (handle multiple calls concurrently), access to all of the desktop and mobile Apps and custom greetings. The Plus plan costs $39 per month, which at first glance seems quite expensive but this includes up to 3 account users plus voicemail boxes, 2 local or toll free phone numbers, unlimited messaging and adds features such as auto-attendants, single digit extension dialing (i.e. one for each account user), call blast (i.e. ring groups), call transfers and time conditions for after hours call flows. This brings the effective price down to $13 per user per month. The Pro plan costs $59 per month and includes 10 account users and mailboxes, 3 local or toll free phone numbers, unlimited messaging and adds features such as multi-digit extensions, a company directory, call recording, call analytics and professional voiceover services. This equates to an effective rate of under $6 per user per month. Finally, the enterprise plan costs $99 per month and includes 20 account users and mailboxes, 5 local or toll free phone numbers, unlimited messaging and adds features such as custom integrations, a dedicated account manager along with a full Service Level Agreement (SLA). This brings the price down to under $5 per account user per month, which is about as competitive as we have seen for this type of plan.

One other big advantage with Talkroute's service offering is that the price seems to include all taxes and fees. Normally you can expect to see anywhere from 15 to 25% added to cover various tax and regulatory fees.

Various Add-ons can be purchased, regardless of the plan you choose. For example, additional local or toll free phone numbers cost just $5 per month and additional users and voicemail boxes cost just $5 per month.

Apps are available for desktop PCs, MACs, and Linux operating systems and on the mobile side iOS and Android devices. Note that you can also setup call forwarding so that calls to your business phone number ring your native cell phone rather than calling the Talkroute App on your cell phone. This may be of interest if you have a very old cell phone or do not like downloading Apps. However, for the best user experience and to take full advantage of the Talkroute features, it is best to use the App on your devices of choice.

You can port your phone numbers to Talkroute and the first number transfer is completely free. You will only be charged for additional numbers that are ported. A large inventory of local numbers, toll free numbers (including some true 800 numbers) and vanity numbers are available for those needing new phone numbers.

Talkroute offers some useful guides and articles on its Website for support. It also provides multiple ways to obtain support, such as by phone, email, live chat or even schedule a call using Calendly. All support is based in the US (Chicago) and is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week though phone support is offered only during standard business hours.

There are no long term contracts for Talkroute's service. All plans are classed as Pay-as-you-go and simply run month to month. If you cancel service you will be billed for just the current month. You can also change plans at any time for no fee, other than the additional cost of the plan, if applicable. Talkroute also provides a free 7-day trial, so you can kick the tires before signing up for service. This is always something we recommend doing so you can test the provider's system before you go through the hassle of porting your phone numbers over.

The Bad

The Talkroute Terms and Conditions page implies that taxes and fees are not included in the Website pricing, yet the pricing page states that it is inclusive of all taxes and fees. This is an important contradiction to be aware of and we suggest you obtain a full pricing quote before signing up for service.

There is no option for standard IP desk phones. Talkroute provides a virtual phone system that utilizes the Talkroute App on desktop PCs, cell phones and tablets only.

If your account is less than 90 days and you port out an 800 toll free number to a new provider, you will be charged $50 for each port out. This only applies to true 800 toll free numbers.

The Talkroute reasonable use policy is fairly standard when it comes to unlimited plans and protects them from excessive usage. Essentially it means you cannot forward calls to a Private Branch eXchange (PBX) as a way to take advantage of the unlimited call feature, nor can you call premium numbers or blast calls simultaneously. If you break this policy you can expect your service to be either terminated or changed to a meter plan. If you expect very large call volumes we recommend you consult Talkroute ahead of time.

The price for additional number ports beyond the first is not stated on its Website.

If you ever port your phone numbers out of Talkroute make sure you cancel your service. This is not done automatically.

The Bottom Line

  • Basic Plan: $19 per month, single user, single voicemail box, unlimited calls and 500 text messages, 1 local or toll free phone number.
  • Plus Plan: $39 per month, 3 users and voicemail boxes, unlimited calls and text messages, 2 local or toll free phone numbers.
  • Pro Plan: $59 per month, 10 users and voicemail boxes, unlimited calls and text messages, 3 local or toll free phone numbers.
  • Enterprise Plan: $99 per month, 20 users and voicemail boxes, unlimited calls and text messages, 5 local or toll free phone numbers.

Overall Thoughts

For those business customers content with using a virtual phone system where all calls are handled using Apps on desktops and mobile devices, Talkroute provides a very price competitive and feature rich offering. Your cost could be as low as just $5 per user per month, with unlimited calling and messaging between users and also to the outside world.

If you have used Talkroute, please consider adding your review and ratings using the review form on this page.

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