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Formed in 2006, the company ThinkingPhones from Thinking Phones Network Inc offers a breadth of solutions for Unified Communications (UC) to users with diverse communication requirements. These tools also integrate with various other software applications to improve overall productivity for businesses.

The Good

A flexible, hosted IP PBX is what powers the platform, operating in multiple countries, with locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Singapore. Company pride revolves around a highly redundant architecture and Quality of Service (QoS). This system can be purchased at an elastic rate that increases or decreases depending on the number of users and options you choose.

The system can be extended to various platforms, including desktop systems and mobile devices. Applications are available for PC and Mac as well as Android and iOS phones. Many physical devices are inherently supported for audio, and some even for video, such as Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize and several others.

The ThinkingPhones Fuze product line enables video conferencing among users through numerous devices or applications. Though some exceptions exist, users on an iPhone, Android and a Polycom SoundPoint device, can all video conference together, seamlessly. Fuze was orginally a video conferencing company, based in San Francisco, that they acquired in November 2015. It is used by over 100,000 companies and 6.5million users across the world.

All standard VoIP features package with the service plus several advanced components. It is possible to have a completely hands-off system where ThinkingPhones will handle the entire configuration for you. Alternatively, a designated person (or people) within your organization can configure the system or a hybrid of these two options is also a possibility. Powerful management tools that analyze and report on activity assist management in fine tuning processes for one or more sites where the system is used.

One of the most useful features is the ability to integrate with several popular applications and hosted services. ThinkingPhones is compatible with arguably two of the most useful web based companies, Google and Salesforce. Not only can you include contacts from either system, it is also possible to take advantage of other aspects by assimilating your accounts. Google integration, for example, allows the use of other applications such as the Calendar for scheduling and the Chrome browser for web-based calling. Microsoft products such as Outlook and Dynamics are also supported.

The cloud-based contact center is fashioned such that many operations can be entirely automated. Intelligent routing connects callers to the most effective person based on availability. Outbound calls route in a similar fashion, granting those in sales or resolution departments a mechanism to automatically connect with pertinent contacts.

Support is US based and available 24/7 through phone, email and a ticketing system. Pro-active measures are also taken, where software constantly monitors over 40 parameters, such as jitter and packet loss, to determine potential system availability issues.

The Bad

Like many companies offering a wide array of communication solutions, pricing is not directly conveyed on the website. This causes one to ponder the exact pricing model, regarding cost per user. It also does not signify whether local or long distance calling is included for inbound or outbound calls with any of the product offerings.

Though compatibility with some devices is mentioned during a promotional video on the site, exact products supported are very vague. Most companies seeking a company such as ThinkingPhones is likely transitioning from a similar provider or from an internal system. Not knowing what mechanisms are supported is a turn off, especially for those with an arsenal of phones less than five years old.

There is very little technical documentation available on the website. Some FAQs and videos are available but they tend to be more general in nature. It is a little surprising they do not highlight some of the most common issues that customers face and how to fix them.

The Bottom Line

  • Full-fledged, hosted IP PBX accessible from a multitude of devices anywhere on the globe.
  • All connections are completely secured which is ideal for companies required to meet PCI or SOX compliance.
  • Integration with popular applications from Google, Salesforce and certain Microsoft products.
  • No indication of pricing structure via the web content or mention of rates for calls to and from the PTSN.
  • Applications are available for desktops and mobile devices (Android and iOS).
  • Complete video conferencing solution through Fuze.

Overall Thoughts

By expanding to several global locations and employing some 600 hundred workers testifies to the value of the company and the service it provides. It offers a powerful set of tools, that are customizable to virtually every industry. However, pricing is vague, especially when simply researching the extent of offerings listed on its website.

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