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Spoke Phone Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Spoke Phone was founded in 2016 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are investor backed locally and internationally. Their solution is based on transforming Smartphones into business tools for the deskless workforce. This solution appears to be aimed at the sales and service industry but could be used by any business.

The Good

Spoke Phone provides a way for you to utilize all your employees Smartphones to be connected as part of your business phone system. Each employee downloads the Spoke Phone App onto their Smartphone. This makes your business phone service completely mobile and is great for businesses that don't really have traditional desk type employees or employees that mainly work on the go or from home. Spoke Phone provides all the features of cloud based PBX systems but all available through your Smartphone.

Pricing is based on 3 different user type licenses, Basic Users at $9.95 per month, Standard Users at $35 per month, and Pro Users with custom pricing (you will need to contact them directly for this). You can build your own plan by mixing user licenses but there is a minimum requirement for every plan of 3 Standard Users, so pricing starts at $105 per month. A plan includes one phone number, unlimited inbound calls (excluding toll free) and access to the developer API. Additional costs include outgoing calls, phone numbers if you need more than one, and applicables taxes and fees.

To make calls in the USA and Canada it will cost you 1.4c per minute, except Alaska which is 10.5c per minute. Additional phone numbers cost $1 per month for local numbers and $2 per month for toll free numbers. Toll free incoming calls are charged at 3c per minute, incoming calls to local numbers are free (included).

There are a few other services and features that are available for additional fees. A SMB (Small-Medium Business) Guided Setup is available for a one-time fee of $450. SMB phone support is available for $150 per month, providing 9 to 5 adminstrator phone support. Call recording is charged at 1c per minute. Enterprise account management, SIP Trunking, and custom deployments are also available, but you have to contact them directly for pricing information.

All user license types include features such as auto-attendant, custom greetings, ring groups, time conditions, shared company phone book, voicemail, call transfer, transfer to voicemail, call recording, transcribed voicemail to text, masked personal cell number, and developer API/webhooks access. The Standard User licencse adds attended transfer, multiple Caller ID's, ability to host conference calls, dictate/transcribe follow up notes after calls, AI voice to text notes, call highlights, note tagging, and CRM/App integrations. Integrations include popular CRM's such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, Zoho, Copper, and SugarCRM. Other integrations are included such as Google Contacts, CSV upload, Audiocodes, Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Mitel, Ribbon, Twilio Flex, Nice, Verint, Otter, voicemail to Slack, and voicemail to Trello. The Pro User license adds custom forms and in-call guided workflows.

A FAQ and knowledgebase is available online, including a search option and user forums for asking the community. You can also use their chat-bot or submit a ticket if you cannot get an answer to your questions. Phone support, either 5 days a week or full 24/7 is available on request for additional fees, as are SLA's (Service Level Agreements).

As we mentioned the whole model is focused around utilizing employees existing mobile phones but they do offer a few entry level IP desk phones, the Yealink T19P E2 and the Grandstream GXP1620, that can be used in common areas etc. They also offer a conference phone option, the Polycom Trio 8800.

They have a specific USA phone number if you want to contact the sales team. They also have a specific number for Australia, New Zealand, and the UK respectively.

If you have more than 10 users you can take advantage of the Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) trunking option as an intermediate step in switching your whole phone system. This options allows you to use your existing PSTN voice carrier partner(s), keep your phone numbers with that carrier, and add Spoke Phone capabilities to those calls/numbers.

The Bad

High call volume customers may be charged an additional 2c per minute surcharge over and above the calling cost rates.

Their fair use policy relates to the maximum number and duration of calls made in one month and referenced against the average calling profiles of other customers and estimated customer use of the service. Exceeding this could be deemed as excessive and you may be asked to moderate your usage or agree to new pricing.

Phone support is available but at an additional cost to small to medium sized businesses.

This service is highly focused on using cell phones as the main business phone system. If your business is more traditionally focused on desk phones then this may not be the best option at this time.

Requires a minimum of three users so not a good option for very small businesses.

Outgoing calls are charged as extra and there is no unlimited calling plan.

The Bottom Line

  • Three different user license types, Basic, Standard, and Pro.
  • Basic is $9.95/month, Standard is $35/month and Pro is custom pricing.
  • Plans can consist of a mixture of user license types, with minimum requirement of 3 Standard licenses.
  • Pricing includes incoming calls but outgoing calls are charged at per minute rates based on location (1.4c/minute in USA/Canada).
  • App integrations plus developer API/Webhooks access to customize.
  • Bring Your Own Carrier option.

Overall Thoughts

Spoke Phone focuses on linking employees Smartphones together to create a business phone system in the palm of every employees hands. Features like CRM integrations and ability to make notes following calls makes this a good option for sales and service industries.

Pricing is a little on the high side plus outgoing calls and phone support are an added cost. If you want a purely mobile first focused system though with some neat features like call highlights, then Spoke Phone could well make your top choices list.

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