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Star2Star Communications Review by WhichVoIP

As one of the newer companies in the VoIP market, Star2Star Communications has shown a very respectable level of growth since the company was first founded in 2006. Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, the company primarily serves the Southeast US, though they have a variety of clients throughout the country. They provide several services such as SIP trunking for voice and fax, Unified Communications (UC) applications and Internet access.

The Good

Star2Star provides holistic communication solutions for the companies they serve. By employing a blended architecture, their service provides the ability to call anyone via SIP trunking, whether inside or outside the company. This service utilizes physical IP PBX devices deployed on business premises that are configured to link to other devices on a company WAN as well as to the PSTN.

Truly, Star2Star provides just about every communication feature your can imagine. They are equipped to offer a multitude of business oriented solutions that include voice calling within and outside a company network, mobile network solutions and a wide variety of UC solutions. Included is an IM application, conference calling for both voice and video, inbound and outbound faxing, presence monitoring and several other features. An online portal enables configuration of other items that tie into the applications such as auto attendant, call queue management, voicemail, call recording and much more.

Their service ties into a hosted infrastructure that provides fortification of VoIP solutions. Customers are ensured over 99% network uptime meaning there are virtually never lengthy downtime periods for clientele networks. Even in the event of a total power outage, the Star2Star UPS systems enable limited-time usage for such situations, as well as back up settings and contacts to the cloud.

Star2Star has the capability to integrate with various CRM systems. The system can extract data from just about any major CRM into their communication system. By doing such, your company will not have to spend time transmitting pertinent information to the system.

The Bad

Like many providers geared toward serving larger businesses, you will not find baseline pricing for services by simply browsing the Star2Star website. Everything is custom tailored to individual business needs so it is impossible to gain a price perspective from the web alone. As long as needs can be adequately articulated, Star2Star can fashion a solution and price conducive to said requirements.

A fair amount of past and present employees have provided very critical reviews of the working environment. When employees are unhappy, this is often reflected in the quality of service a company provides to clientele. Despite some negative commentary about working conditions, many also state the working environment is quite fun. Do not let employee reviews greatly affect your decision making process - those that are unhappy are more likely to voice opinions than those who are overall satisfied with their job.

The Bottom Line

  • Comprehensive communication solution across multiple devices from desktops to mobile phones.
  • Full UC suite that includes instant messaging as well as conferencing for voice and video.
  • Disaster solutions that encompass backup and recovery as well as power outage support.
  • Complete Internet solution that allows for communication redundancy.
  • CRM integration for a wide variety of software such as Salesforce and SugarCRM.
  • Dedicated mobile network for mobile iPhone users.

Overall Thoughts

Though a fairly new competitor in the VoIP market, Star2Star is a prime example of a great business within the industry. Large enterprises typically have very low tolerances for any kind of obstacle that may be encountered with a business system so note the company has few, if any, complaints against their products and services.

Like others who serve mid to enterprise level businesses, Star2Star does not provide a pricing tier on their website. This is mainly because the services they offer are for offices that span multiple locations, have a large number of users (i.e. in excess of 100) and often with unique requirements. Direct contact with their sales consultants is necessary in order to formulate a complete quote based on the specific needs of your business.

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