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Panterra Networks Review by WhichVoIP

Panterra Networks was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. Panterra Networks offers an all-in-one cloud based Unified Communications service called "Streams" that includes voice, collaboration, and file sharing solutions.

The Good

Streams is the name given to the all-in-one Unified Communications solution that Panterra offer. The all-in-one approach provides a seamless integration of the main communication tools a business needs, such as voice, text, call center, team messaging, file sharing, web collaboration, video conferencing, group/email digital fax, analytics and more. The solution is also HIPAA compliant making it a great solution for those industries that require it.

Panterra offer four (4) different plans named "Business Basic", "Business Plus", "Professional", and "Call Center". Each plan builds on the previous one, providing access to more features of the all-in-one solution. You can mix and match plans based on your needs. That means you can have some users with the basic plan and some users who have the higher level plans. Pricing for all plans mentions "starting from" which makes us think that tier pricing is used (i.e. the more users you have the cheaper the per user costs per month). There is also a mention of custom seat pricing available for larger deployments, and reduced per user costs as your business scales.

The "Business Basic" plan is mainly focused on voice services, with pricing starting at $19.95 per user per month. This plan includes unlimited outbound calling, an integrated softphone, iOS and Android mobile App, music on hold, ring groups, follow me, call recording, Outlook integration, voicemail, a phone number, report manager and their SmartBox file sharing and storage tool (up to 2GB storage).

The "Business Plus" plan pricing starts from $24.95 per user per month. This plan includes all of what the Business Basic plan includes plus SMS/MMS messaging, audio/video streams, auto-attendants (up to 4 levels), team rooms/team messaging, unlimited conferencing, ACE operator console, ConnectMe video conferencing (on-net only), screenshare, MS Teams integration, and CRM integrations.

The "Professional" plan pricing starts at $34.95 per user per month. This includes all the features of the Business Plus plan as well as group/email digital fax (up to 100/month), unified live monitor, and supervisory modes. SmartBox gets bumped up to unlimited storage for this plan, auto-attendant is also unlimited levels, and ConnectMe video conferencing includes on-net and off-net.

The "Call Center" plan pricing starts at $64.95 per user per month. This plan includes everything they offer feature wise. It includes everything the Professional plan has plus 10 call queues, lifetime analytics, detailed reporting and AppDesigner. AppDesigner is a full programming platform that allows you to create customized communication Apps that can connect with your CRM or other databases. This plan includes unlimited group/email digital fax.

Smartbox, which is included in all plans, is a neat secure cloud file storage and sharing tool that is integrated into their Streams platform. You can securely store files and documents as well as communication content like voicemails, call recordings, faxes and text messages, and it is HIPAA compliant. Panterra will also sign a BAA for you if required for your HIPAA compliance. As it is part of the Streams platform you can access storage from any device, such as desktop, laptop, notebooks, and mobile.

Other powerful features that Panterra boasts includes a team messaging tool which allows you to set up secure virtual team rooms with people within or outside your company. You can share text, pictures, videos, audio, files, and folders. You can start an audio or video conference within the team, as well as deskshare and web meeting features.

The Streams platform integrates with multiple third party platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoho, Freshdesk, Skype for Business, Google Apps, Zendesk, Dropbox and Office365. They also offer the Streams API interface that provides programmatic access to Streams services so you can develop integration into your existing applications (for example click-to-call API, call detail records API, SMS API, call recordings API, and account user information API). They also have AppDesigner, mentioned above, for integrating with CRM and other database driven tools.

As well as providing desktop and mobile softphone Apps, IP phones are also supported. Panterra offer pre-configured Polycom and Yealink IP phones for purchase or as part of a Hardware-as-a-Service (HAAS) plan where you pay a monthly fee for the phones (so no up front capital cost). Under the HAAS plan you can exchange phones up to once per every 12 months.

Panterra have a multi-pronged approach to support options. Comprehensive online training and help documentation is provided to help with questions. You can call them directly from your phones by dialing 611 or by dialing their toll free number. You can message them directly from within the Streams platform via instant messaging, for which they have a guarantee of support within 30 seconds. You can also email them with any support questions. A desktop sharing option is available to help troubleshoot customer issues if required.

The Bad

Pricing is based on number of users and the available pricing is most likely based on larger business sizes. If you are a small business we recommend getting a quote so you know the exact costs for your business size.

Also, there is no pricing available on the website for IP phones, whether for full purchase or as part of their HAAS offering. Again we recommend getting a quote so you can compare overall pricing.

The End User Agreement includes excessive use charges for each of the unlimited services. Voice is considered to be excessive usage if over 10,800 minutes per user average across all users of that account. This is actually very good and higher than many other providers. The excessive use charge is 2c per minute.

For unlimited SMS, over 500 outbound only SMS messages per user on average for your account is considered excessive. As are inbound SMS messages that exceed 140% of outbound usage. The excessive use charge is 1c/message.

For unlimited faxing, greater than 3,000 pages average per fax line is considered as excessive with a 10c per fax page excessive use charge fee for going over.

The unlimited SmartBox feature has an excessive use total of 1TB. Above this you will incur excessive use charges of $2 per 100GB used.

Note that any ConnectMe video conferencing recordings stored to the SmartBox cloud feature will incur additional fees (i.e. that storage is not included). Fees are $8 per month for up to 10GB, $40 per month for up to 100GB, and $250 per month for up to 1TB.

The Bottom Line

  • Business Basic plan starts at $19.95 per month. Mainly focused on voice services plus 2GB cloud storage.
  • Business Plus plan starts at $24.95 per month and adds messaging, conferencing, and integration features.
  • Professional plan starts at $34.95 per month, adding digital fax and management features.
  • Call Center plan starts at $64.95 per month and includes all features.
  • Polycom and Yealink IP phones available for purchase or monthly lease fees.
  • All-in-one communications platform across all device types: IP phones, desktops, laptops, mobile.

Overall Thoughts

Panterra Networks offers an all-in-one Unified Communications platform solution that incorporates many different tools for any size of business that can be utilized across any device type. You can start with a more basic plan at a lower price point and grow into the more feature rich plans as your business needs grow.

HIPAA compliance makes it an option for the healthcare and other industries that require more strigent customer privacy requirements. With its different plans and all-in-one platform approach it is a very compelling solution for any business size, from small business to Enterprise.

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