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Ring4 Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Ring4 was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in the United States. It provides phone service to startups and entrepreneurs by using Apps on their cell phones and tablets to handle all of their business phone calls. Ring4 can also be used for personal use by those wishing to have additional phone numbers tied to their cell phone.

The Good

No hardware is required, other than your existing cell phone or tablet. Download the Ring4 App from the Apple or Google stores, create a Ring4 account and you can start using new phone numbers in seconds for most area codes in the US, Canada, France and the UK. Phone numbers can also be set to have expiry time limits, which may be useful for those that need a temporary phone number. For example, this could be used for Advertising purposes and another popular use case is dating Websites since they require a phone number during registration.

Pricing is very straightforward. A personal line can be used for single users and costs $9.99 per month per phone number. This includes the phone number plus unlimited local calling and texting and includes voicemail and call recording. Ring4 defines local as being the country for the phone number you purchased. A business line also costs $9.99 per month per phone number, the difference being that you manage all of your users and phone numbers for your business through an Admin console or Web portal. This is very useful for small businesses that require multiple users and phone numbers as one portal is used for company billing information and for user management, making it a very seamless process for businesses to handle their phone service. There are no contracts or commitments for personal or business phone lines.

Basic video conferencing is provided for free for up to 5 participants. This is all controlled from inside the Ring4 App or from a desktop computer. Note that this is truly free, in other words you do not need an unlimited plan to run video conferencing. If you have more than 5 participants you need one of the paid plans.

Basic support is provided for personal accounts and the business accounts extend this to 24/7 support. However it is all online only through support tickets, there is no phone number to call for help. The Ring4 Website does provide an FAQ but it is very limited in terms of articles, guides and troubleshooting help. A status page is provided so you can see the Ring4 operational status at any time.

The Bad

The feature set for the Ring4 service is rather limited, although this is likely not too much of an issue for very small businesses. We expected the Admin console to at least provide options for ring groups so multiple cell phones could ring when a business phone number is called but this does not seem to be a feature that is offered at this time. You can block calls inside the Ring4 App so that could be useful if you receive a lot of nuisance calls. Given the fact that this service is used by people wishing to throw away numbers (i.e. hold a number temporarily for a short period of time), the ability to block calls could be very important if your number has been re-used several times!

You can port numbers to Ring4 at any time but you cannot port numbers out of Ring4. This is very important to know if you are a business, it means once you pick a new number in the Ring4 App you are locked to their service if you wish to keep that phone number.

Keep in mind that Ring4 will use your cell data when not on WiFi. If you have limited data with your cellular provider this could be a problem, especially if you are running a lot of video conferencing calls.

No E911 emergency calling is provided. You must use your native cell phone number for 911 calls.

Unlimited calling is only for the country your phone number resides in. Also no reasonable use policy is stated for unlimited minutes in the Terms and Conditions for Ring4, which is unusual. There is usually a limit for this so if you expect high usage we recommend you ask Ring4 what the limits are before signing up for service.

The Bottom Line

  • Free video conferencing for up to 5 participants.
  • Personal lines costs $9.99/month/line for unlimited calls inside your local country.
  • Business lines costs $9.99/month/line for unlimited calls inside your local country. Admin console used to manage billing, users and your phone numbers.
  • You cannot port any phone number out of Ring4.

Overall Thoughts

Ring4 may be a good option for startups and entrepreneurs that want to use their cell phone for all business and personal communications. An App on your cell phone or tablet is used to handle all of your business calls, texts and video conferencing needs.

Just keep in mind that you cannot port phone numbers out of Ring4, you essentially just lease numbers from them. If you plan to grow your business and move to a more standard business phone system down the road, this could be a problem for you.

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