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MyPBX Review By

"What good are features if they are too difficult to use" - this is the motto adopted by the VoIP company, MyPBX, which operates under a parent company known as VOIP ITS Inc. A relatively new competitor in the hosted business VoIP market, this Canadian company recently formed in 2013. Despite being a new contender in the VoIP space, the approach to hosted services is quite smart as the company addresses an all too common issue: a phone system's power is useless if no one understands how to use it.

The Good

Overall, the company has a very straightforward business model when compared to other providers in the market. This is a great selling point as some phone companies include way more features than would ever be needed or lack necessary instruction for proper utilization of such features. This fact makes the MyPBX VoIP service ideal for a business that simply wants a working phone service with minimal configuration time.

All supported VoIP features are included with each pricing tier. No matter the price point selected, service will include features such as customizable IVR menus, call forwarding to extensions (or other phone services such as landlines, mobile phones and other VoIP providers), caller ID based routing, voicemail to email and many others. All features can be managed using a simple drag and drop user interface.

Monthly service fees start as low as $0 per month. The customer only pays a "low, competitive rate" for minutes used. The $19.99 Unlimited US and Canada plan does just as the name implies by giving unlimited minutes for calls to USA and Canada. This plan and the global plan ($29.99 per month which includes free calling to over 70 countries) incorporate 5 additional contact methods per user; this includes integration for Google and Skype as well as forwarding to landline and mobile devices.

MyPBX supports hundreds of SIP based phones, although they only recommend 5 or 6 Grandstream and Polycom phones that have been thoroughly tested for compliance. A softphone is also available, making the device an actual phone extension rather than it being a forwarding option where extra charges could be applicable. Both mobile extensions and compatible IP phones are able to send unlimited SMS messages with each of the paid plans.

The Bad

The MyPBX website should have more information related to the service offerings. For example, when viewing the "Pay As You Go" plan, a quantitative value for per-minute pricing is not stated. Most other providers state their national and international rates for all to see on their websites. Similarly, for the unlimited plan there is no mention regarding the number of minutes this covers nor any contract period. Most providers have a fair use policy when referring to unlimited minutes, as stated in their terms and conditions. There are no terms and conditions stated on the website.

There is no support section on the website and the FAQ page is empty. Perhaps the service is so good that no support is necessary, but this would be a first!

A company searching for an immensely powered system with video calling, desktop sharing and other Unified Communication (UC) features will need to look elsewhere. MyPBX only offers standard PBX options so this may not be ideal for businesses requiring a service with UC capabilities. To be fair, inbound faxing and SMS are both included with the paid services - which is not too common with other providers.

The Bottom Line

  • Full-fledged hosted PBX systems with unlimited users starts at $0 per month with pay as you go billing. However, no rates are stated!
  • A $19.99 per month plan allows for unlimited calling to the US and Canada.
  • For $29.99, free calling is available to over 70 countries.
  • Integration with other services such as Google and Skype are included with the paid monthly services.

Overall Thoughts

Straightforward, no nonsense service is how a business wins the war over its competition. MyPBX accomplishes this by providing a very clear service model for various pricing tiers so any business selecting a service should have very few, if any, surprises.

The only issue with the service relates to missing information on their website. At a minimum they should be highlighting rates per minute for the pay as you go plan and have terms and conditions related to the service offering.

The feature set and pricing is attractive making this system one of the lower priced services available in the market place. Those seeking a simple communication option for a low price should consider MyPBX especially if UC functions are not required.

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Basic features but cheap service

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#1 : DEC 16th, 2014 :

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First of all, the pricing is great and main reason I signed up with MyPBX. Second, the feature set isn't great but decent and more than meets my needs. Lastly, I like the drag and drop interface for handling my configuration, easy to use.


Leigh (July 26th 2015) : I have two business phone numbers. They used to be on what was called a rotary. So if the main line was busy it would go to the second. We downsized our operation but I kept both numbers. As an experiment with VOIP I set up my second line with MyPBX and have been using it for outgoing calls. A feature we make extensive use of is call forwarding. The main phone number along with this feature was left with our current provider. If no one is in the office, we forward to someones cell. For after hours service we also forward to whoever is on call. After numerous calls to the MyPBX support department they finally just said that this feature does not work. Since it is integral to our way of doing business, I am left not knowing what to do.

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