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TelePacific Review by

TelePacific is a communications company offering a variety of services that include voice, data, mobile and cloud solutions in addition to services focused on continuity and security.

The Good

TelePacific operates its own networks in California, Nevada, and Texas and provides coverage across the country and across the world, from Portland to New York to Tokyo. The company's MPLS solutions allow businesses to easily connect multiple business locations in a private cloud environment, whether they are in neighboring towns or on opposite coasts. This private cloud environment can also be combined with co-location for redundancy and higher application availability. This private fiber network comes complete with layer 3 private IP solutions and provides a fully meshed MPLS enabled IP VPN network. All in all, the network covers over 600 cities in more than 60 countries.

In addition to excellent network coverage, the company also boasts excellent network availability. The company boasts five nines (99.999%) network availability. It doesn't get much better than that!

TelePacific is much more than just a cloud service. The company has a sizeable local footprint, with 28 local offices and 4 customer care centers. The company also offers 24/7 technical support service for troubleshooting.

A comprehensive and flexible leasing program is available that is ideal for businesses that need telecommunications equipment right away, but want to limit their upfront capital expenditure. Companies have the flexibility to choose a specific vendor and equipment.

Bundled voice and data service is available. This means you can purchase both your voice and Internet data service in one place instead of having to deal with two separate providers, which is often the case.

Hosted VoIP is available in multiple different flavors that include Basic, Advanced, Executive, Smart Number and VoiceMail Only plans. Four different packaged options are also available, these being Reserved Phone Number, Virtual Fax, Virtual Number and a Virtual User Feature Package. Hosted PBX contact center functionality is also available.

One of the main advantages of TelePacific is the sheer number of options and solutions available. In regards to broadband Internet, there are a range of different options, including DSL, T1 & bonded T1 access, T3 line Internet access, Ethernet broadband, MPLS VPN, and metro private line.

The Bad

TelePacific charges fees in the event of business relocation or termination of service. If your business changes locations, you will be charged $500 to have a technician relocate hardware, phones, routers, etc. Furthermore, additional technician labor rates are charged at $75 per half-hour. If you want to cancel your service and you don't give at least 60 days notice prior to the end of service term, you will be hit with a fee. There are also a number of fees depending on the services your company specifically needs, including a $50 bill split fee, a $50 business name change fee, a $50 custom bill format fee, a $250 reconnection fee, a $5 invoice copy fee, etc. These additional penalties and fees can add up pretty quickly, so it is something that all companies need to consider. You will want to be sure to go over the terms and conditions carefully.

Unfortunately, no pricing information is available on the website. Companies looking for an estimate must call a sales representative to receive one. This is especially frustrating for customers interested in hosted PBX service as almost every other provider clearly states pricing on the website.

While it is great that there is 24/7 support available via a phone, there isn't any live chat support. This means you always have to call in with any problem or issue, which could be an inconvenience for some companies.

The Bottom Line

  • With multiple options for broadband Internet and bundled voice and data services, TelePacific's solutions are diverse and flexible. There is something to suit every company's needs.
  • Hosted PBX service for businesses with option for integrated voice and data solution. Multiple voice and data packages area available such that customers can select the most customized solution for their needs.
  • Excellent network availability minimizes the risk of costly downtime - you really can't beat the five nines (99.999%) network availability.
  • The service is affordable, but all of those penalties and fees add up pretty quickly, so companies need to understand what they are signing up for and budget accordingly. If your business changes locations, for example, you will be slapped with a $500 fee.
  • Customer service is decent, but there is no live chat feature, which means if you need help with troubleshooting or have a question regarding billing, you are going to need to call.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, TelePacific offers an impressive variety of solutions with above average customer service. The network availability is excellent, and the security is impressive, as the company's private network comes complete with layer 3 private IP solutions and provides a fully meshed MPLS-enabled IP VPN network. The key, however, is to carefully evaluate the costs, especially all additional fees that might be incurred through a change in business location or termination of service. It isn't wise to get locked into a long term contract without a thorough understanding of all of the potential fees.

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Good reliable service although not the cheapest.

Overall rating (4.4)

#1 : MAR 20th, 2015 :

Recommended: Yes

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Pretty happy with service as it works really well and we like having our phone and Internet on a single bill. Seems like it is a bit expensive though in comparison to some other deals we have seen recently. You get what you pay for though so will stick with this as long as it continues to work well.

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