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Versature came into existence after founder Paul Emond came across communication challenges with existing phone systems and the costs associated with making long distance phone calls. This surmounting issue is what drove Versature into the VoIP market and ultimately inspired development of a better phone solution. In 2005, this idea evolved into a full-fledged hosted VoIP phone service that now serves over 950 Canadian cities.

The Good

Pricing for the phone plans offered by Versature is based on the number of extensions required by a customer and it offers three plans to cover most business use cases. The least expensive plan, referred to as the Standard plan, runs at $24.50 per month per extension and local calling is unlimited. The Extreme plan at $29.50 per month adds to the Standard offerings by providing unlimited long distance calling across Canada and 4 cents per minute for calls across the continental U.S. The Ultimate plan is the most expensive at $49 per month but provides mostly unlimited calling to Canada and the U.S.

Services are offered on a month-to-month basis though contract options yield certain benefits. Currently, the company will provide VoIP phone hardware when a customer purchases 10 or more extensions and signs a 3-year contract. The phones offered with this deal (a Polycom VVX 300) retail for over $100 meaning this offer will save a business at least a thousand dollars.

All services come standard with many features that you would expect from a good, hosted phone service. Included at all levels of service are tools such as voicemail, call forwarding and Follow Me, softphone support (Apple, Android and BlackBerry), video calling with supported devices or applications, three-way calling and several others. Advanced features may be added for an additional cost such as unlimited call recording at $10 per extension, an advanced auto attendant allowing dial-by-name functionality for $20 per month and two-way faxing for $29 per month. All features are configured through an on-line web management service known as Sonar.

A business can easily integrate its phone system with their Salesforce account for enhanced application of its customer's data. This plugin is highly sought after by many businesses and tends to be provided by only a few VoIP companies.

Versature has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place and you will be credited per extension should the service be down for a certain period of time. This is always nice to see, as it highlights the company has confidence in the reliability of its service.

On the support side, initially it looks like the FAQs are more sales related than support. However, it turns out Versature has a 611 feature for customers. Simply calling 611 from your phone will get you through to their support department. In fact there is also a dedicated 611 support area on the website that has instructional videos, a ticket management system and much more.

The Bad

The service is a little expensive. At first $24.50 per month sounds very reasonable but this only covers local calls meaning that this service is actually relatively expensive when compared to some other VoIP companies. If your business works with companies outside of Canada, it may be necessary to purchase the Ultimate plan as this is the best value for regular calling to the continental United States.

Some of the additional fees are a little pricey compared to market standards. For example, use of the auto attendant feature incurs extra cost, at $8 per month and $20 per month for a more advanced auto attendant. In addition, faxing fees are high considering the incoming, fax-to-email runs at $18 per month and the two-way fax service using existing fax machines costs $29 monthly plus a $195 one-time hardware fee. Prices are not necessarily outrageous but may be somewhat burdening for some smaller businesses.

The Bottom Line

  • Full featured, hosted VoIP service starting at $24.50 per month, per extension for local calling.
  • Calling to anywhere in Canada costs $29.50 per month. For unlimited calling to the continental U.S, the Extreme plan is necessary and costs $49 monthly, per extension.
  • Features such as video and three-way calling are included as standard components at no extra cost.
  • Faxing costs are high at $29 per month. There is also a one-time hardware fee of $194.99. This is for operation with an actual fax machine. eFax incoming service (using fax to email) costs $13 per month.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, Versature appears to be a decent company with a service that meets the needs of most small and medium sized businesses in Canada. Pricing is a little on the higher end of the spectrum but has a good feature set as standard and add-ons for power users.

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Good for local calls

Overall rating (3.8)

#1 : : DEC 29th, 2014

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My business mainly makes local calls so the regular plan works great for me. The price is reasonable and saving me over landline service.

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