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Line2 Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Line2 was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in the heart of San Francisco. In 2018 it was acquired by j2 global which is a large player in the cloud services space and also owns well known companies such as eFax, eVoice and iContact.

The Line2 service is entirely virtual, running as an App on an existing mobile device such as your cell phone or even a tablet or PC/MAC desktop. This can be a great option for small businesses, especially those that rely on mobility. It allows you to run two lines on your cell phone, the first is of course your native cell phone number from your cell carrier, the second line is your business number and runs on the Line2 App.

The Good

No deskphones are required. Simply download the App on up to 5 devices, including iOS, Android, MAC and PCs and then you can make and receive business calls using the App. This makes it easy to separate your personal and business calls on multiple devices.

The Line2 service is designed for mobility using cell service or WiFi. Handle all of your business calls, text messages and faxes all from an App on any device and anywhere. This is very compelling for small businesses, especially those that require mobility.

Plans start at just $9.95 per month for the Standard plan or $8.30 per month effective rate if you pay annually. This includes virtually unlimited calls and texts inside the U.S and Canada, group calling, ability to block calls, screen or forward calls and receive texts to the Line2 App direct from a widget on your website. A Pro plan costs $14.95 per month per user ($12.45 per month effective rate if paid annually). This option adds an auto attendant, simultaneous call forwarding, dial-by-name directory, after hours call handling, custom call screening and the ability to easily manage multiple lines. You can also add a toll-free number for $9.95 per month extra. An Elite plan costs $19.95 per user per month ($16.63 per month effective rate if paid annually). The Elite plan includes unlimited toll free minutes and texts, a call queue to handle higher volume of calls in a more efficient manner, live chat for instant support and online faxing.

Line2 provides an interesting call handling option where you can either use the Line2 App (VoIP mode) or you can bypass it and forward to your native cell phone number (cellular mode). You can set this inside the Line2 dashboard and this could be a very useful feature depending on your location and device selection. If you are mobile and do not have great data service from your cellular provider, cellular mode may be a more reliable option for receiving calls. If you are on a PC or MAC or mainly on a WiFi connection or in an area that offers really good data service from your cellular provider then VoIP mode should work best and offer the most features. Having the flexibility to do either mode should really increase service reliability.

You can port existing phone numbers over to Line2 or pick a new phone number based on your area code of choice, including vanity numbers. You can also pick a toll-free number for an additional fee, as stated above.

Virtual services such as this usually do not offer E911, instead this is normally handled by your native cell phone. Line2 differs from other virtual services by providing full E911 service and lets you update your E911 address location at any time inside the App or in the Line2 dashboard.

All plans have a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Bad

If you are looking for an actual desk phone you are out of luck. The Line2 service is based entirely on existing devices such as cell phones, tablets, PCs and MACs.

The Line2 support section contains many articles and guides to get you up and running. If you have technical challenges and the guides do not help, you can submit a ticket for further help online but there is no support phone number to call. If you are on the Standard plan and need help you can book a 30-minute appointment with the Line2 support team for $25. The Pro and Elite plans offer this 30 minute appointment free of charge. The elite plan also adds instant live chat support.

Faxing is a premium service, as detailed above, and is mainly aimed at receiving faxes and emailing them to you in the form of a PDF. If you need to send a fax you cannot do this inside the App at this time, you need to either use a Windows PC (Internet Fax printer driver) or use the Web to Fax service from Line2 (log into the Line2 dashboard using a Web browser, upload your document, enter the fax number and send).

Unlimited calls and texts are not quite unlimited. Line2 refers to it as virtually unlimited and for good reason. If you have high volumes of calls and/or texts it may be higher than Line2's average usage policy and you will be charged for the additional minutes beyond the average. This is fairly standard practice to have overage costs to cover high volume cases but the actual overage rate is not stated in the terms of service so if you have high volume needs you may wish to talk to Line2 before signing up for service.

The Bottom Line

  • Line2 is focused on small businesses and mobile businesses that are looking to handle all of their calls and text messaging using an App on their cell phone, tablet or PC.
  • Pricing is $9.95 per month for the Standard plan, $14.95 per month per user for the Pro plan and $19.95 per month per user for the Elite plan. You can save approximately 17% if you choose the annual payment option of each plan.
  • Support is online only, the Elite plan adds an instant live chat support option.
  • No desk phone option.

Overall Thoughts

Line2 offers a fairly compelling low cost service to small businesses that are looking to add a second line to existing devices such as cell phones, tablets and PCs or MACs. Customers can easily differentiate between their personal and business calls and can upgrade to a more feature rich plan at any time in order to add features such as auto attendants, Internet faxing, toll-free numbers and call queues.

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