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Phone by Review by WhichVoIP

The Company is a well known Web technology company that helps businesses around the World build an online presence. It provides a myriad of online services such as website creation, website hosting, domain purchasing and hosting, business email, SSL and security.

In April of 2020 partnered with to offer a new service called Phone by This virtual phone service is aimed at small businesses that want to use their cell phone for both personal and business calls but with a way to differentiate each type of call.

The Good

For new businesses the Phone by service could be a great match. If a new business is looking for a one-stop online experience for setting up a new domain, a website and a new phone number, this can all be achieved using A simple search on its website helps you instantly find a new business domain and a vanity phone number (i.e. a memorable phone number) that relates to your business. Simply enter a keyword, for example electrician, add a local area code or toll-free and let the search engine find some combinations for available domains and phone numbers. For example perhaps the phone number will have the word WIRE or SPARK in it, in the case of an electrician's search. It is simple and effective.

This service is entirely virtual which is likely something that new small business owners need. By downloading the Phone by App from the Apple or Google store onto your cell phone you can be up and running in under 3 minutes. Inbound calls to your business number are sent to the App on your cell phone, personal calls are handled as normal. For outbound calls from your business, open up the App and enter the number you want to dial. It will use your business caller ID.

The App allows you to make and receive calls, see call records, block calls, handle voicemails and also SMS messages. It also supports picture and group text messaging. The voicemails use speech to text transcription so you can read them rather than having to listen to them. There is also a fully featured desktop App available that you can install on your PC.

Pricing is just $14.99 per month plus taxes and regulatory fees. This covers you for unlimited calls and texts inside the USA. Use the special coupon HELP to get your first month free.

You can send faxes directly from the App using the same business caller ID as your main number.

If you have an existing phone number with another provider you can port that number to They will help you with this process, it typically takes between 3 and 10 days to port. Do not cancel your existing service until the number has ported.

Phone by is fully HIPAA compliant. Not all VoIP companies can offer this so this may be a great fit for new businesses in the medical industry.

The Bad

The App will use up data from your monthly cellular plan so keep that in mind if you have a limited amount of data each month. It will also work using WiFi which may make this less of an issue.

There is no desk phone option for the Phone by service. If you need an actual desk phone you will likely be recommended to the full business VoIP service.

Toll free numbers cost an additional amount each month. The amount is not listed on the Website so make sure and ask how much this additional cost is before signing up for service. Also note that you cannot send MMS images from a toll free based number.

Unlimited calling is based on a single concurrent call so if you have more than one call active at the same time only the first one is covered, the other will be added to your bill and charged per minute (rounded up to the nearest full minute).

Over the Top (OTT) services such as this do not include E911. If you need to make a 911 call it will use your native cell phone.

There is little information when it comes to support, just a simple FAQ page. For support you must email the support group and wait for them to respond or use the live chat feature (when available) to message a member of the support team. There is no support phone number.

The Bottom Line

  • Service is supported by and is focused on small businesses that are looking to handle all of their calls and text messaging using an App on their cell phone (or PC).
  • Pricing is $14.99 per month for unlimited calls and text messaging.
  • No desk phone option and no E911. Emergency calls will be handled by your native cell phone.
  • Full HIPAA compliance.

Overall Thoughts

Phone by is a very interesting and compelling service for small businesses, especially new businesses since it enables you to set-up a new Website domain and vanity phone number in minutes.

The service has a limited feature set but the price is very competitive considering it provides unlimited calling and text messaging each month. If you are just starting a business and have an existing cell phone, it is a very economical and fast way to get up and running with a new phone number.

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