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MeloTel Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

MeloTel, founded in 2009 by John Meloche, is a hosted VoIP phone service provider based in Toronto, Ontario. Its vision is to be the go-to telecommunications provider for businesses of all sizes in Canada. You can find them also on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Good

As well as telecommunication solutions MeloTel also provide various cloud App solutions, professional services (live phone answering, content creation for blogs/websites, and voice over talent and production), and managed services (including 365 Office management and web hosting). This review is mostly focused on the hosted VoIP phone service that they offer.

They have a Single User plan for $37 per month, a Most Popular plan for 2 to 50 users for $30 per month per user and a Big Package plan for 51+ users for $28 per month per user. They also have a Softphone plan for $20 per month per user for virtual extensions, specifically aimed at employees working from home during COVID-19 restrictions.

The Single User plan includes unlimited calling to 22+ countries, a local phone number, voicemail to email, all calling features, SIClytics reporting (access for 1 user), MeloSIP Click2Call, and a phone rental. You also get access to the web based VoIP control panel, web based services, billing and support portal, and access to their Developers API which allows you to build your own Click2Call or trigger web events etc.

The Most Popular plan for 2 to 50 users includes the features of the Single User plan plus call eAlert notifications, E911 service, a Toll Free number, and auto attendant features.

The plan for 51+ users is called the Big Package and includes all the features of the Most Popular plan plus an efax extension, 1GB call recording storage, list item, support queue, conference room, and paging extension features.

All three plans include the option for a free phone rental. This feature requires a minimum 1 year term commitment for the entry level Polycom VVX150 IP phones. For a 2 year term commitment you can get a free Polycom VVX250 phone rental, for a 3 year term commitemt you can get a free Polycom VVX350 phone rental, and for a 5 year term commitment you can get a free Polycom VV450 phone rental. The free phone rental is per user. You can also just buy the models you want through them with a one-time purchase or provide your own phones (BYOD), as long as they are a device they support.

They have some itemized monthly pricing options, such as $7 for additional local numbers or Toll Free numbers, 3.5c per minute for Toll Free calls, $9.99 for auto-attendants, $9.99 for sales/support call queue extensions, $20 for conference room extension plus 2.5c per minute, $20 for eFax service plus local phone number, $3 for incoming SMS plus 3c per message, $2 for call eAlert notifications, $1.99 for 1GB call recording storage, $7 for paging and intercom extensions, and $1.99 for E911 subscription.

The current list of countries included in the calling plan are Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, and Venezuala. Additional fees may be charged for calls to the 22+ countries included, particularly for high cost mobile lines which are not included in the unlimited calling plan.

MeloTel also offers a Single Number Reach (SNR) plan which includes a host of features for $37 per month. This is what many providers call a virtual phone service plan. The basic idea is that you have one number and can be reached wherever you are with the use of features like find me follow me and/or use of a Mobile Softphone App.

There is no knowledgebase available directly on the website but they do mention a specific support portal so it may only be available to customers. So we have no way to gauge how good it may be. They do show a support email and a support phone number on the website.

The Bad

Even though there are 22+ countries included in the unlimited calling plan it does not cover all area codes in those countries. Some mobile numbers in particular are charged at higher rates and it is these types of numbers that are not included and may be charged at additional per minute rates. They recommend checking with them before making international calls to verify coverage.

They include free porting for 1 local or Toll Free phone number. Additional numbers may be subject to a one-time porting fee of $20 per number. If you have a lot of numbers this can add up quickly.

Under minimum requirements they note that you must commit for a minimum of 1 year. Many providers offer month to month service. This can be a decision factor in uncertain times.

The Terms of Service page on their website states "coming soon" so this is not a good sign. We recommend checking out the Terms of Service before signing up for service to check things like the Fair Use Policy and any cancellation restrictions or associated fees.

As well as Terms of Service there are several pages that are broken or state coming soon. For example, the FAQ page appears to be broken at the time of writing this review.

The Bottom Line

  • Single User plan is $37/month, Most Popular plan is $30/month (2-50 users), and the Big Package plan is $28/month (51+ users).
  • Plans include a free phone rental for minimum 1 year commitments. Higher end models are available by signing longer terms.
  • Plans include calling to 22+ countries, with some high cost area code exceptions.
  • Feature list depends on which plan you choose. Some features require additional fees.
  • Softphone App, access to Developer API, and SIClytics access included in plans.
  • Other services available, including web hosting and web content creation.

Overall Thoughts

MeloTel provides Canadian businesses an interesting phone service solution as well as other managed and professional services that may well be of interest to some. Calling to 22+ countries being included is a nice feature but may not be required for everyone.

Overall we think MeloTel is worth a closer look if you are located in Canada. The website makes it all feel a little disjointed and they seem more like an IT provider than a phone service provider but they do have a good set of features available and do seem focused on quality customer service.

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