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SE Telecom Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

SE Telecom was founded in 2001 by James Stortz, later helped by his brother Grant, and is headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario. The core mission is to provide reliable communications infrastructure solutions to businesses of all sizes across Canada.

Product and solutions offered include voice services, contact center solutions, web/audio/video collaboration solutions, Internet solutions and data network solutions.

The Good

SE Telecom offer various voice solutions, including hosted cloud phone systems, premise based phone systems, SIP Trunks, PRI phone lines, analog phone lines and fax. They offer six Shoretel Connect plans and two Avaya IPO plans that are all cloud based unified communication solutions. Pricing ranges from $14.99 for a voicemail only plan, up to $47.99 per user per month for the fully featured Enterprise plan.

They also offer a Clear Cloud option. It is not clear if this is their own solution or one they resell for Shoretel or Avaya. There are three plans detailed on the main pricing page of their website. They are the Essential plan (cheapest), the Standard plan (mid-priced), and the Professional plan (highest priced). There is an option to enter the number of users you have in your organization, but it does not seem to adjust the pricing shown for each plan, suggesting their is no tiered pricing scheme. Entering your number of users does however provide a quote for you at the end of the page, following selecting a plan, a contract term, and rental IP phones.

The Essential plan is the lowest cost plan at $19.99 per user/month. This plan includes the 75+ standard features, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited call management / phone system administration, call logs, call reporting, ring groups (up to 15), voicemail to email, call log reports, 3-way calling, click to dial with Google Chrome, click to dial with Office 365, and inbound caller ID. All plans also include 99.999% high-availability SLA, remote & onsite implementation available, unlimited 24x7 North American based customer support, traditional audio conference bridge usage 2c a minute, and various integrations available as add-ons (see more below). This plan does not include any outbound calling minutes to Canada or USA, and zero toll free minutes.

The Standard plan is $25.99 per user/month. It includes everything in the Essential plan plus 1,000 toll free minutes, unlimited outbound Canada calling, unlimited outbound North American calling, multi-level auto attendants, basic mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and a phone number.

The Professional plan is $35.99 per user/month. It includes everything in the Standard plan plus it has 1,500 toll free minutes included, an advanced full featured mobile App with video & SMS, call recording, voicemail to text, and unlimited business SMS.

There are various system add-ons available, including additional phone numbers at $5/number, video web collaboration for up to 50 participants for $25/month (plus 2.5c per minute per participant), video conferencing for up to 32 participants from any browser (standard voice calls at 2.5c per minute per participant), toll-free numbers for $5/number (and 2.5c per minute), fax to email (500 minutes) for $9/month, fax over IP for existing fax machines (includes ATA rental) for $24/month, call-back (gives your customers option to press 1 to get a call-back) for a $250 one-time setup fee, and call center outbound dialer for a one-time $500 setup fee (billed at 3c per minute).

There are also user add-ons such as call center agent for $15/month, call center supervisor for $20/month, call recording for $10/month, voicemail to text per user for $3/month, advanced full featured mobile App with video and SMS for $3/user/month, and unlimited business SMS for $3/user/month. Integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk, Desk, MS Dynamic, O365, Gsuite, Slack, Skype and more are available with pricing based on a one time set up plus monthly fee based on number of users and integrations.

A one time remote installation charge of $50 per user is added to your one-time charges. You have the option to select an onsite install for a one-time fee of $250.

The price quote tool on the website details three different term options, a 12-month term, a 36-month term, and a 60-month term. Selecting a 12 month term will get you 0% off phone rentals but 5% off per user pricing. If you select 36 months you get 50% off phone rental fees and 10% off user fees. If you select a 60 month term you get 70% off phone rental fees, and 20% off service fees. Selecting a longer term obviously saves you money longer term but it also locks you into their service.

A selection of Yealink IP phones are available for rental to use with your phone service. Pricing starts at $6/month for a Yealink T19P E2 entry level phone up to $48/month for the Yealink T58V video conferencing capable phone. Other models available include the T23G, T41S, T42S, T46S, T48S, and T56A. They also offer the Yealink W56P DECT handset system for $20/month, and the CP860, CP920, and CP960 conference phones for $49.63, $48.88, and $72.75 per month respectively.

SE Telecom has various local numbers available for you to call them, plus a toll free number. You can also email them or fill in a form on the website to contact them. There does not appear to be any help or support sections available from the website.

The Bad

The unlimited outbound calling included with the Standard and Professional plan have fair usage limits fo 2,500 minutes per user/month. Most VoIP providers include a fair usage policy so this is expected. Each provider limits are different.

It is not clear how the outbound minutes are billed for the Essential plan (which has no outbound calling included), but it is assumed that outbound minutes are charged at 2.5c per minute.

There are a lot of additional fees, for example, you get two free auto attendants and then they are $5/month per additional. You get up to 15 ring groups and then $5/month for each additional ring group.

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is only available to 50+ user customers who have at least an annual contract.

There is a remote install fee of $50 per user. Most cloud based providers do not charge installation fees as most are self install.

The unlimited 24x7 customer support has a fair usage policy of 15 minutes of support per user per month.

The Bottom Line

  • Essential plan starting at $19.99 per user/month. No outbound calling minutes.
  • Standard plan starting at $25.99 per user/month. Includes unlimited calling and basic mobile App.
  • Professional plan starting at $35.99 per user/month. Adds call recording, business SMS, advanced App, and more.
  • Yealink IP phones available for monthly rental.
  • Discounts on service fees and phone rentals with 12-month, 36-month, or 60-month term contracts.

Overall Thoughts

SE Telcom has various voice service offerings for Canadian businesses of any size, as well as Internet and collaboration solutions. They offer Shoretel and Avaya systems but also a Clear Cloud VoIP phone service offering. Pricing is competitive but you need to read the limitations closely as you may well be paying additional fees for a la carte options. Discounts on user fees and phone rental fees available when you agree to longer terms.

If you have used SE Telecom services please consider leaving your review of your experience for others to read.

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