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Comcast Business VoiceEdge Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Comcast is a household brand name, founded in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1963. Comcast Business, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a subsidiary of Comcast and provides Internet, phone, and cable television services to businesses.

Comcast also offers similar products to consumers under the Xfinity brand. If you have interest in their residential services please take a look at our Xfinity review page.

The Good

Comcast Business offer three different phone service plans, which they refer to as Voice Mobility (described as mobility and affordability), VoiceEdge Select (described as big-budget features for small staff), and VoiceEdge (described as PBX + UC features, no capital outlay).

The Voice Mobility plan is aimed at businesses with 1 to 10 users (although they do mention up to 24 users), and is ideal for start-ups and entreprenuers. With this plan you use your own existing phones, either by call forwarding to an existing home phone, for example, or by utilizing their business phone App on your iOS or Android device. Using their business phone App will allow you to make outgoing calls showing your business phone number caller ID information. This plan suits small businesses that don't want to use desk phones yet or who are constantly on the move. Features include caller ID, call forwarding, call hold and transfer, call park/pickup, call waiting, find me follow me, and hunt groups. Voicemail features and toll free numbers are offered as options for an additional monthly fee. There is no pricing on the website, you have to contact Comcast directly.

The VoiceEdge Select plan is aimed at businesses with 1 to 8 users. With this plan Comcast will provide the customer with up to 8 wireless DECT phones, as well as the use of their iOS and Android phone App. The phone options are the Panasonic KX-TPA65 IP DECT wireless desk phone or the KX-TPA60 IP DECT cordless handset. We assume that Comcast must provide a "Base" that connects to your Internet and then provides the DECT wireless connectivity to your desk/handset phones. The base device likely is the limit for up to 8 phones. Features include unlmited local calling, nationwide long distance, multi-site use, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold and transfer, call park/pickup, as well as find me follow me, hunt groups, and automated attendant. You can customize your service with options for additional monthly charges, such as voicemail features, toll free number, directory exclusion, and additional basic phone line for faxing or point of sale processing. This plan is aimed at small office organizations such as consulting, legal, accounting, and engineering firms, or retailers such as florists and boutiques. A three year agreement is required to receive the phones included. There is no pricing available through the website and you must contact them directly.

The VoiceEdge plan is aimed at businesses with 5 to 5,000 users and provides a fully featured cloud-hosted PBX phone and Unified Communications solution. Features include unlimited local calling and nationwide long distance, multi-site use, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold and transfer, call park/pickup, find me follow me, online portal, hunt groups, automated attendant, audio conferencing, mobile and desktop App, voicemail transcription, and BLF and shared call appearance. For additional charges you can customize your service with options like call queue agent, receptionist console, additional voicemail boxes, and directory exclusion. This plan is ideal for any business from professional services, retail, manufacturing, non-profits and more. The VoiceEdge Desktop App includes Unified Communication features, with readable voicemails, audio conference hosting, screen sharing, and click-to-call. Phone options for this plan include the Polycom 311, 350, 450 (and EM50 sidecar) deskphone models, the Panasonic TPA60 and TPA65 DECT wireless desk phone or handsets, and the Polycom 8300 and 8500 conferencing phones. Again, there is no pricing on the website but further research suggests that service fees start at $44.95/month per user for 5 to 9 users, then $39.95/month per user for 10 to 19 users, then $24.95/month per user for 20+ users. However, we recommend contacting them to get up to date pricing.

The Comcast Business website has a Help and Support section which provides access to various help resources broken down into sub-sections like Apps, using your VoIP equipment, and managing your voice service. Each sub-section is then divided into specific subjects like call forwarding, routing incoming calls, call hold and voicemail. They have a search option if you cannot find what you need and they also have a YouTube channel that you can follow and access hundreds of videos related to their services. If you still cannot find what you are looking for or need customer support then you have the options to contact them, use live chat, or visit the community forum. If you need to call them they have a toll free number for customer service that you can call 24/7.

As mentioned above, you can also get Internet and business TV packages. Business Internet plans available include up to 35Mbps (from $69.95/mo), up to 100Mbps (from $119.99/mo), up to 200Mbps (from $144.99/mo), up to 300Mbps (from $174.99/mo), up to 600Mbps (from $249.99/mo), and up to 1Gbps (from $349.99/mo). The Business Internet plans have no data caps. Pricing noted is typically locked in for 12 months with 2 or more year agreement. Prices may vary after initial 12 months. For TV packages they have a plan for Public TV (bars, restaurants etc.), In-Room Entertainment (for hotels, motels, B&B etc.), and Private TV (for offices, lobbies, waiting rooms etc.). Different channel plans are available starting from 10 included channels to 140+ channels. Pricing for the TV packages are not available on the website.

The Bad

For the phone plans there is no pricing available on the website. That means you will have to contact them directly to get a quote to compare pricing. This is not necessarily a bad thing as gets you an exact price but requires a little extra time and effort if you just want to see if they compare with your shortlist.

Comcast are well known for their long term agreements, often 2 to 3 year minimums. We always recommend being careful with long term agreements as you can get locked into something that may not turn out to be right for your business. Many providers offer monthly service plans.

It seems that only a limited selection of IP phones are available with their VoiceEdge plans.

Comcast are notorious for having poor customer service on the consumer Internet side of their business. This may or may not be the case on the business side of operations.

If you cancel your services before the term end you will be subject to a termination charge that is 75% of the remaining monthly fees, as well as 100% of any custom installation fees.

Most VoIP providers include an Acceptable Use Policy which often includes finite limits on statements such as "unlimited calling" as a protection against misuse. Comcast only mention that if they deem usage excessive then they can terminate or modify your voice services immediately and without notice.

The Bottom Line

  • Voice Mobility plan for start-ups or small business who want to utilize their existing phone options. Includes iOS/Android App.
  • VoiceEdge Select plan aimed at 1 to 8 user systems for small business. Includes Panasonic wireless DECT phones.
  • VoiceEdge plan aimed at 5 to 5,000 users for small business to enterprise. Includes Desktop and iOS/Android device Apps.
  • Limited phone options for VoiceEdge plan, including a few Polycom and Panasonic models.
  • Help and Support section on website, YouTube support channel, and community forum, as well as live chat and 24/7 support line.
  • Business Internet and TV packages also available to bundle.

Overall Thoughts

Comcast Business offer three different plans aimed at different sizes and stages of a business, from start-ups to enterprise. The VoiceEdge plan is the main feature rich option for businesses wanting to compare to other VoIP providers on WhichVoIP.

Pricing is not available on the website but further research suggested that the VoiceEdge plan costs reduce substantially for 20+ users, giving us the impression that the VoiceEdge plan is really focused on larger businesses, with the VoiceEdge Select and Voice Mobility plans being focused on the 1 to 20 user sized business.

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