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Intratel Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Intratel Communications is an 100% Canadian company, based in Burlington, Ontario, delivering affordable business phone service to the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada for 14+ years. Some of the advantages they note are 99.99% network uptime, 97% customer retention rate, no contracts, and custom solutions.

This review focuses mainly on the hosted PBX phone service offering but Intratel also offer other options such as on-premise PBX solutions, hybrid solutions, and call center solutions.

The Good

Intratel advertise three (3) plans on their website, the Entry Level plan, the Business Standard plan, and the Business Premium plan. Pricing is based on whether you are paying monthly or annually, and then further broken down into four brackets based on the number of extensions you need. The four brackets are for users with less than 5 extensions, then users with 5-9 extensions, then 10-19 extensions, then finally 20+ extensions. We will discuss each plan and pricing separately below. Paying annually provides a 10% discount on the monthly pricing rates.

The Entry Level plan slogan is "Just the Essentials". The details for this plan are up to 10 users, includes 1 local line, unlimited calling in Canada, IVR/voice menu, call waiting, music on hold, caller ID, 3-way calling, voicemail to email and 3.5 cents per minute calling rates to USA. The following table breaks down the monthly and annual pricing for this plan.

Number of Extensions Monthly Billing Annual Billing
Less than 5 $19.95/user/mo $17.96/user/mo
5 to 9 $16.95/user/mo $15.26/user/mo
10 to 19 $14.95/user/mo $13.46/user/mo
20+ $9.95/user/mo $8.96/user/mo

The Business Standard plan slogan is "Great Value!". This plan scales to unlimited extensions and includes customized IVR/voice menus, unlimited USA/Canada calling, free desktop App, toll free number with 250 minutes included, free softphone App, call parking, call waiting, customized music on hold, call recording add-on available (additional fees), call queuing, caller ID, 3-way calling, voicemail to email, extension monitoring, web provisioninig, and multi-point redundancy built in.

Number of Extensions Monthly Billing Annual Billing
Less than 5 $24.95/user/mo $22.46/user/mo
5 to 9 $22.95/user/mo $20.66/user/mo
10 to 19 $19.95/user/mo $17.96/user/mo
20+ $14.95/user/mo $13.46/user/mo

The Business Premium plan slogan is "Bundle More & Save!". This plan includes everything in the Business Standard plan plus free HD IP phone rental, secure video conferencing, call recording included, toll free number with 1,000 minutes included, business SMS, digital fax, and advanaced call handling (i.e. whisper, call barge etc.).

Number of Extensions Monthly Billing Annual Billing
Less than 5 $39.95/user/mo $35.96/user/mo
5 to 9 $34.95/user/mo $31.46/user/mo
10 to 19 $31.95/user/mo $28.76/user/mo
20+ $19.95/user/mo $17.96/user/mo

There are some a la carte options for those businesses that don't need the all in package plan but need specific features. Call recording is available in two options, a 6 month storage option for $4.95 per seat per month and a long term storage option for $9.95 per seat per month. Digital fax also has two options, one with a local number for $9.95 per month or a toll free number option for $14 per month. A toll free conference bridge is available with a rate of 6c per minute. If you need additional phone numbers they are $4.95 per number per month. If you need to keep your existing numbers they charge a one time number porting fee of $25 per number. You can get an analog fax line for $39.95 per month. If you go over your toll free allocation of monthly minutes for your plan then overage is charged at 3.9c per minute.

Intratel support various IP phones including deskphones, cordless handsets, and conference phones, as well as accessories such as headsets and phone expansion modules. IP phone manufacturers that they support and sell include Polycom, Yealink, Cisco and Grandstream. They offer the phones for outright purchase or a monthly rental fee. Desk phones range from $99 to $429 to purchase, and $6.95 per month to $14.95 per month for lease. Conference phones are $495 or $1195 to purchase, or $16.95 per month to lease.

You can contact Intratel on their 866 toll free number or local 905 area code number. There is no mention of customer service hours on their website and also no knowledgebase or support section.

The Bad

Most providers include a Terms of Service link on their website which in most cases contains a Fair Use Policy, also referred to as an Acceptable Use Policy. This generally puts some limits on "unlimited" usage as a way to protect providers against excessive usage. We could not find anything on Intratel's website so we would recommend at least asking them if you decide to find out more about their services, just for peace of mind.

There are no help or support sections on their website. This is not necessarily a bad thing but mentioning here for completeness.

Number porting fees are quite expensive at $25 per number, which can add up quickly if you have lots of numbers.

The Bottom Line

  • Entry Level plan ranges from $8.96 to $19.95 per user per month, depending on number of users and monthly/annual billing.
  • Business Standard plan ranges from $13.46 to $24.95 per user per month, depending on number of users and monthly/annual billing.
  • Business Premium plan ranges from $17.96 to $39.95 per user per month, depending on number of users and monthly/annual billing.
  • A la carte options available for call recording, digital fax, and additional phone numbers.
  • Good selection of IP phones supported including Polycom, Cisco, Yealink and Grandstream.

Overall Thoughts

Intratel are a 100% Canadian owned VoIP phone service provider. They offer three different plans at three different competitive price points which should cover most small business needs.

Overall, if you are a small business in Canada we recommend taking a closer look at their service offerings.

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