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The Mitel Review

Originally founded in Ontario, Canada during 1973, Mitel is one of the most well established telecom companies in existence. Originally, the company focused on creating PBX systems for large businesses. Since VoIP has now become the predominant technology for communications, the company restructured in 2001 to capitalize on providing infrastructure for high-powered IP business phone systems. In May of 2012, Mitel officially launched a new cloud based unified communications solution called AnyWare Hosted PBX. This is effectively a business VoIP service that is provisioned by the Mitel NetSolutions division that offers Cloud Based services to businesses across the United States. The hosted PBX service leverages the Mitel Freedom Architecture to allow businesses to choose a virtual, or hosted solution as opposed to an on-premise phone system solution.

The Good

Mitel has been progressively growing for over 40 years because of an ability to both recognize changing trends in communications as well as utilize resources to create products and services that adapt to the evolving market. The company provides a broad range of solutions that are based upon a core product that is a highly customizable, virtual communications datacenter known as Mitel MiCloud.

With this solution built on VMware, you pay as you scale based on the applications provisioned and number of users. This communications infrastructure as a service (IaaS) allows a company to build a network that can serve up to 50,000 users. The system is hosted within a secure environment that meets HIPAA, SOX and PCI compliance mandates. Uptime is guaranteed to be in excess of 99% with no more than a 35ms latency.

Essentially, everything Mitel provides from a service perspective is cloud hosted although some on premise solutions are available. Other services are packaged separately for businesses that do not need the full MiCloud service. Solutions such as more refined categories of Internet communication services exist for companies less expansive.

A business can select from the MiVoice service for calling, MiContact for contact center operations like building an advanced IVR menu, MiCollab for applications like telepresence and also, a more refined version of the MiCloud called Mitel MiCloud Business. These solutions are geared toward mid-sized and smaller businesses. They are further broken down into industry specific categories.

Though industry specific solutions are based on the components of the core service, emphasis is better placed on certain features included with service. For example, the education solution focuses on features such as conference calling, SMS features that quickly relay information to parents (or students in higher education) and emergency alert capabilities. Other industries with specific packages from Mitel include financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality, housing, media & entertainment, professional services and retail.

The Bad

Like with many other providers who cater to very large enterprises, a direct pricing model is nowhere to be found. Some 3rd party services have produced immense lists of different pricing sets for different configurations of Mitel services. This means that it is essential to acquire a quote from a representative to determine exact pricing.

For the most part, Mitel customer service is highly commended for assisting from start to finish with implementing service. However, some complain that the service has poor quality (e.g. echoing, choppiness, lack of volume control, etc.) These issues are most likely related to Internet bandwidth issues and internal network configuration issues, so as with any business phone solution, it is critical to ensure that enough Internet bandwidth is available and the network is configured correctly with QoS.

Mitel has their own mobile voice and data infrastructure which is a unique trait for a VoIP company. For companies with the resources to issue devices to employees, this is a great but does not appeal to a very large niche of customers. Though there is a mobile app that supports some of Mitel's features, they mostly do not cater to BYOD customers at this point in time.

The Bottom Line

  • Very flexible communication system hosted on powerful, redundant cloud infrastructure.
  • On premise solutions available for select services.
  • Each individual solution includes every feature for that selected service - there are no fees for a premium version of any service.
  • No upfront costs and most equipment is included though exact pricing is not available unless obtaining a quote from a customer service representative.
  • Revered support system is acclaimed for prompt response times and high satisfaction in incident resolution.
  • Offers its own line of phones that are available with a wide range of features.

Overall Thoughts

For a company looking for a feature rich, highly scalable platform where service and functionality outweigh the cost associated with the service, Mitel is truly a leading provider for such businesses. This is the kind of solution well suited for both small and large business and also for businesses that span multiple offices and regularly work together as a distributed team.

Building a call center is imperative for companies that are heavily dependent on voice communications. Aside from a very small group of users, most Mitel customers are very happy with the support and functionality of the service.

If you are an exsiting Mitel customer or have used the service in the past, please let us know what you thin by adding a short review. Get started now by selecting the green button to the right.

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