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Voxox Review by WhichVoIP

Originally founded in 2006 as Telcentris, the company rebranded as Voxox and launched a beta app in 2008. The service stayed in a raw format for some time but the company has since turned it into a competitive solution for the VoIP market.

The Good

Services from Voxox are quite broad as the company offers a versatile set of solutions for various business models. A standalone application is available for either personal use or as a small business solution.

Much like other popular mobile VoIP applications (e.g. Skype, Viber, LINE, etc.), a free version is available for mobile phones. Unlike some competitors, free calling and texting is included. Users are provided a $1 credit every month for calling and texting to any number. Unlimited free calling is available to other Voxox users, plus a few other features are thrown in for good measure. If you want to call anyone that is not using a Voxox app, it will cost 10 cents per minute if you are calling inside the United States or Canada.

The Cloud Phone service is likely the most versatile product offered by the company and is effectively a virtual business phone number that runs on a PC or Smartphone. The Basic plan accommodates up to 2 users and provides 1000 minutes of calling for $14.95 per month. With the Plus plan, 5 users can take advantage of 2000 monthly minutes for $29.95. The Max plan at $34.95 per month caters for up to 10 users and provides 5000 minutes.

The Hosted PBX system has a great set of features at a very competitive price. For $5 per month per user: multiple extensions are possible, 3-way calling, call forwarding and several other basic features are included. Additional premium paid features may be added such as a multi-tier IVR/auto attendant system for $14.99 per month, a conference bridge for $9.99 per month, inbound fax-to-email for $5.99 per month, in addition to a number of other add-ons. This $5 per month hosted PBX plan also requires the purchase of a metered SIP trunking plan for $9.99 per month or an unlimited SIP trunking plan for $24.99 per month.

Each DID will run $0.50 per month while a toll free number costs $2.99 monthly. Calling to the US and Canada will run $0.019 per minute or $0.024 to a toll free number. Rates for other countries can be found on the website if curious.

The Bad

Some of the language is somewhat unclear which may lead to confusion for potential customers. Most notably, the "no app to download or hardware to purchase" is a little misleading as this seems to imply telepathy, which is still a work in progress for most people. A web-based service is available but this may not be the most functional way to use the service. Hardware or softphones tend to be the easiest way to use most VoIP services.

Another issue with the Cloud Phone pertains to the monthly limits. For example, the Basic plan only provides 1000 minutes to share between the two users. Even with moderate talking, it is easy to exceed this limit and pay overages. In the case of the Basic plan, this will run $0.049 for every additional minute.

The outbound calling feature of the Cloud Phone service requires that both a called and calling number be entered. Hence the solution cannot currently be used with outbound business caller-id, in addition to it being awkward to make calls in the first place. The service is however primarily targeted to businesses that required inbound calls and an auto-attendant. This application can then provide a big company perception when people are calling even a one man business.

Be aware that inactive telephone numbers (DID) may be removed from your Cloud Phone account if inbound usage minimums are not met. Basically this is no usage in 60 days or less than 100 minutes of inbound usage in a 90 day period.

There is no support for emergency calls when using the app. While the Hosted PBX service does offer an alternative process for emergency calling, neither 911 or E.911 are supported.

The Hosted PBX product is not a typical packaged offering that includes both minutes and features. The $5 per user plan also requires the purchase of a SIP trunk to enable calling and there is a 3 trunk minimum purchase. So this is not the best solution if you only require one or two users, while even a three user unlimited solution will result in $15 of user fees plus $74.97 in SIP trunk fees. This comes out to $29.99 per user per month though, which is actually fairly competitive when compared to alternatives. Larger businesses requiring more users should try to oversubscribe SIP trunks to reduce costs.

The Bottom Line

  • Wide variety of services including a free mobile app with basic calling features and a small amount of credit for calls and texting.
  • Cloud Phone service can be used with a PC or Smartphone. Service starts at $14.95 per month for 2 extension and 1000 minutes.
  • Hosted PBX service is only $5 per month per user with several basic features included and others available a la carte for a reasonable price. SIP trunk service is a required additional cost.
  • SIP Trunking is available as a metered service for $9.99 a month or $24.99 for unlimited calling to the mainland US and Canada. There is a three trunk minimum purchase.

Overall Thoughts

A quick search on the web will reveal several outdated and somewhat average reviews of Voxox. Today, the company offers a number of services that compare well with the competition.

The mobile application, when not tied to any service (free version), is a nice solution for consumers, while the business version can be a cost effective business phone option for smaller companies. The other services provided by the company are fairly priced and include everything a business could need in a communication service.

If you are an existing or recent user of the service please take a moment to submit a user review and help others decide if this service is the right choice for them.

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