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Millions of phone users are trading in their traditional phone lines for a lower cost super-charged feature set phone service, known as VoIP.

About WhichVoIP

WhichVoIP was founded from a discussion about the future of VoIP as a viable phone service between a group of telecommunication experts back in 2004. With experience in the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) field they were convinced that over the coming years both the home and business markets would begin switching to this technology.

There are many VoIP companies offering various plans to consumers and businesses and it is often difficult and time consuming to determine exactly what you are getting from each provider plan, and which is right for you. It was for this reason that we decided to provide all of this information on our website to help you, our visitors, make an informed decision. Depending on your calling habits, moving to a broadband phone service from a regular phone service can save you up to 80% on your telephone bills.

Over the years we have established partnerships with most of the service providers in the industry allowing us to offer you deals that are often better than those you would get by going direct to the provider's website. Our service comes at absolutely no cost to you.

What started out as helping a few hundred people per year, we now get over 1 million visitors per year and we have helped process over 100,000 free custom price quotes for businesses looking to make the switch.

Meet the Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team at WhichVoIP, in alphabetical order.


Andy is one of the original founding members of WhichVoIP.com and lives in the Seattle area. Andy has spent the last 20+ years in the Telecommunications field working at high profile companies such as Motorola and AT&T. He enjoys playing soccer, golf, winter sports and spending time with his family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Mike is a co-founder of WhichVoIP.com and currently resides in the Seattle area of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Michael has 20+ years experience in the Telecommunications field, including previous positions at companies such as Motorola and AT&T. Mike is an active soccer fan, including playing and coaching, and enjoys winter sports.


Tony co-founded WhichVoIP.com and lives in the bay area in California. Tony has previously worked for large Telecommunication companies such as Motorola and Cisco. Tony enjoys soccer, golf, and the sunshine.

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We decided that VOIP made sense for us. We knew we wouldn't have the time to research all the options out there on our own, so we decided to use WhichVOIP to find the best solution for us. Within minutes of filling out the submission form I was being contacted by 3 providers. By 24 hours later we were close to choosing a winner. The process was quick and easy and we found a solution that works for our business.

Dorota Umeno

Principal, Strategy & Client Services

at Confluence Digital, LLC

When our small business decided that we would work with a virtual administrative assistant we want on a search to find out how to do that. WhichVoIP made this process so easy. We filled out a very simple form and within a few minutes we received responses from several providers. We were able to to talk with a representative for each of these providers and get a better idea for what we were looking for and what would be a good fit. I thought this process was going to be very painful, but WhichVoIP made it easy.

Kristina Markovcic


at Kristina's Abacus, LLC