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Five9 provides virtual call center software services that enable businesses to take any type of customer contact to the next level. For example, the custom solutions can help businesses obtain new leads, make cold calls, increase conversion rates, offer high-quality customer service and handle inbound calls from potential buyers. There are customized solutions for sales and marketing, customer service and outsourced call centers making the service a great fit for inbound, outbound or blended call center services.

The platform offers numerous cutting-edge technologies, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customer integration technology and Automatic Call Distributors (ACD). Marketers can integrate the solution with a company's existing software (e.g. CRM) and offers multiple APIs that allow integration with existing call center applications.

The Good

The software is hosted in the cloud which makes potential cost savings of up to 50% possible when compared to a traditional on-premise solution.

Fast growing company that connects over 3 billion calls per year. Multiple options available for connectivity that include PSTN, VoIP, SIP Trunks, VPN, MPLS, SRTP and IPSEC.

99.999% (five nines) predicted uptime supported by redundant and geographically dispersed data centers that have failover capability. Customer support is available 24/7/365 via email, phone or customer portal. Enhanced support services are also available if required and provide a dedicated technical account manager, account reviews, consulting support and other premium support services.

Supports a large number of features including over 350 API and CRM integrations.

Multichannel support currently includes social media, mobile (Visual IVR, InAppCare), email, callback and chat.

Supervisor App is available on the iPad enabling mobile access to statistics and monitoring tools.

Both annual and month to month contracts are available.

The Bad

Pricing is only available by directly contacting the company and is not published on the website. A new user may however sign up for a free trial of the software.

The downside of offering such a comprehensive and feature rich solution is that setup may be challenging for some companies that do not have access to a high level of technical knowledge. To mitigate this, ensure that a solid training and implementation plan is in place and take advantage of all available training.

This is a cloud solution so any business considering this option must ensure that adequate bandwidth is available to mitigate phone related issues such as call quality or dropped calls.

The software uses Java so this may create issues due to frequent updates of Java being pushed out by Oracle. Ensure version compatibility prior to any upgrade.

The Bottom Line

  • The Five9 virtual call center solution allows any business to create a positive and ongoing connection with each and every customer or prospect. The service is hosted in the cloud which allows for easy setup and ongoing management while eliminating the large expense of using an outsourced call center for customer service. Likewise, it can be a very effective solution for any company that offers outsourced call center services.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.999%. This service level agreement (SLA) means that the system can only be down for up to 5.26 minutes per year.
  • Incredible number of supported integrations.

Overall Thoughts

Five9 has been managing virtual call centers for more than 11 years, and the company provides services to approximately 2,000 clients and growing. To date, the company has facilitated over 3.2 billion communications between businesses and customers and in the process has earned numerous awards from well-known organizations, such as Cloud Computing Magazine, TMC Labs, Internet Telephony Magazine and AlwaysOn. Being cloud based, the company's system does not require routine maintenance, and if the business upgrades a program, the software should never be delayed or interrupted.

Key Features and Benefits of Five9 Software

Automatically Distributing Calls (ACD) - The system utilizes several algorithms that are able to assign calls to agents in particular departments, and the program analyzes the customer's data and the amount of calls that a representative has handled. The software can also position the calls of customers who generate a large amount of profits at the beginning of the queue. When a prospect fills out an online form, the program is able to instantaneously send the potential buyer's information to a representative. Several studies have shown that immediately calling visitors who have submitted a contact form can increase conversion rates by approximately 35 percent.

The Predictive Dialer - This feature may increase a representative's productivity by as much as 300 percent. Numerous analyses have shown that agents who manually dial numbers are typically on the phone for 15 minutes of every hour. In contrast, the predictive dialer allows representatives to talk with customers during 48 minutes of each hour.

Customer Service - According to several studies, 60 percent of potential buyers are willing to pay higher costs in order to receive outstanding customer service. This software allows businesses to increase the percentage of issues that are solved during the first phone call, and proprietors can choose more than 100 templates that let experts create comprehensive reports about each call. Furthermore, the software helps representatives to automatically notify the customer if a problem has been resolved.

Marketing Strategies - Templates are available that give a business the ability to easily design extensive marketing campaigns. The advertiser will be able to predict the future revenue from social media marketing, cold calls, company website and inbound calls.

Managing Accounts - Users can rapidly view each customer's basic information via simple to use portals. Representatives are also able to access a profile that includes a customer's interests, the products that the customer has previously purchased and the location of the buyer.

Survey Tool - After a call has been completed, an option is available to request that a comprehensive survey is completed. Marketing tools such as this can provide information about the client's interests, overall budget, and the likelihood that the buyer will refer a friend to the company.

Social Media Marketing Integration - This feature allows agents to provide responses to questions that are posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and independent blogs. The software can automatically categorize posts by analyzing the needs of the customer, and businesses organize posts by determining the user's overall sentiment and the date on which each message was created.

Live Chat Application - Customers will have the ability to download an app that allows them to chat with an expert by using their mobile devices. The log of each conversation is automatically saved, and business owners can instantaneously access the records by selecting a date range, the geographical location of the customer and the category of the product.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - When using the IVR feature, a business can create custom responses to a customer's questions, and the company may connect speech recognition software to the system. Five9's software can analyze the keys that a caller most commonly presses. Furthermore, administrators of the software will be able to determine the point at which potential customers frequently abandon calls.

Detailed Statistics - The software can evaluate more than 30 indices that provide information about a company's overall performance. It will determine the conversion rates of each representative, the duration of every call and the revenue that each product is generating.

Training Clients - Training courses are available that teach users how to utilize all features of the virtual contact center. Moreover, the individual can design a custom schedule of classes on Five9's website in order to become a certified user, and once the training sessions have been completed, the client may take a comprehensive exam. Webinars, videos and case studies are also available for existing and potential customers.

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