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UPDATE - June 2020: Please note that Jive Communications has recently been acquired by LogMeIn and are now GoToConnect. We recommend that you visit our GoToConnect Reviews page also.
UPDATE - December 2015: Please note that EasyOfficePhone has recently been acquired by Jive Communications.

Opening its doors in 2005, Enhanced VoIP Communications, Inc. started it's "Easy Office Phone" hosted PBX phone service solution for businesses. Supporting both the USA and Canada markets, Easy Office Phone has headquarters in San Francisco, California (USA) and in Burlington, Ontario (Canada). It's core focus is on hosted PBX services and managed Internet services, plus a web-based virtual call center solution that is both flexible and customizable.

The Good

Three (3) different plan options are available for their hosted PBX services to cover businesses from small to large. The plans are "shared lines", "dedicated lines" and "virtual lines". The dedicated lines plan is the most popular, often simply called unlimited plan by many providers, and is for companies that need one line per employee. The virtual lines plan is aimed at a mobile/remote workforce who only needs incoming calls, or a startup that just needs a single business number with auto-attendant functionality to forward calls.

The shared line plan is aimed at a business that might not need a phone "line" per employee, but rather a line that can be shared by multiple employees. Each line includes four (4) extensions and voicemail boxes. This makes it a cost effective, scalable and flexible solution. For this type of solution you will need to understand how many employees would need to use the phone at the same time, and this number becomes your minimum number of lines.

The dedicated and shared line plans include the full set of their impressive 40+ features. Some features worth mentioning outside of the standard ones include business hour rules, auto-attendant, call mentoring, call monitoring, call answer security, custom on hold music, dial-by-name directory, ring groups, outlook integration, and live call transfers (internal/external). You can see a full list of the Easy Office Phone hosted PBX plan features here. Optional features such as call queuing, call recording, conferencing solutions, fax service, virtual numbers (national and international), professional message recordings, and toll-free service are available for small additional monthly fees.

A telephone support line and live chat are available Monday through Friday between 9am and 8pm EST. A support ticket system is available outside these times. Their website includes guides to the approved VoIP phones, router compatibility tables, and softphone/app user/setup guides.

The Bad

Even though most providers promote an "unlimited" plan they also typically include a reasonable usage policy in the terms of service. The Easy Office Phone policy states a 2,500 minutes limit per line, after which they charge 3 cents per minute. They also limit sent and received faxes to a maximum of 1,000 pages per month.

Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon, the North West Territories, Nunavut and all off-shore U.S. territories are not included and are charged on a per minute basis, as are International calls. Per minute rates are low though (e.g. Alaska is 4c/min and Hawaii is 3c/min currently). Check their website for latest rates if you will be calling these locations.

Termination fees may apply and are based on a "Commitment Level" set forth in the Service Schedule and time remaining on the term signed up for.

Smartphone calling Apps are offered but are developed and distributed by separate companies (i.e. they are not EOP Apps). They do provide technical assistance and setup guides though in using the Apps with their system so not necessarily a bad thing but worth noting here.

For those that want to get services on a month to month plan will pay an extra $3/line/mo over the annual term choices.

The Bottom Line

  • Dedicated Lines plan: Cost varies based on number of lines. The highest priced tier is for 1-3 lines, which starts at $31.99/line/mo. The lowest priced tier is 100+, which is $21.99/line/mo. Month to month plans are a higher rate (add $3/line/mo).
  • Shared Lines plan: This plan has a minimum of 2 shared lines. Costs start at $44.99/line/mo, based on annual terms. Month to month option is available at a slightly higher cost per line.
  • Virtual Lines plan: For 1-3 lines the cost starts at $14.99/line/mo. For users who like to pay month to month (no contracts) the cost increases. As with other plans the cost can reduce for higher number of lines.
  • Other Fees: The above plan costs do not include fees for any applicable Provincial, State and Federal taxes or similar charges including regulatory recovery fees, universal service fees, 911 fees, and government fees prescribed by the FCC or CRTC authorities. International calls are charged per minute. Inbound number porting costs $25/port request. Outbound number porting is $25/port request, unless it was a number assigned by EOP that was active for less than one year then a fee of $100/port request.

Overall Thoughts

Easy Office Phone have flexible solutions for varying business types, from employees having their own dedicated phone line to more modern business scenarios of shared lines and mobile workforces. They provide good coverage across Canada and the USA. They have been serving businesses since 2005 so are now an established provider and definitely worth considering as an option. They do tend to be a little more expensive than many of their competitors for the smaller sized companies when comparing the dedicated line plan.

We recommend you have a read through the reviews submitted by real users. This is a great way to get user thoughts and opinions on the service.

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