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Founded in 2004, Ooma is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and is a publicly traded telecommunications company. Ooma became a household name with their "Voip-in-a-box" Ooma Home Phone Service offering and more recently with the introduction of their Telo device. Following the success of their home phone solutions they launched Ooma Office in 2013, aimed at the small to medium sized business market segment.

The Good

Ooma Office is a simple single rate per user plan. At $19.95 per user per month ($24.95 CAD) it is a very affordable and compelling option for small businesses such as law firms, real estate companies, retail stores, financial services, auto shops and more.

The plan includes unlimited calling in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, as well as low cost International calling rates. You get free number transfer if you have an existing business number, plus a free toll free number (and 500 included minutes) if you so choose. Additional Toll Free plans are available with a 1,500 minute plan being $15 per month and a 3,000 minute plan being $30 per month. Additional local numbers are also $9.95 per month per number (each account includes one free phone number).

Features such as auto-attendant (multi-level), call park, ring groups, music-on-Hold, voicemail, call forwarding and call transfer are included. You also get one virtual fax and one conference bridge per user. A secure web portal is available to manage all of your numbers and features making it easy to maintain. For those that need mobility they have an App for Smartphones available, extending your business phone system to your cell phone so you can always be connected when on the move.

A selection of phone options are supported and available through Ooma, including some Yealink IP phones and a few Cisco IP phones. You can buy the supported IP phones through the Ooma website with the lower end models such as the Yealink T21P E2 model starting at $69.99, and the executive T48S for $299.99. You can find these models cheaper on places like Amazon but you may be required to program the devices yourself.

They also offer their own hardware, the Ooma Base Station ($99.99) and the Ooma Linx ($49.99). The Base Station provides a single RJ-11 port to connect one analog phone. This is an option for those that do not want to update to IP phones and reuse their existing analog phones. The Linx device can be used to add wireless connectivity (DECT 6.0) for your analog phones. The Linx device plugs into any electrical outlet and connects wirelessly to the Base Station. You can plug one analog phone into each Linx device you have, with each Linx device providing a dedicated extension. You can connect up to 4 Linx devices to each Base Station device, allowing up to 5 extensions per Base Station (one via RJ-11 port and up to 4 via the Linx devices). Ooma Office can support up to a maximum of four (4) base stations currently, equating to a maximum of 20 extensions. If you need more phones/extensions then you can add IP phones to your phone system.

The support section of their website is organized and provides access to a lot of information that can help with most basic questions from setup to account management. They also have some video tutorials for those that prefer visual learning. They have 24x7x365 customer care agent availability and include a live chat option as well as a toll free number to call. There is also an Ooma forum you can access.

Ooma have been the recipient of various awards over the past 10 years including being selected by the readers of PC Mag as the #1 VoIP provider for small businesses for the last 6 years.

The Bad

As with most service providers Ooma includes an acceptable usage policy. Excessive usage (which they refer to as over 5,000 minutes per month) can be construed as misuse or not normal small business usage. You can be charged higher rates if your business exceeds these limits. In most typical small business cases this will not be an issue.

Currently they only support Yealink IP phones and a couple of Cisco ones. If you have existing Polycom, Grandstream or other IP phones then you will most likley need to upgrade your phones.

The feature set is sufficient for most small businesses but if you have specific feature requirements we recommend you dig a little deeper. They do not currently offer features such as call recording and CRM integrations as part of this solution.

If you decide to use the Ooma Base Station then be aware that you will be limited to 20 dedicated extensions. However, you can add IP phones to grow your user base if needed, as this is a limit imposed by the Ooma hardware only.

The Bottom Line

  • A single plan and pricing model of $19.95 per user per month.
  • Unlimited calling to USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  • Over 35 features included such as auto-attendant, voicemail, music-on-hold, and more.
  • Free number porting and a free local number included.
  • Additional numbers are $9.95 per month per number.
  • Various phone options and configurations available, including Yealink IP phones and using existing analog phones.
  • Voted #1 VoIP provider for small business by PC Mag readers.

Overall Thoughts

Ooma has a good track record in the VoIP industry and has become a house hold name. Venturing into providing a business solution made sense for them and they applied a single plan offering with a straight-forward pricing model. The Ooma Office solution does not have all the bells and whistles compared to some other large providers but they include the main features that small business owners will be looking for. The phone configuration options cover most scenarios a small business may need.

If you are looking for an affordable and well established provider then Ooma Office is definitely a solid option to consider.

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