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Appia Communications was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan but has operations across the United States. It serves all business sizes and has customers that have just one phone line and others that have as high as 60,000 employees spread across over 200 locations.

Appia is a private company and was named to Inc. 5000, five years in a row.

The Good

Appia is a Cisco powered network and its staff holds numerous Cisco certifications, so appear to be skilled in the equipment they operate and maintain.

Numerous services are offered including hosted VoIP, IP-PBX and Cisco Call Manager support, audio, video and web conferencing, SIP trunks, fax, offsite data storage and hosted Microsoft Exchange. It also offers Internet access in the form of T1s, MPLS and private networking. What this means is that it can be a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. Having just one bill for all of those services and one company to contact for customer support may be advantageous for businesses.

Customer support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All that is required to access its knowledge base, read FAQs or submit a ticket is a customer login. Email addresses and a phone number for direct contact are also provided.

Financing is available through third party affiliates, so you can lease any hardware needed such as an IP-PBX, phones, routers and the likes. This may be of interest to many companies that want to save on their ongoing bills but do not have the finances available for equipment purchases.

Appia even provides the option to move your computing needs into the cloud and share the same infrastructure that it uses to provide its VoIP related services. It promises 99.999% uptime and is scalable from 1 RU through to a cabinet, or even cages. Services offered also include cloud storage and email hosting with Microsoft Exchange.

In addition to the hosted service, Appia also offers IP-PBX solutions, typically utilized by larger enterprises. It also offers SIP trunks for IP-PBX or indeed legacy PBX systems, thus turning all of your calls into IP based calls. Appia then handles routing to and from the PSTN. Multiple bundles can be purchased based on the number of DIDs required.

The Bad

Perhaps the biggest negative we have for Appia is that no pricing is available on its website. This is rather surprising as most VoIP companies are transparent with pricing these days. You must contact them directly for all price quotations.

All services are billed in advance, though other fees such as usage charges and line additions are in arrears. All bills are net-30 and if not paid within this time period, a 1.5% late charge is applied.

A contract must be signed and the terms of this contract is a minimum of 1 year. It is automatically renewed on yearly terms unless customers notify them regarding cancellation at least 30 days before the end of the term. This is an important point to note, as otherwise you may be in for a nasty shock regarding a final bill, should you choose to leave Appia. Most providers offer month to month contracts these days.

The Bottom Line

As stated above, unfortunately no pricing information is available for any of its services, so for this reason we cannot indicate any rates below. However, here is a list of services provided.

  • Hosted VoIP
  • IP-PBX
  • Cisco call manager support
  • Audio, video and web conferencing
  • SIP trunking
  • eFax
  • Cloud computing
  • Online storage
  • Hosted email
  • Internet access (T1, MPLS, private networking)
  • Network design, security and support

Overall Thoughts

Appia Communications offers a very impressive, all-encompassing, portfolio of services. A business could essentially use Appia for Internet access, all telephony services, storage, email, conferencing and cloud computing and have one single invoice and one point of contact. This is likely to appeal to many businesses.

Despite the array of services, it is not transparent at all with pricing so it is difficult to know how competitive it is compared to other providers you see on our website. This is very unusual for a communications company these days.

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