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  • Top Provider Comparisons
  • 10,000+ Reviews and Ratings
  • Over 85+ Educational Guides

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What is VoIP and Why Use It

  • VoIP phone service is a method of making phone calls over a high-speed internet connection (such as DSL/cable) instead of a regular telephone line. This means having a high speed Internet connection is a requirement to use VoIP technology.
  • VoIP service providers are the companies that route your phone calls resulting in savings of up to 80% when compared to a regular phone line. There are hundreds of providers in the market to choose from.
  • The benefits of switching to VoIP technology include great savings and a feature rich service in line with the 21st century. We can help you find the best provider for your specific needs, simply follow our 5 step guide below.

Which VoIP Service Is Right For Me?

Here is a quick run down of the types of service and sections of this site that may be of interest to you:


In the early 2000's Vonage was one of the pioneers of offering VoIP phone services to residential homes. Combined with the advancements and availability of High Speed Internet (also referred to as Broadband) services to home owners this is where VoIP really started to take off. It suddenly became a viable option to many homes across North America and offered substantial savings as well as a feature set never experienced previously with home phone services.

Since then VoIP has become the most popular option for home phone service. Many VoIP service providers appeared over the years creating a healthy competitive market, maintaining feature growth and keeping pricing low for consumers.

If you are interested in phone services for your home, saving money, and getting great features then visit our Residential VoIP section.


Phone service is a critical part of communications for any business, from a sole proprietor to large corporations. However, the types of features that larger corporations enjoyed with on-premise PBX's (Private Branch eXchanges) were far from the few features afforded to the small business community with analog landlines or key systems that required complicated setup and maintenance.

The introduction of VoIP phone services (often referred to as Hosted VoIP or Virtual PBX) has changed all of that and levelled the playing field for all business sizes. Features such as auto-attendant, music-on-hold, and voicemail to email are now available to everyone and pricing is often simply based on the number of users. The simplicity of VoIP allows you to easily, and more importantly, quickly add or remove users with a few clicks of the mouse button through secure online portals. No special technical skills needed or outsourced maintenance contracts required.

VoIP solutions exist for all sizes of business, from the Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) work force to Enterprises. If you want to learn more about phone services for business then the Business VoIP section is for you.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is another way your business can benefit from VoIP savings when you have an on-premise PBX system that you are happy to keep and maintain internally. In many cases you can convert your PBX into an IP-PBX which then allows you to route your voice traffic over Internet connections rather than voice circuits. This can save your business a ton of money and also provide flexibility in adding or removing extensions.

When using an IP-PBX you will need a SIP Trunking Provider to route your VoIP calls. Visit our SIP Trunking section for more information on this solution.


OK, equipment is not really a service but it is an important piece of the VoIP puzzle. With residential services the provider often supplies a free lease Analog Telephone Adaptor (often referred to simply as an ATA) so that you can use your existing analog phones (see our residential section for more information on this subject). Some allow you to buy your own device (BYOD). If you use the providers supplied ATA then most likley they will ask you to return it if you ever cancel your service with them (as it is a free lease).

For businesses the most popular option is to use IP phones, as it provides a better audio quality and also allows for in/out calling from each phone separately (unlike home phones where only one can be used at any one time). There are various manufacturers out there such as Polycom, Cisco, Yealink and more. We cover many of the available options including reviews to help you make the best decision for what is right for your needs.

Our VoIP Equipment section covers most hardware related to VoIP services, including ATA's, IP Phones, and Headsets.

Use the below buttons to access the appropriate section of our site you are interested in the most or continue reading for our recommended steps for making the best selection.

How to Find the Best VoIP Service Provider

  • Education: Check out our in-depth articles, FAQ's and guides, or contact us directly with your questions. Learn more about how VoIP works and the many residential and business phone features that are included in VoIP technology, and how they can help increase business productivity.
  • Feature Comparison: One great advantage of VoIP phone service is the abundant features included. Use our comprehensive Feature Comparison Tool to compare VoIP service providers and ensure you get the features you need at the cheapest price.
  • User Reviews and Ratings: Browse over 10,000 user submitted reviews and ratings. Easily compare reviews in one easy to read graph with our Ratings Comparison Tool. You can also view a graphical history of user submitted reviews for each provider in our database.
  • Pricing and Provider Comparison: Use our comparison tables to quickly match up popular providers and get their best pricing. Use our Price Comparison Tool to get a real-time estimated price. Businesses can request free quotes from multiple business class providers using our simple quote request tool above.
  • VoIP Equipment: Businesses may also want to purchase IP phones, routers or other VoIP equipment such as headsets to get the best out of their VoIP phone service. These are often available at discounted rates directly from VoIP service providers. Learn more in our VoIP Equipment section.