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Cloudtalk Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Cloudtalk is a privately held company, founded in 2016 and registered in Slovakia with an office in New York.

They have over 2,500 customers using their call center and phone system solution including DHL, Mercedes Benz, and Yves Rocher.

The Good

Cloudtalk provides a cloud based virtual phone system aimed mainly at the call center market for sales and customer service teams. It is a software based solution and offers all communications and features through Apps on your computer based devices (desktop, laptop, mobile etc.). This, along with providing phone numbers from 70+ countries around the world, allows you to run your virtual call center from anywhere in the world, while enjoying the benefits of a local number for your customers.

Integrations to many third party solutions are available, including Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho CRM, Intercom, Freshdesk, HelpScout, LiveAgent, Kustomer, Front, and more. Integrations are important for call center solutions as are analytics. Real time analytics allow you to track the performance of your agents and call recordings are available directly after the call has completed.

There are four (4) plan options, which are called "Starter", "Essential", "Expert", and "Custom". All pricing is based on a per user per month rate for each plan and you can choose between monthly billing or a discounted rate of 30% or more for annual billing, see the table below.

Plan Name Monthly Billing Annual Billing
Starter $22/user/mo $15/user/mo
Essential $30/user/mo $20/user/mo
Expert $50/user/mo $35/user/mo
Custom Contact Contact

Each plan builds on the available features, i.e. the Essential plan includes all of the Starter plan features plus more, then the Expert plan includes all of the Essential plan plus more. So if you need specific features you need to verify which plan you need to sign up for to get them. You can change plans at any time though if you figure out later that you really needed a different plan. All plans can be used from one user to unlimited users, include one local number free, and includes free inbound calls (except toll free) and internal calls. You can add more phone numbers for an additional fee per number per month. For all plans outbound calls are charged on a per minute basis. The per minute rate varies, most likely based on the location you are calling. You add credit to your account to make outbound calls and you can set it up as an automatic charge so your credit card is charged once your credit reaches a set threshold, or you can set it up as one time payments.

Cloudtalk is a feature rich service with over 60+ features broken down into categories of voice features, intelligent call routing, productivity, integrations, statistics and monitoring, and utilities. Voice features include call queuing, call recording, voicemail, business hours, fax to email, personalized greetings and music, conference calls, and call masking. Intelligent call routing includes automated call distribution (ACD), ring groups, interactive voice response (IVR) menus, automatic outbound caller ID, VIP queues, and automated call redirection. Productivity features include click to call, call tagging, callback, transfer, after call work (ACW), predictive dialer, speech to text, blacklists, smart dialier, power dialer, agent status, and desktop notifications. Integration features include the ones we mentioned above, as well as caller ID, API's, contact history, shared contacts, and create tasks. Statistics and monitoring features include call statistics, call monitoring, agent reporting, real-time dashboard, wallboard, emotion analytics, sentiment analytics and custom reporting. Utilities features include security, online user management, responsive web admin, multi-language phone, and unlimited concurrent calls. As noted above not all features are available in all plans.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of any plan without providing any credit card information, just your name, business email, a password, and a phone number (you can choose the country of interest from a drop down menu). This is a great option if they are in your short list of providers. During the trial you can make outbound calls but you are limited to a maximum of $5 in usage.

Customer support varies by plan type. All plans include access to the online help center and email support. Phone support is only available to Expert plan users. Expert plan users also have access to an onboarding coach and a dedicated account manager. They do provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) option but for Custom plan users only.

The Bad

Cloudtalk charges separately for outbound calls. Many providers have unlimited calling plans which includes both in and out calls. If you think you will be making a lot of outbound calls you should take this extra cost into account when comparing solutions. Note that any incoming calls that get call forwarded are considered an outbound call.

Like other "software" based solutions that are becoming more popular if you want desk phones then this is not the solution for you. Desk phones are not a focus for Cloudtalk.

Another "feature" of "software" based solutions like Cloudtalk is that you are responsible for setting up your phone system, including call flows and features. Some providers have a more hands on approach where they help set up your system so you avoid the learning curve. This probaly comes down to personal preference and whether you have someone who can manage the adminstration of the system as it can be overwhelming for a smaller team.

The Terms of Service states that customers with Unlimited call packages are subject to fair usage policy and unlimited call packages are restricted to dial a maximum of 500 unique phone numbers per month.

Cloudtalk do not have to provide access to Emergency Services and do not support Emergency Services dialing.

The Google Chrome browser is used for their WebRTC connection. You can use other browsers but they are not fully supported.

The Bottom Line

  • Feature rich cloud service with a focus on call center market and computer/mobile Apps.
  • Starter plan is $15/user/month with annual billing and $22/user/month with monthly billing.
  • Essential plan is $20/user/month with annual billing and $30/user/month with monthly billing.
  • Expert plan is $35/user/month with annual billing and $50/user/month with monthly billing.
  • All plans include 1 local number, free inbound and internal calls, and unlimited number of callers in queue.
  • Outbound calls are charged per minute using pre-paid credits.
  • Phone support only available on Expert plan and above.

Overall Thoughts

Cloudtalk is a feature rich communications service ideal for modern inbound centric call center applications. It is all achieved using Apps and browsers on computer based devices such as desktops and mobile phones.

A 14 day free trial makes it a compelling option to at least test out if this is the type of service you need and the annual billing option saves you at least 30% on monthly billing pricing for each plan, making it cost competitive.

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