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Coming from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anveo is a company that has an international reach and provides VoIP service around the globe. The design comes from the mind of CEO Dennis Chukhyraev whose background in aerospace and IT system architecture complimented each other such that he and his team were able to deploy a communication system across the world. Though the company is somewhat quiet from a marketing perspective, its solution is powerful enough to support the largest of enterprises with a full featured communication system.

The Good

The primary focus of the company is serving customers with a hosted system that provides all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern VoIP system. The Anveo solution is very versatile and can be tailored to individual companies based on budget and communication needs. Even for companies that have an on premise solution, a SIP trunking connection is available to extend communications outside of the network.

With the most basic level of business service, a company is supplied with various free solutions though some exceptions exist. Many of the most essential VoIP technologies are included such as 2 SIP accounts, inbound and outbound IVR, inbound faxes, 15 MB of online storage for retention of call recordings or faxes, unlimited extensions and several other features.

In regards to the highest end of service, the cost is only $40.55 per month for 6 SIP user accounts. Many other options become free at this price point as well. For example, the IVR flow size (i.e. Anveo's menu complexity) for the system extends to a total of 35 items, or total number of options, but is free to integrate with other systems such as custom "pay-by-phone" options. Additional features such as the Geo CallerID that allows calls to be placed based on a geographic criteria and the Active Calls Dashboard (allows for real time monitoring of voice conversations) is included with this service.

Anveo's solutions are truly geared toward supporting international calling, and rates are very competitive. Fortunately, it includes a comprehensive chart, easily accessible directly from its website, that outlines all the calling rates for various countries. The Anveo Call Analytics Report feature (included at this price) becomes available as well which also tracks and analyzes international calls.

The Bad

This is one such case where website design is so poor that the reputation of the company is affected. Little appeal is afforded to business decision makers as a method of "fire hosing" information is employed to explain Anveo services. The language for most of the services offered by the company is technologically cohesive yet so detailed that many will find the services overwhelming at first glance.

Another problem resulting from the verbiage conveyed by the website is that it neglects the home consumer market. Realistically, many home consumers could benefit from the low cost (i.e. almost free) solutions offered by the company but this capability is not expressed in a language that is easy to understand for the average consumer.

At this point in time, Anveo lacks the ability to supply specific numbers for business service. If a vanity number is required, it should be known that such an option is not available at this time and no foreseeable resolution to the matter will be available any time soon. Further, number porting is not an option so businesses will need to obtain new numbers, which may put of many potential customers.

The Bottom Line

  • Basic services offer several free options such as the Anveo Voice 2.0 PBX that allows access to several Unified Communication (UC) features, including 2 SIP accounts.
  • Concise communication packages are not well explained.
  • Voicemail boxes are unlimited so long as data storage limits are not exceeded.
  • Incredibly low rates for international calls - a comprehensive list is included on the website.
  • Full featured communication suite is web accessible.
  • Integration with popular CRMs such as Salesforce is native to the platform.
  • Pay as you go plans for businesses and consumers, starting at $0. Additional features, lower cost per minute, accounts and storage at $6.55/month, $22.55/month and $40.55/month.

Overall Thoughts

If you are a visitor who simply encountered the Anveo website by chance, you would be a little reluctant to explore the depths of the services offered by the company. In reality, this provider offers a very decent service that has satisfied thousands of businesses across the globe.

It provides a rates page that is tedious to navigate but conveys a real value that not only competes with other competitors, it outperforms many in the telecom industry. Aside from offering a full-fledged UC suite, the international rates offered by the company are remarkably low. For select industries that thrive on international sales, Anveo may be a great fit.

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