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Cloudspan Review by WhichVoIP

Many times, providers enjoying success in one area of any given industry will branch into product or service offerings that are a logical fit. In the case of the IP telephony hardware supplier VoIP Supply, an offering named CloudSpan has been formed to handle the service side of IP voice systems.

This extension of the company is dedicated to providing both hosted PBX platforms and SIP Trunking services, primarily for business consumers.

The Good

In the telecommunications industry, VoIP Supply is regarded as one of the largest and most respected hardware resellers in the market today. After methodically gaining rapport over the past decade, moving into the service side is a logical business move that opens a door to a new breadth of customers.

CloudSpan hosted PBX solutions allow customers to simply connect an IP phone to a network and make calls after a short configuration process. Service options start at about $15/mo for unlimited extensions and "metered minutes" (i.e. you pay per minute rates on the minutes used). However, for another $5/mo, you can select their unlimited minutes plan. Other a la carte options may be added for small increments to the monthly fee. To get the most accurate pricing, you can use their configuration menu and select what you want from relevant drop downs, and then enter your name and email address to get a build list and price quote from them.

With regular service, plenty of standard features are available at no extra cost. Hosted solutions will include features such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and auto attendants, Follow Me capabilities, limited call recording, conference bridges, and time frame based routing, as well as several other features. Premium features, such as a Toll Free Number for incoming calls will run an additional $2 a month while the CloudSpan Operation Console allowing for real time call control is available for $10 a month per user who needs access. A Hosted Fax service is available for an additional $10 a month that allows for incoming and outgoing faxes.

CloudSpan also offers direct SIP Trunk services for companies seeking to connect a PBX to the PSTN, mobile networks and other VoIP services. Various tiers are available starting as low as $16 for 500 minutes. Perhaps the best option is the 3000 minutes plan at $30 as this equates to approximately $0.01 per minute, a very close figure to the industry standard.

As a company that has been in the VoIP industry since 2002, they have most likely optimized their customer service department. Even though this is a newer service offering to VoIP Supply, we fully expect good support from them. Toll free numbers are available on both their websites. Also, as they are experts in IP equipment, the main website has lots of knowledgebase with respect to IP equipment and a live chat option to get answers to specific questions.

A 30-day money back guarantee is offered if you want to trial the service first. The 30 days starts from day of order.

The Bad

VoIP Supply are currently moving information over to their official Cloudspan website and as of January 2015 interested parties will need to sign-up for their service through their VoIP Supply website. Potential customers visiting their Cloudspan website may find the redirects to a different website a little confusing or concerning.

Not all services and extra components are presented with complete transparency, leaving some questions for those in need of clearly stated details. Their configuration lists provide drop downs for selecting add-ons and then entry boxes for quantity. The user must submit their configuration list to get an actual price quote, which requires entering contact information.

The Terms of Service located on the Cloudspan website notes that you will be charged for any users calling into a Conference Bridge, based on per minute usage (currently 3.9c/min).

If trialing this system with the 30-day money back guarantee, make sure you do not exceed 2,500 minutes. Exceeding that usage limit will forfeit the guarantee.

Under the plan information it states there are no termination fees but the Terms of Service suggest that a $9.99 termination fee may be charged per phone number or device if the service is terminated for any reason during your term of service (except during the 30-day money back guarantee period).

The Bottom Line

  • Hosted PBX with Metered Minutes: This plan starts at $15/mo per seat and includes their standard set of features. Additional a la carte configurations are available, such as a toll free number for $2/mo.
  • Hosted PBX with Unlimited Minutes: Hosted services are available with unlimited minutes and extensions, along with the standard features associated with business VoIP services, from $20/mo per seat. As with the metered plan, a la carte options are available as add-ons.
  • SIP Trunking: Four (4) plans are available. The lowest cost plan starts at $14/mo per seat and includes 250 minutes per month. The 500 minute/month plan starts at $16/mo, the 1000 minutes/month plan starts at $18/mo, and the 3000 minutes/month plan starts at $30/mo per seat. This service supports the G.711 and G.729a Codecs.
  • All plans boast no contracts, no setup fees, and no termination fees. Expect to pay the standard regulatory fees and taxes on top of the above.

Overall Thoughts

A few shortcomings are present regarding the conveyance of information on the official site, yet this service is backed by a highly reputable provider. Being backed by such a reputable hardware provider, service from CloudSpan is definitely one to watch grow over the next several years. Even now, the company offers a great deal for hosted voice services.

SIP Trunking service does not stand out as remarkable, with respect to the rest of the market yet, it is still a good deal.

Detailed questions should be directed to CloudSpan and remember that the parent company (VoIP Supply) is a great resource for hardware and could be the ideal way to equip your business for a new VoIP phone system.

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#1 : JAN 28th, 2015 :

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We selected Cloudspan phone service after finding VoIP Supply (parent company) online for IP phones. At the time we were considering switching to VoIP and looking at equipment costs. We got a quote and chatted with customer service about doing everything through them. They were not necessarily the cheapest option but we chose them as we ended up deciding on using them for the equipment side. Its been less than a month and so far so good. Setup was painless and customer service to date has been very responsive and helpful whenever we had questions (setting up the phones, voicemail etc). Hopefully the good service continues over the coming years but right now we are happy with our new phone system.

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