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Slingshot VoIP Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Slingshot VoIP, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is a business hosted VoIP phone service from dgNetrix Communications, Inc. Their mission statement is to be the best unified cloud communications platform in the world using a highly resilient, carrier grade network with a reliability up time of 99.999% (five 9's).

The Good

Slingshot offers four (4) main business VoIP plans; the Essential plan, the Standard plan, the Premium plan, and the Ultimate plan. All of their plans come with unlimited custom greetings, unlimited user voicemail boxes, unlimited voice channels, domain names and professional email, voicemail-to-email, voicemail transcription, company conference bridge, plus all of their standard PBX features. These include auto-attendant, music-on-hold, time conditions, ring groups, call forwarding, call logs, voicemail, message alerts, missed call notifications, and mobile/laptop/desktop Softphone options.

Pricing is based on a minimum term of 12 months, and they do offer volume pricing and incentives for 3 and 5 year terms. All plans include a 30 day guarantee and unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

The Essential plan is $19.95 per month per user and is available for businesses with up to 10 users. This plan also includes 100 Toll Free minutes, 1 number (Toll Free or local), two auto-attendants, plus optional Bria Softphone and optional call recording. Cloud call recording is an additional $10 per seat per month. The Bria Softphone pricing depends on the App(s) you use, see below for more details.

The Standard plan is $29.95 per month per user and is stated to be ideal for a business with 10 to 25 users. This plan also includes 2,500 Toll Free minutes, up to 5 phone numbers (Toll Free or local), up to 10 auto-attendants, the Bria Mobile or Desktop App, and call recording.

The Premium plan is $34.95 per month per user and is aimed at businesses with 20 to 50 users. This plan also includes 5,000 Toll Free minutes, up to 10 phone numbers (Toll Free or local), 25 auto-attendants, the Bria Mobile and Desktop App, and call recording.

The Ultimate plan is $44.95 per month per user, and is aimed at businesses with greater than 50 users. This plan also includes 10,000 Toll Free minutes, up to 20 phone numbers (Toll Free or local), unlimited auto-attendants, the Bria business bundle (includes Bria for all platforms plus the Bria video calls and IM and presence features), and cloud call recording.

They have a few items that require additional fees. To transfer your existing number (port) there is a one-time fee of $50. If you need more local phone numbers than the plan allows you can add them for $4.95 per month per number. International numbers start at $5.95 per month per number and international Toll Free numbers start at $14.95 per month. If you want to add vanity numbers there is a one-time fee of $30. If you exceed your plan included Toll Free minutes you will be charged at 3.9c/minute for the overage amount.

The Counterpath Bria SIP client is offered as an integrated Softphone solution. The Bria Mobile Smartphone App (iOS/Android) is available for $3.50 per month per user and the Desktop App (Windows/MAC) is available for $5 per month per user. You can get both for $7 per month per user. These solutions provide features such as call display, voicemail with message waiting indicator (MWI), speakerphone, mute, redial, hold, do not disturb, call history, call forward, call transfer, auto answer, and DTMF support. The Bria Business Bundle solution is $15 per month per user and adds video calling, IM and presence, and chat room functionality, as well as providing a license for both the Mobile and Desktop Apps.

Slingshot VoIP service supports various different IP phones including Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco and Polycom devices. They offer a selection of models from each manufacturer for sale on their website. They state they are endpoint agnostic so you can also bring your own devices, including IP phones, Softphones, Mobile Apps, and conference room units.

A support and help desk section is available on their website. They have various guides and how-to's, as well as access to a ticketing system that you need login credentials for. A Toll Free number is also noted for phone support, however we did not test it out and we did not see any note about availability of phone support.

The Bad

Pricing is based on a minimum 12 month term. If you do not want to commit to that length of term and only want month to month pricing we recommend you check with them to see if they do month to month and at what cost difference.

Some fees seem high like number transfers. Many providers will provide free number porting or at a much lower one-time cost.

Slingshot is based in Canada but it looks to us like they offer service across North America. In this case it is not clear if pricing is in CAD or USD, or if it is the same regardless. If Slingshot are on your top list we recommend getting a quote from them to be sure you know what the pricing will be.

Unlimited calling does not include calls to Alaska and Hawaii, which are charged as international calls at an additional per minute rate. This is relatively common as Alaska and Hawaii calls are generally charged at higher rates.

They do have a Reasonable Use Policy which seems very fair with their limit being 50,000 minutes per month usage. If you consistenly exceed this they may disconnect or suspend your service.

Not necessarily a bad point but noting here that this service is not for call center applications, just normal business phone service use.

The Bottom Line

  • Essential plan is $19.95/month/user, for up to 10 users.
  • Standard plan is $29.95/month/user, and is ideal for 10 to 25 users.
  • Premium plan is $34.95/month/user, and is great for 20 to 50 users.
  • Ultimate plan is $44.95/month/user, aimed at 50+ users.
  • Pricing is based on 12 month term. All plans include unlimited calling to US/CAN.
  • Bria Mobile and Softphone App plans available.
  • Support for phones from Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco, and Polycom.

Overall Thoughts

Slingshot VoIP provides four different plans mainly aimed at businesses with 1 to 50 users. Each plan builds on the last, adding included Toll Free minutes, phone numbers, number of auto-attendants, and Softphone/Mobile App solutions. Some of these additional items are also offered a la carte if the plans don't always make sense for your business size.

Pricing information states it is based on a 12 month term but otherwise seems fairly reasonable for what is included. We always recommend getting quotes up front based on your exact needs and then you can compare pricing between your top 3 or 4 provider choices.

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