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Acefone Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Acefone, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Kent, England, is a cloud-based communication solutions provider offering hosted PBX phone systems, free phone number (toll free), and contact center solutions to businesses across the USA as well as other countries around the world. In this review we will be focusing on their hosted phone system solution they offer. The website states Acefone has 300+ employees and 4 global offices, as well as millions of extensions in service. The registered address in the USA is in Pompano Beach, Florida, and they are a registered business in Delaware.

The Good

Acefone offer three different plans which they call the Basic plan, the Business plan, and the Premium plan. Each plan builds on the lower plan with added features. Pricing is per user per month and is tiered based on the number of users, so the higher the number of users (employees) you have the lower the monthly per user fee is. They also provide a substantial discount if you sign up for annual pay. The table below details the current pricing structure based on number of users and whether paying monthly or annually.

The Basic plan includes a business phone number, unlimited inbound call minutes, 24/7/365 customer support, mobile/desktop/web Apps, call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail to email, call conferencing, call flip, mobile twinning, and call detail records. The Basic plan does not include any outgoing calling minutes. You can add blocks of 200 outbound minutes for $3 per user/month. Porting your number into Acefone will cost you $10 per number on this plan. If you want additional numbers, either toll free or local, you can add them for $5 per number per month.

The Business plan includes everything from the Basic plan, plus it includes 1,000 outbound minutes, real-time call monitoring, call whisper, call barging, call group, IVR menus (virtual receptionist), auto-provisioning, and scheduled email reports. It also includes analytics on top of call detail records, and you can add call recording for $5 per user/month. Call recording is not available for the Basic plan.

The Premium plan includes everything from the Business plan, plus unlimited outbound calling minutes, unlimited business SMS, unlimited audio conferencing (dial in) for up to 10 participants, call recording, call queue, integration suite, and call announcement features. With this plan number porting is offered for free. Integrations include Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dyanmics 365, Bitrix24, Freshworks, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Zendesk, SugarCRM, and Google Workspace.

Users Basic Business Premium
1 to 4 (monthly) $12.99/user/mo $17.99/user/mo $23.99/user/mo
1 to 4 (annually) $9.99/user/mo $13.99/user/mo $17.99/user/mo
5 to 9 (monthly) $10.99/user/mo $15.99/user/mo $21.99/user/mo
5 to 9 (annually) $8.99/user/mo $12.99/user/mo $16.99/user/mo
10 to 24 (monthly) $8.99/user/mo $13.99/user/mo $19.99/user/mo
10 to 24 (annually) $6.99/user/mo $10.99/user/mo $14.99/user/mo
25+ (monthly) $6.99/user/mo $11.99/user/mo $16.99/user/mo
25+ (annually) $4.99/user/mo $8.99/user/mo $12.99/user/mo

There are no IP desk phones offered through the website and Acefone do not sell any IP phones or VoIP equipment. However, we contacted Acefone through live chat and were told that they support most manufacturers and models, and will program the phones remotely free of charge. You just need to purchase your own phones from a third party like Amazon. Otherwise the service is provided through the included desktop/mobile Apps.

The website does not have a support section with a knowledgebase or detailed how to guides or support documentation. They do however have 24/7/365 technical support available via phone (toll free) and email. You can also contact the sales group via phone (toll free) and email. Live chat is also available on the webiste and we found them to be timely in responding during office hours.

As noted above Acefone also offer a Free Phone Number service which in the USA is referred to as Toll Free. There is no reference to specific pricing or whether the same pricing applies as above. They also offer a contact center solution. This likely is the same as the Premium plan detailed above, but we would recommend contacting them directly if either of these services are what you are looking for, to get confirmation on pricing and features.

The Bad

The website is a little lacking in information in our opinion. If you have specific questions you will likely have to contact them directly to find answers. For example, some features are described in text on web pages but then the list of features on the pricing page under compare plans did not detail them.

The Fair Use Policy includes a note regarding limitations on the unlimited outgoing calling minutes and SMS. Acefone considers a violation to be exceeding 3,000 outbound calling minutes per extension/seat, and more than 500 outbound SMS per extension/seat. This mainly refers to the Premier plan. Exceeding these limits will trigger a warning from Acefone and they may change your pricing/plan if your calling/SMS trends continue. They may also charge overages at 2.9c per minute on outbound calls and 2c per SMS.

Acefone do not offer IP desk phones for sell so you will have to purchase them through a third party. Make sure to verify they can support the phones you are considering before buying.

Terms of Service note that the "minimum period" for a contract is typically 36 months, unless stated otherwise in the agreement you sign on start up. It also states that service will renew automatically for a term of 12 months at the end of each term. We highly recommend verifying what the terms are before you sign if you do not want to be locked into a contract.

Following on from the previous paragragh, there is an early termination/cancellation fee, which includes paying up for the remainder of your term (unless you cancel within 7 days of sign up).

The Bottom Line

  • Three hosted PBX phone service plans available: Basic, Business and Premium.
  • Basic plan ranges from $4.99-$12.99 per user per month. Zero outgoing minutes.
  • Business plan ranges from $8.99-$17.99 per user per month. Up to 1,000 outbound minutes.
  • Premium plan ranges from $12.99-$23.99 per user per month. Unlimited calling and SMS.
  • Exact pricing depends on number of users and selecting payment monthly or annually.
  • They support most IP phones but do not sell them.
  • You can utilize their desktop/mobile Apps for service.
  • Technical support is available 24/7/365.

Overall Thoughts

Acefone are a UK based business but offer services across the USA at a very competitive price with a good feature set included. Customer support is available 24/7/365 but there is no indication of where the support is located. If you want to utilize desk phones at your business then you will need to source them yourself. Otherwise they offer desktop and mobile Apps to use.

If you have used Acefone please consider leaving your review of your experience for others to read.

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