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Originally founded in 1996 as FreedomVoice, the company began as one of the earliest hosted toll-free services but eventually shifted focus to VoIP as market demands changed. FreedomVoice co-locates with FreedomIQ - now the primary focus of the business - which provides hosted VoIP services. Today, the company offers a broad spectrum of features that simply require a business to connect devices to the Internet.

The Good

FreedomIQ has the ability to bring a hosted calling solution to businesses of most any size but the primary focus is small businesses. The main product is centered on a hosted solution that allows businesses to connect VoIP and analog phones to the company network and utilize the cloud for calling. The SIP based system allows users to call other VoIP phones, landlines and mobile devices.

With a service plan, unlimited calls to the US are included. FreedomIQ provides all of the support required to maintain the service so on site IT services will only be required in the instance of an underlying networking issue. Support is US based and "rigorously trained" by the company meaning it is not outsourced to an international call center.

For small offices that span multiple geographic locations, remote sites can be easily added to the system yet separated for the sake of analyzing various calling metrics. The WebLink Internet Control Panel allows administrators to manage their phone system via a web browser to change settings, modify call queues and create new users. Most common features for any VoIP system are included with service and new features become automatically available to existing customers as they are deployed to the platform.

From within the portal, administrators have access to a presence awareness feature that grants the ability to see which users are actively using the system at any given time and where they are currently located (e.g. a call forwarded to a mobile device.) Detailed reports are available for each individual user so activity can be closely monitored and documented. Here management can instantly listen to live calls in progress and record for training or other purposes.

The company provides the option to connect regular phones via Linksys ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) devices for businesses not ready or unable to outfit their company with IP phones. FreedomIQ mostly resells Polycom devices and phones but offers other brands as well. As the platform can integrate some CRM systems, more advanced phones like the Polycom VVX 500 Media Phone can efficiently connect a caller to a contact in the database.

The Bad

The website is quite expansive but there is not much useful information provided for those looking to uncover specific details about the service or features. The auto attendant and assumed IVR system are mentioned but not embellished much by the web content. Though a video is provided for the WebLink portal, the quality is poor and the information is somewhat generic.

Pricing is not mentioned anywhere on the site which is discouraging to those looking to obtain a quick overview of cost. It is unclear as to whether pricing is tiered based on the number of users. It seems as though equipment is likely purchased separately but none of the devices featured on the site mention a price.

The platform can integrate with CRM systems but no mention is made as to which CRMs are supported. It is likely that popular systems like Salesforce have the ability to integrate with the platform but it is uncertain if other applications are supported either in part or in full.

Softphone functionality is included but it does not appear that the company provides its own application, meaning 3rd party software is likely necessary. Information is also lacking pertaining to other common features like SMS - it may be possible to use such a feature with a softphone or mobile app but again, no mention is made on the website.

The Bottom Line

  • A complete hosted VoIP solution is provided at "low cost" and easily scales.
  • Common, core features are packaged with the service and new features are available at no charge.
  • Pricing and the exact nature of supported features and the overall service are vague or nonexistent.
  • Rich featured Polycom phones and other devices are compatible with the platform.
  • CRM integration for select applications.

Overall Thoughts

It is not clear as to whether or not FreedomIQ is among the higher-ranked VoIP providers as the information on the website is very generic. Pricing is unclear both in terms of service and equipment. Further, the disaster recovery feature is a bit misleading - all cloud services should offer redundancy but the implication is made that your system is available in the instance of a power outage at your location. No power means no Internet access which means no VoIP capabilities from an office phone.

Some case studies are included but appear to be mostly marketing collateral. Only a few instances are documented as actual success stories and are quite brief. FreedomIQ could be a great VoIP service but it is difficult to tell as actual data and testimonials for the service are scarce.

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