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BroadVoice Review by WhichVoIP

Broadvoice, founded in 2003, started with a focus on residential phone service offerings. Following successful operations to the consumer market they expanded into providing business class phone service. The residential service was rolled into the Phonepower service and now Broadvoice is a pure Business to Business Cloud PBX service. It also offers call center solutions and SIP trunking across the USA.

The Good

The Broadvoice Cloud PBX offers 3 plans to businesses: metered, standard and professional plan. The standard and professional plans have unlimited USA calling. The metered plan costs 2.9c/min for domestic calls and 1c/min per SMS message. All International calls have defined rates based on the country.

The professional plan includes all 30 features, such as call forwarding, call park, find me follow me, SMS, faxing and call recording. The standard plan excludes call recording, hot desking, faxing and a few other minor features. The metered plan is similar to the standard plan but of course has metered pricing.

Free iOS and Android mobile Apps are available so you can make and receive business calls using your cell phone. This is a nice feature as it ensures employees making calls from the App are using business Caller ID rather than their personal cell phone caller ID.

Broadvoice offers International DIDs (i.e. phone numbers) from 53 countries which may be a great feature for those businesses requiring International presence.

When it comes to reliability Broadvoice has geographical redundant PBX servers in the cloud to reduce risk and also 4G failover, which mitigates issues for customer's networks. Should you have a power outage or Internet problem, your service will automatically failover to the cell phone network in under 8 seconds. Of course this assumes you have given Broadvoice a cell phone backup number for this purpose.

The Bad

There is no pricing information available on their website so you will need to contact them directly for any pricing information. In this day and age it is surprising they do not show pricing for their 3 plans. From the terms and conditions page it seems Broadvoice offers month to month, 1, 2 and 3 year pricing tiers.

Broadvoice does not indicate any usage policy for "unlimited" minutes. Most providers offer unlimited calling, but it never is truly unlimited. Often the Acceptable Use Policy will state how many minutes is deemed to be acceptable but unfortunately this information is not available.

No information is given on the IP phones that are supported on the Broadvoice Cloud PBX. There is also no information on how to purchase phones through them. There appears to be the option to rent phones but again no information is presented.

To cancel the service requires a 30 day written termination request. The 30 days starts from the received date (so if received in January the termination date would be end of February for monthly subscribers).

The Bottom Line

There is no pricing information for each plan. No pricing for IP phones and no limits stated for acceptable use. This is unusual.

Overall Thoughts

Broadvoice is a decent choice for businesses and has architected its system with redundancy in mind, which is always good to see. Without full disclosure of their pricing tiers it is difficult to say how competitive the Broadvoice Cloud PBX is compared to other popular service providers. However, their Cloud offering has a decent feature set with many of the expected business specific features that are common with larger business phone systems.

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