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Avoxi Review by WhichVoIP.com

In environments where a large number of callers and receptionists require high volume calling capacity, a call center tends to be the optimal solution. Although some may choose to build a custom system, hosted services such as those from Avoxi prove to be more turnkey in addition to offering greater reliability since dedicated experts support the service 24/7.

The Good

The core product offered by Avoxi is a cloud based system with the capability to accommodate large-scale call center environments. Unlike many providers that are focused only on high-end call center solutions, packages are also available for the smaller business that scale economically as the business grows.

The flagship product offered by the company is the Avoxi Virtual Call Center. In addition to furnishing modern call center components, a feature set known as the Smart Queue powers this more advanced service.

Starting with the basic tier of service, referred to as the Start and Grow package at $25 per month per user, users have 15 rolling days of call recording capabilities, basic IVR functions, detailed call reports and a free soft-phone based on CounterPath's Bria client. Service options expand with the Take Flight service at $35 per month per user by including call whisper and barge (features that allow a monitoring agent to discreetly speak with an operator or chime in during a call) as well as a system to build detailed reports on agents for more intelligent call routing, plus a handful of other options. The most powerful package, referred to as the Without Limits at $55 per month per user, offers extended recording, encrypted storage, geographical routing and a few more advanced features. All services may be paid annually, saving a flat $5 per month (or $60 per year) per seat.

Companies using a hosted or on-premise PBX have the option to purchase a SIP trunking service in the form of an on-premise gateway. The system has the ability to operate behind a Cisco ASA, effectively eliminating the need for a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) system in most situations, starting at $29 per month. A more advanced solution is available with the Avoxi VoIP Gateway, supporting several different protocols, which is ideal for large, hybrid environments.

The Bad

For starters, much of the language on the website seems to ramble and may be a little technical in places for some potential buyers. Further, some may be turned off by the fact both services require on premise hardware rather than sending a purely SIP signal over the Internet. With that said, such a design tends to be more reliable as some variables are eliminated, plus the hardware is supported day and night by a team of professionals.

The basic tier for call center pricing seems very reasonable when stacked against the rest of the market though it lacks several useful features. Larger businesses will likely find the most value in mid-tier service where features like call whisper/barge and agent performance tracking are included. Fortunately, the increased pricing is not excessive and furthermore, a business can save $60 per year per user by paying for an annual seat.

The hosted option does not have a price tag nor do some of the included features. For many providers, this is quite typical so contacting a sales representative to solidify a quote will be necessary to obtain the most accurate pricing.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions related to the unlimited plans. There are a lot of conditions here such as unlimited calling being limited to 3 hours per day, 5 days per week, per single agent. Also no predictive dialers are allowed and additional terms exist for International calls. None of this is unreasonable but read the small print so there are no surprises.

The Bottom Line

  • Cloud based call center solution with multiple sites worldwide.
  • Call center solutions starting at $25 per month per user where more advanced features package at $35 and $55 per month.
  • By paying a seat annually, a company will save $60 per year.
  • SIP trunking and VoIP gateway solutions utilize on premise hardware which is often more reliable but cumbersome for certain companies.
  • Support is available 24/7 in over 10 languages so a true global solution.

Overall Thoughts

A call center is generally a complex system to implement and maintain. Avoxi has focused on developing and improving this technology and overcoming obstacles faced by clientele ever since inception. The infrastructure and geographic dispersion is a testament to the company's dedication in providing a powerful and reliable system.

Though pricing for some portions of the service are not immediately available, the call center pricing is clear-cut and ideal for those seeking some kind of baseline to create a calling budget. If your business is in the market for a powerful, hosted calling solution, Avoxi boasts several services to serve everyone from the large enterprise down to the small business.

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