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YOVU Review by WhichVoIP

The YOVU cloud office phone system is offered by LCA Systems Inc. Founded in 2010 they are focused on providing business VoIP solutions across North America. The name YOVU comes from YOur Voice Unified. The companies mission statement is "to deliver the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, speedy implementation, ease of management, reduced cost of ownership and reliability". YOVU service is mainly available in Canada, but is also available in some states of the USA. LCA is headquarted in London, Ontario and has redundant Tier 3 data centers in Mississauga and Hamilton (and a proposed west coast center in the pipeline).

The Good

YOVU provide three tiered plans for businesses based on number of users. The "Small But Growing" plan is for the 2 to 9 user base, and starts at $29.99 per user per month. The "SMB" plan is directed at the 10 to 19 user base, and starts at $24.99 per user per month. The "Enterprise" plan is for businesses with 20+ users, with pricing starting at $20.99 per user per month. All pricing is in Canadian dollars.

Each plan includes the same feature set, plus unlimited calling across North America (CAN/USA). Standard features supported include auto-attendant, voicemail to email, call forwarding, music on hold, an online web portal, and caller ID. Other features worth noting are voicemail transcription, SMS, chat, mobile calling App, call recording, and conferencing for up to 10 people.

You can get IP phones through YOVU directly or they do support some other phones in case you want to reuse your existing inventory. The IP phones on offer include a mixture of Yealink phones, from entry level, to executive touch screen, and also cordless options.

For peace of mind, YOVU offers a 30 day money back guarantee and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.99% (this is based on their data centers and refers to their ability to provide you service 99.99% of the time). Note that the SLA does not cover your own Internet and power outages. They also offer risk free trials and live demos for those that want to get their feet wet before taking the plunge.

A separate website for accessing the customer knowledge portal is available, as well as logging in to your phone system. The knowledgebase library includes online help, guides, and how-to videos to help you get the most out of your phone system.

The Bad

The pricing seems very fairly set and is based on number of users. It does however note that some features may require additional monthly fees. We always recommend asking what features, if any, require additional fees. Getting official quotes is the best way to see what the exact costs will be.

We did not see any terms and conditions available on the website. This can be the place where any limitations on unlimited calling can reside. Often providers include a "fair usage" policy, so if you think you use a large number of calling minutes per month then it is worth asking about this just in case. This number is typically large enough that it won't impact most businesses.

The Bottom Line

  • One standard plan is available but with three pricing tiers.
  • Pricing per user for 2 to 9 users is $29.99/mo (CAD).
  • Pricing per user for 10 to 19 users is $24.99/mo (CAD).
  • Pricing per user for 20+ users is $20.99/mo (CAD).
  • All of the standard features are included in each plan. Some advanced features may require additional monthly fees.
  • You can buy IP phones directly from YOVU.

Overall Thoughts

YOVU provide an affordable option for the Small to Medium-sized Business (SMB). As a smaller provider they know the importance of providing good customer service to the SMB market. A solid feature set is available that should be more than sufficient for most SMB's, with some more advanced features for those that need them. At WhichVoIP we think they are worth considering if you are a Canadian business looking for solid service with local responsive support.

YOVU Overview

YOVU have featured on WhichVoIP since 2017. They mainly focus on providing phone service to Canadian businesses.

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#1 : : NOV 30th, 2018

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We have been using Yovu for our office phone service for over a year now and it has been great. They were very helpful during the sales and set up process, very friendly and helped us get everything working as we wanted it. Especially for someone like me who is not the most tech savvy!

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