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As a newer contender in the VoIP market space, the people at Telzio have put together a solution to offer customers a reliable communication platform at a competitive price. Several low cost plans are available for businesses of every shape and size. Based in California, the company is composed of technologically savvy entrepreneurs offering services to over 50 countries around the world.

The Good

Telzio offers hosted VoIP solutions with benefits clearly outlined in the various service packages. Unlike some competitors, no guesswork is involved when researching features and costs for each service.

All services include unlimited extensions so companies with a large number of users do not need to worry about expensive setup fees for configuring each user. Customers are not required to handle any kind of extensive setup process as phone registration and configuration is handled by Telzio. Most hosted providers do not offer unlimited extensions.

Plans such as the Startup plan start as low as $1 per month. This starter option allows a company to get a good feel for the phone system over a lengthier term than provided by the free demo. With this package, customers pay a per minute fee that varies slightly depending on whether the call is incoming or outgoing.

All plans include full phone, chat and email support while higher end plans offer lower rates for inbound and outbound calls. Features do not vary between different pricing tiers so a customer utilizing the pay-as-you-go package will enjoy the same features as a business utilizing the $29.99 Pro plan.

The company resells a variety of different phones designed to function with the system as well as ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters) for those still fond of their older analog telephones. Fortunately, phones resold by Telzio are offered at rates very close to the average market rate for each device. Telzio also offers pre-configuration on the phones sold through its website, so the device is ready for use when you receive it. Various devices at different price points allow for a very customizable phone experience.

The Telzio platform promises to provide over 99% uptime. Assuming the network and Internet connection at your business is sound, calls should not falter.

The Bad

The services offered are somewhat refined so these may not suit the needs of a company seeking fully loaded unified communications system. In saying that, inbound text messaging is currently available in addition to outbound SMS. Both Inbound and Outbound Fax are also available. Both outbound and inbound calls may be enhanced by configuring certain features such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus, on hold music, open hour rules and more.

Some of the phones Telzio resells have far more features than the system can utilize. This is not necessarily bad but may perturb certain customers who would like to take advantage of options the platform does not support.

Live Support is not 24/7 with options currently available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday PST. This should not be an issue for most businesses but if your business runs critical operations over the weekend that require using the phone system, it is certainly something to consider.

The Bottom Line

  • A free demo offered by Telzio allows customers to test drive system before purchasing.
  • Startup plan - $1 per month pay as you go plan that has no included minutes.
  • Standard plan - $9.99 per month for 500 included USA calling minutes. Lower per minute overage rates than startup plan.
  • Pro plan - $29.99 per month for 2,000 included USA calling minutes. Lower per minute overage rates than both the startup plan and standard plan. Note that the Pro plan cost is $39.99 in Canada.
  • Included minutes cover calls to both the USA and Canada.
  • No unlimited plans and only voice services are available.
  • Flexible configuration options require no technical knowledge to setup.
  • Each plan comes with one standard or toll free phone number.
  • All plans allow for unlimited extensions.
  • Number porting is available for most numbers.

Overall Thoughts

For a company seeking a simple but professional calling system, Telzio may be a good option. While the service does not offer a lot of bonus features such as video calling or messaging, the system is very functional and affordable.

Unfortunately, you will not find an unlimited calling plan but the per minute overage rates offered by the company are reasonable. Each plan (with the exception of the Startup plan) comes with a generous amount of minutes built in. Be aware though that so called unlimited calling plans offered by other providers are not always unlimited and typically have reasonable or fair usage policies built into the fine print in the terms and conditions. Very often an advertised "unlimited" plan may only include up to two to three thousand minutes per month and then you will be charged at overage rates. Always check the fine print to be sure you are going to get the service that you expect.

As Telzio is very straightforward about features and plans, customers should be informed before signing up for a service. If your company is not looking for a unified communication solutions, Telzio is a great option for a solid calling system at a very competitive price.

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