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RingByName Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

RingByName was launched in 2012 and is a subsidiary of the Inphonex Group, which is based in Miami, Florida. Inphonex was founded in 2003 and has two main brands, RingByName which is a cloud hosted Private Branch eXchange (PBX) and Varphonex which focuses on SIP Trunking.

RingByName serves thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes and its main goal is to provide the most powerful and flexible phone system to help you build better relationships with your customers.

The Good

There are four main business plans to choose from, all of which provide unlimited calling inside the US and Canada, plus a call center option which has no pricing details and requires a call to RingByName for further information. The Essential Plan costs $28.95 per user per month, the Advanced Plan costs $34.95 per user per month and adds Internet fax service and a Web soft phone. The Enterprise Plan costs $44.95 per user per month and adds call recording plus unlimited International calling. A la carte options are also available for the lower end plans, for example Internet faxing is $19.95 per line and the Web phone costs $3 per user, though in reality you would never do this since the Advanced Plan is a better deal. Call recording costs $10.50 per user and if you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, RingByName has their own CRM which costs $16.95 per user. Additional local and International phone numbers cost $9.95 per phone number. Advanced call routing options are available to assist with local based routing for multi-location businesses so calls get delivered to the correct location. No pricing is given for this feature, contact them for additional information.

It provides a powerful feature set to customers, such as auto attendants, time conditions, transcription, voicemail to email, click-to-call, teleconferencing, call reporting and analytics, address books, SMS messaging and Amazon Alexa support. One very interesting feature that is provided is Greet by Name. Through call analytics and some configurations you can configure the phone system so that if you miss a call it can greet that customer by name and log such missed calls so you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers.

The RingByName marketplace is the place to integrate your phone system with other third party tools. Salesforce seems to be the main CRM tool that is supported, and this lets you perform functions such as click-to-call directly from Salesforce. You can also see useful pop-ups when calls come in so customer details are immediately displayed when they contact you. A click-to-call Web browser tool-bar is also available so you can call phone numbers using your RingByName service direct from a Web browser. Other useful integrations include an Office365 extension and the ability to import Google contacts. Zapier business automation is also supported which adds thousands of additional third party business integration tools.

RingByName has its own CRM tool that you can use as a premium add-on. An advantage of using this over other third party CRMs is that it heavily integrates with the phone system and therefore logs all phone calls, handles your customer contacts and stores all of your emails, voicemail to emails, transcribed speech to text and more.

Yealink phones are the desk phones recommended by RingByName although a few Polycom phones are also offered. It provides 1, 2 and 3 year payment plans for phones to reduce your up-front capital costs and will provide a replacement phone free of charge if it should become defective during that time span. If you already own a SIP phone, it is highly likely that it will also work with this service.

There are over 100 articles in the knowledge base support area of its Website to help customers with any issues they may be having or how to configure certain features. There is a also a ticketing system should you need further support, along with email and live chat.

The Bad

Be aware that the unlimited plans for the US do not include Alaska and Hawaii, those locations incur additional per minute charges so you need to be aware of this if you frequently call those States. It is also important to note that the unlimited calls apply only between two individuals so if you are in a conference call you can expect additional charges. This also applies to calls that are forwarded, for example to your cell phone.

A fair use policy exists for all unlimited calls. If your call volume is higher than the 95 percentile with respect to other business customers you may incur additional charges or have your service terminated. On a similar note, the reasonable use policy for Internet faxing is 500 transmitted or received pages per month. This seems quite low, especially for some vertical markets such as financial services. The excess rate is stated as $0.06 per minute for voice and fax overages.

If RingByName provides a fax number for the purpose of Internet faxing, the terms and conditions state that you may not be able to port this number away from its service in the future, which is highly unusual.

The Bottom Line

  • Essential Plan: $29.95/user/month for unlimited US/CAN calling.
  • Advanced Plan: $34.95/user/month adds Internet fax and a Web soft phone.
  • Enterprise Plan: $44.95/user/month adds International unlimited calling and call recording.
  • Call Center: Call for pricing.

Overall Thoughts

RingByName provides a compelling cloud based PBX offering to businesses of all sizes. Its pricing is competitive and the feature set really focuses on those features that can help your business build better relationships with existing and new customers, such as CRMs and click-to-call functionality.

If you have had any experience with RingByName, please consider adding a user review for this provider.

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