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Telonium Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Telonium was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in the Atlanta area of Georgia. Telonium provides a cloud-based phone service (Hosted VoIP) for small to medium sized businesses across the USA.

The Good

Telonium have 2 simple plans with a simple pricing structure. The "Virtual Extension" plan is $15 per user per month and the "Regular Extension" plan is $25 per user per month. Unlike some providers there are no long term contracts and service is month to month. They believe in earning your business every month. Taxes and regulatory fees will be added to the pricing.

The Virtual Extension plan is focused on entreprenuers and very small businesses that want to utilize their existing phone structure, for example personal cell phones. This is basically an incoming calling plan. When your customers call your business number they get redirected to your personal cell or existing phone services. This plan includes unlimited incoming calling minutes, but does not have the full feature list primarily because calls gets redirected outside of their system.

The Regular Extension plan is the full hosted VoIP phone system. This plan includes unlimited calling to the US48 states (Alaska and Hawaii are not included) and Canada. They also include conference bridging, auto attendant, custom hold music, voicemail, time based routing, call groups (ring groups), call queue, call monitor, intercom, paging, dial by name directory, number porting, and caller ID features.

They offer a virtual fax service. This type of service replaces your hardware fax machine. You send faxes by logging into their online portal, upload your PDF document and send. You automatically receive an email notification for any incoming faxes. Incoming faxes are delivered as a PDF document. You can then decide whether you want to archive it digitally or print it. Their virtual fax service is encrypted using SSL so all incoming/outgoing faxes are secure. This makes it a great option for the medical industry.

Toll Free inbound calling plans are available, with pricing packages based on included minutes. For example, the 1,000 minute plan costs $40 per month, which equates to 4 cents per minute. A 10,000 minute plan would cost $340 per month, equating to 3.4 cents per minute. They have packages up to 200,000 minutes per month, which equates to 2.2 cents per minute. Overage minutes are charged at 4.5 cents per minute.

Call recording is available for additional fees. There is a $9 base charge for this feature and then additional fees are based on the number of hours of recordings. For example, between 0 and 1,000 hours of stored recordings you will pay an additional $0.25 per hour of recordings. Pricing reduces through tiers of usage with 25,001+ hours being charged at $0.10 per hour of recordings. This pricing model is a little unusual but allows for scaling for businesses that record huge amounts of calls.

International calling is available but they do not currently have rates displayed on their website at the time of writing. If this is important to your business we recommend contacting them directly.

Telonium offer three (3) IP desk phone options on their website. These are their preferred phones. They include the Cisco SPA303 for $100, the Cisco SPA504G for $150, and the Cisco SPA525G2 for $250. They also offer a cordless phone solution, the Panasonic TGP600 for $160, with additional TPA60 handsets available for $90 each. Two conference phones are available, the Polycom IP5000 for $500 and the Polycom IP6000 for $600. The Counterpath Bria Softphone is also listed as a compatible option for desktops and laptops, which can be helpful for those working from home or on the go. The X-Lite is free to download and the full license version is $49.99. If you have existing IP phones you should contact them directly to see if they can support them.

As far as customer service and customer help there is really no support section available through their website. Some providers include how to guides on their website that is useful to those that like to get their hands dirty. They do have a local number and a toll free number on their website if you need to call them for support. Their office is open 9am to 6pm ET, Monday to Friday, and they have 24/7 emergency support. You can also access their web portal via their website or complete a form to contact them.

The Bad

Unlimited calling does not include calls to the states of Alaska and Hawaii so these calls can be subject to additional charges.

Other types of calls may incur additional charges, such as international calling, call forwarding from an auto attendant to outside numbers, calls to a queue, and each line on a conference bridge. Charges will be based on Telonium current rates.

A Regulatory Recovery Fee of $1.50 will be charged monthly, this is to cover costs incurred by Telonium to comply with regulatory obligations. The Regulatory Recovery Fee will apply to every phone number assigned, including toll free and virtual numbers.

Almost all providers include a Fair Use Policy (also called an Acceptable Use Policy) in their terms of service. Telonium state that "In any event, if the average voice usage exceeds 3,000 minutes per line within a single account in any thirty day period or you exceed the combined usage of 500 fax pages in any thirty day period (or the equivalent level of pro-rata usage over a shorter period), such use shall be deemed abusive".

There was no pricing detailed on the website for their Virtual Fax service and it was unclear if this feature is included in either of the available phone service plans. If you need fax service we recommend contacting them directly to find out if it is included free or requires additional charges.

Note that equipment may not be returned to Telonium for any reason, you must deal with the equipment manufacturer. All equipment sales are final.

There are links to a speed test on their website but when we tested it the link was broken. Performing a speed test on your business network is always recommended before switching to a VoIP phone service.

There is very little support information accessible on their website.

The Bottom Line

  • Virtual Extension plan for $15/user/mo. Includes unlimited incoming minutes.
  • Regular Extension plan for $25/user/mo. Includes unlimited calling in US48 and Canada.
  • Virtual Fax service available.
  • Additional services include toll free, call recording and international calling.
  • Three Cisco desk phones, a Panasonic cordless phone, and two Polycom conference phones available to buy direct from them.
  • 30+ features available, including a conference bridge.
  • Compatible with Counterpath Bria softphone for desktop/laptop use.

Overall Thoughts

Telonium provide two affordable plan options that covers most small business needs in the market today. As a small business or entreprenuer you can always start with the Virtual plan and move to the Regular plan as your business and needs grow.

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