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ComCanada Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

ComCanada was founded in 2007 and is a privately held company based in Vancouver in British Columbia. It provides Hosted PBX service to businesses throughout Canada and also offers wholesale voice traffic to ISPs and VoIP providers. For the purpose of this review our main focus will be ComCanada's Hosted PBX offering.

The Good

First of all let us focus on pricing, the cost for ComCanada's Hosted PBX service is very reasonably priced and there are tiers of service to cover all business sizes. For example, there is a Lite plan for small businesses that costs just $10 per month, though it does not include any minutes and is incoming only. The Unlimited plan (inbound and outbound) is priced at $28.95 per month per user (2 to 14 users), $25.95 (15 to 99 users) and $24.95 (100+ users). If you are willing to sign an annual contract you can reduce your monthly cost by $4 per month per user (for 15 to 99 users) and by $6 (for 100+ users). Additional Virtual numbers in Canada, the U.S or indeed any location where ComCanada has a partnership costs $10 per month and all features including Internet fax are available for these numbers.

Internet faxing is included with all unlimited plans and supports T.38 which is important for reliable faxing. No fax machine is needed, all inbound faxing is sent to your email address on file with an attached PDF or TIFF containing the contents of the received fax. To send a fax simply send one from your desktop PC and receive an email when it has been successfully sent. Note that all faxes must be sent from your computer, there is no option to connect an existing analog fax machine to ComCanada's Hosted PBX using Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs).

You can choose a phone number in Canada or port over any numbers you already own. You can also pick a number in the U.S or even Cities across the World that are partnered with ComCanada. We recommend contacting them if you have a specific City or country in mind.

ComCanada offers a full 30-day money back refund which is a good incentive for those needing to test the service first. Just keep in mind that there are some restrictions here, for example you must use less than 250 minutes in calls and all equipment must be returned in full working order and in original packaging.

ComCanada states that they support most third party soft phones which is nice for those that like to take their business service on the road, for example using a soft phone App on your cell phone. It would be nice if they referenced the soft phones they have run compliance tests on. Contact them to get your PBX service credentials if you are trying to configure a third party soft phone.

Wholesale service is an option for ISPs and VoIP providers or those with their own PBX who just need back-end wholesale minutes. ComCanada provides local DID and toll-free origination and termination throughout the U.S and Canada and also high quality, competitively priced Global A-to-Z termination.

The Bad

The Website looks very old and desperately needs a refresh, in fact the copyright is stated as 2007-2014 which says it all really.

For the Unlimited plan the pricing tiers start at a minimum of two users, implying that a single user business could not sign up for this plan.

The hardware options are very limited, with ComCanada's main focus being Aastra phones which we do not see too often these days as they are not very popular. Most providers these days sell Polycom, Cisco and Yealink IP phones. For those using ComCanada just for wholesale, they also sell Switchvox premise-based IP PBX switches if you are needing to run your own PBX in-house. A couple of Linksys ATAs are also offered for those with analog phones.

ComCanada's feature set seems to be quite minimal. It has the basic calling features such as E911, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding and Enhanced Voicemail (eg voicemail to email) and also mentions Ring Groups, Queues and Auto Attendants but that appears to be about it. No mention of time conditions, CRM integration, transcription, SMS/MMS or the likes.

The higher-end plans are a little confusing when it comes to unlimited! It states that you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the U.S and Canada and also unlimited in your local region but that there are competitive rates for long distance. Our assumption here is that they are referring either to International calls or to certain areas inside Canada and the U.S that may not be covered. Either way the terminology they are using is a little strange.

There is no support section on the ComCanada Website, other than a basic FAQ for Internet faxing. Most providers have articles, guides and troubleshooting tips along with a ticket system and/or phone number to use for support issues. It is a little surprising that ComCanada has no support section.

The Bottom Line

  • Lite Plan: $10 per month but incoming only and does not include any minutes.
  • Unlimited Plan: $28.95/user/month (2-14 users); $25.95/user/month (15-99 users) reduced by $4 if annual contract signed; $24.95/user/month (100+ users) reduced by $6 if annual contract signed
  • Virtual Numbers: $10 per DID

Overall Thoughts

ComCanada provides competitively priced Hosted PBX service to small, medium and large sized businesses throughout Canada. The PBX feature set is relatively basic compared to many other cloud based PBX providers but if you do not need features such as CRM integration, transcription and SMS messaging it may be a good low cost option to consider, especially if you are willing to sign an annual contract.

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