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NexVortex Review by WhichVoIP

NexVortex Inc. was established in 2002 as a privately held company and is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. Its core specialty is SIP trunking service, which was commercially launched in 2005, targeted at the small to medium business (SMB) market. From the beginning they have been focused on SIP technology with a vision to be a leader in IP based communications.

The Good

Over 10 years in the industry means they are well established and a leader in their core strength of SIP trunking services. Through innovative technologies they can monitor and analyze the IP network and then react to any problems as they occur, making adjustments to maintain a high quality service at all times.

A project coordinator is assigned to you during setup and activation. This includes helping you through any number porting, single or multi-site setups, E911, activation and training.

Their services include outbound calling (anywhere in the world), inbound calling (they 95% of the USA), toll free calling, emergency services dialing (911 and E911), accurate billing (real-time), an advanced user portal, and disaster recovery routing (with automatic detection) during any failures.

The user portal allows you to control your account settings as well as providing various reports from real-time billing to Call Detail Reports (CDRs) to ordering services. Disaster recovery routing can be set inside the portal, so you can set it to go to your cell phone, or an analog line you may still have if there is a PBX or Internet failure.

They have some standard service plans that include different amounts of outbound/inbound minutes and DIDs (numbers). Each plan also includes "burstable trunks", which adds additional trunks (up to double) to your service during busy calling times, and disaster recovery.

As a service provider they work closely with IP-based equipment manufacturers (IP-PBX, IP phones etc.) to ensure everything works seamlessly together. Leading manufacturer phone systems they claim interoperability with include 3CX, Asterisk, Epygi, NEC, Patton, Cisco, Microsoft Lync and more.

A solution to go from Legacy to SIP is provided with their EasyPath option. This solution uses a nexVortex Gateway that connects between your legacy PBX (via PRI cable) and the Internet (via Ethernet cable). This allows you to continue using your existing internal phone network and equipment while benefiting from the reduced phone service costs associated with SIP.

Other services include toll free calling and conferencing, plus number porting and E911.

Customer support is all USA based and available through a toll free number.

The Bad

Outbound calling minutes included in their standard plans only include the 48 continental states in the USA.

There does not appear to be any knowledgebase section available through their website (for example, troubleshooting guides, setup guides, phone configuration guides etc.). However, there is a customer login so potentially access to this type of material is available through the online portal.

A term of service document was not found on their website. This is good to look at up front for the "fine print" of the service. This can contain items such as early termination fees and any usage policies. We recommend asking for a copy before signing up for service.

The Bottom Line

All plans include unlimited call paths (bursting), E911, disaster recovery and outbound calling to the continental USA 48 states and Canada.

  • nV100: This featured plan is offered at $100 per month and includes 5,000 inbound/outbound minutes, and 5 DIDs (numbers). This plan would suit a small business requiring up to 5 numbers (or 5 employees requiring a number each).
  • nV250: This plan is $269 per month, includes 15,000 inbound/outbound minutes, 25 DIDs, a toll free number with 500 minutes included, and 250 minutes of conferencing.
  • nV1000: For the larger business, this plan is $999 per month and includes 60,000 minutes inbound and outbound. You also get 100 DIDs, 2 toll free numbers with 500 minutes includes, plus 500 minutes of conferencing.
  • EasyPath Plan: Pricing starts at $319 per month with 15,000 in/out calling minutes, with 23 or 46 call paths.
  • Additional Service Fees: You can add more DIDs at a price dependant on the amount you need (tiered pricing between $0.85/DID to $5/DID). Toll free numbers can be added, starting at $10 per number. Number porting has a onetime fee of $20 per number. Additional E911 locations can be registered for a monthly cost of $2.50 per location. Caller ID Name can be added, Outbound has a onetime $15 fee and Inbound has a monthly fee of $3 per registered DID. Toll free bundles and Conferencing bundles can be added to any service plan. For example, a 10,000 minute bundle has a monthly cost of $200, with an overage charge of 2c/minute. Other options include a 25k, 100k and 250k bundle package. Taxes and regulatory fees will be applied as required. Any overage minutes are charged per minute depending on plan.

Overall Thoughts

NexVortex appear to be a great option if you are considering SIP trunking service for your business, with competitive rates and a focus on helping the customer from sign up through implementation. Their EasyPath plan can ease the transition from legacy phone systems to using IP based communication, with low capital costs.

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