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Voko Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Voko was founded in 2010 in Plano, Texas and provides business, residential and conferencing phone service to thousands of customers all across the U.S and Canada.

The Good

All of the PBX equipment that is used to route your phone calls reside in the cloud across multiple data centers that guarantee 99.999% uptime through Service Level Agreements (SLA). All data centers are HIPAA and PCI compliant.

Business phone service to small and medium sized businesses and hotels appear to be the main focus. Business phone service starts at $34.99 per month per user, for 1 to 3 users, and reduces to $19.99 per month per user for 100+ users. This includes unlimited minutes inside the U.S/Canada but also includes China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. This may be very cost effective for businesses that need to call these countries on a regular basis. The standard feature set includes 30+ features and comes with a 30-day free trial.

For those that already have their own PBX equipment, you can pay for SIP trunks from Voko for $19.99 per month per line (for 1 to 5 lines). This reduces to $17.99 per month per line for 10+ lines. It also offers specialized SIP trunk deals for hotels, which cost $89.99 per month for 4 lines and includes long distance calls.

Self served hosted conference service cost $19.99 per month per line (up to 5 lines) and reduces to $14.99 per month for 10+ lines. No setup or hardware is required for the hosted conference service.

Faxing is also available to customers through Internet faxing service. This costs an additional $9.99 per month and you do not even need a fax machine to send and receive faxes. Note there is the option to use an existing analog fax machine if you prefer, the support section of the Website provides recommended settings for this.

A call tracking analytics package is available to customers. This is likely aimed at specific vertical markets such as hotels and call centers and may be useful for tracking call activities and for easy access to call recordings. Monthly reports are free to all users but for real-time analytics the cost is $24.99 per month (5+ lines).

Residential phone service is also offered although it is quite expensive compared to the residential providers you see on our Website but it may be a good option for those with specific calling needs. For example the International unlimited plan costs $24.99/month but includes unlimited calling to China and 30 other countries. An economy plan costs $9.99 per month but limits you to 150 minutes per month. Other residential services include calling cards and virtual International DIDs (i.e. phone numbers) at just $2.99 per month per number.

Voko prides itself on the support it provides to customers. You can reach the support team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and a dedicated phone number is provided for support related queries. The support section on its website provides a number of quick help guides to get customers up and running in an expedient manner. There is also a live chat option for those that prefer to communicate this way.

The Bad

The terms and conditions link appears to be broken on the Voko Website so we would recommend asking them about this before signing up. In particular ask if there is a reasonable use policy on the unlimited calls inside the U.S, Canada and Internationally. There likely is so do your own due diligence here if you have large calling volumes.

The IP phone hardware is reasonably priced but limited mainly to Grandstream phones. They do have options for the entry, mid and enterprise level from Grandstream and a few Polycom options for conferencing. This may be a problem for those that have existing phones from other manufacturers.

The support section states it is open 24/7 but when we tried to reach the live chat helper it was off-line. Good support is of paramount importance when you trust a company to handle all of your communications so keep this in mind.

The Bottom Line

  • Business phone service starting at $34.99/month per user (1 to 3 users). $29.99/month (4 to 10 users). $24.99/month (11 to 19 users). $21.99/month (20 to 99 users). $19.99/month (100+ users).
  • SIP Trunks $19.99/month per line (1 to 5 lines). $18.99/month (5 to 10 lines). $17.99/month (10+ lines).
  • Hotel SIP Trunks $89.99/month (4 lines).
  • Hosted conference calling $19.99/month per line (1 to 5 lines). $18.99/month (5 to 10 lines). $17.99/month (10+ lines).
  • eFax $9.99/month.
  • Call tracking analytics $24.99/month (5+ lines).
  • Residential unlimited global $24.99/month unlimited calling U.S/Canada plus 30 countries. Economy plan costs $9.99/month for 150 minutes (global). Virtual International numbers $2.99/month.

Overall Thoughts

Voku offers an extensive range of plans for residential and business customers alike. Pricing is fairly standard on the business side but expensive on the residential side, though it does include International calling to over 30 countries.

It has a fairly extensive set of features and the call analytic packages may be useful for those businesses that need the capability to analyze phone calls and easily access call recordings. Its service is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant which will be of interest to those in the medical space.

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