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VoIPstudio Review by WhichVoIP.com

Based out of the United Kingdom (UK), Level 7 Systems is the parent company to several Internet telephony brands such as VoIPstudio. This service focuses on providing businesses with a full featured, hosted PBX system as well as value added services.

The Good

With voice being the preferred contact method for most business communications, reliable service paired with competitive pricing has an edge in the market. VoIPstudio essentially offers a full PBX worth of calling features at a per user license fee.

The pricing tiers offered by the company include all the calling features you would expect from a good PBX system. No contract is required for the various services provided by the company. All levels of service include the ability to utilize IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus, call forwarding, voicemail and many other features, all configurable by a web management console.

The capability to integrate additional services like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and phone management systems is included with the service. For example, powerful platforms like the Avaya One X can be integrated into the system to open up unified communications capabilities. Systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics interface with the service providing the capability to access pertinent contact information and other data directly from the phone system.

Services start as low as $4.99 per month per user for a basic service option. Upgrading to the $19.99 a month option unlocks geographic specific inbound numbers (in addition to iNum support offered with the basic service plan) and free outbound calls to one selected country, though limitations do apply. At $39.99 per month per user, all features of the lowest tiers are included, plus unlimited international calling to fixed lines in selected countries, as well as mobile lines in a handful of countries.

Data center locations around the world help to reinforce the service by providing reliable routing stations. The design is such that it provides failover to maximize uptime as well as furnish high definition connection between two or more parties.

The Bad

The Unlimited Domestic plan includes calling in only one country. This is a minor point in that some other providers offer plans with unlimited calling in both the USA and Canada.

Unless other software or SaaS solutions are employed by a business (i.e. Salesforce, Sage ACT!, etc.) the full capacity of this solution might eclipse the cost. The offers from VoIPstudio best couple with popular CRM solutions. For additional unified communications capabilities, Avaya One X or Cisco 7900 series devices are required.

The Bottom Line

  • Pay-as-you-go plan - $4.99/month in the USA, £3.99/month in the UK, €3.99/month in the Euro zone.
  • Unlimited Domestic plan - $19.99/month in the USA, £9.99/month in the UK, €14.99/month in the Euro zone.
  • Unlimited International plan - $39.99/month in the USA, £19.99/month in the UK, €29.99/month in the Euro zone.
  • 24/7 Technical support.
  • No contract and scalable design allows companies to add or remove user licenses with ease.
  • Complete, hosted PBX solution provides all the capabilities of most other well-rounded voice communication systems.
  • All core voice features are included at every tier of service.
  • Purely voice service offerings unless integrated with software from Cisco or Avaya.
  • Compatibility with iNum helps lower costs for international calls not included in the free service regions.
  • Capability to merge information from select CRM systems.

Overall Thoughts

The "per user" pricing does not serve every business model but in the case of VoIPstudio, very valuable features are packaged with the system making it worth consideration. The combination of a full-fledged, hosted PBX system with the capability to further integrate 3rd party UC software and complete International calls makes service packages quite remarkable without over inflated, gimmicky bonuses.

A fledgling company or business that regularly makes high volume calls outside the country can benefit from the low user cost. The features from VoIPstudio may seem slightly limited compared to packages offered by some companies or against select, certain internal systems. Those seeking a quick, inexpensive calling solution should consider obtaining a quote to discover if this calling system can provide the level of service needed for their business.

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