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SpectrumVoIP Review by WhichVoIP

In many cases, VoIP companies simply appear from the mist. Sometimes this conveys a lack of foundation adversely affecting the trust of potential consumers yet, this is not always the case. SpectrumVoIP may not appear to be a mainstream service but the company is a solid contender in this market.

The Good

SpectrumVoIP falls in the market niche of a strictly hosted service provider, meaning everything is cloud based. This company does not use convoluted language to muddle the nature of the service, the system does exactly what it states in the literature. Further, the company has decent reviews from past and present customers, though the sample size is a little small.

Services are sold at two different levels where the purchaser can select from either month-to-month or term contracts. The less expensive of the two price plans runs at $34.95 per month while the other costs $37.95 per month, per user. Both options comes with unlimited call paths, virtually every modern voice system feature and technical support. Large orders or extended contracts usually include a discount, depending on exact terms of the agreement.

One of the most notable incentives from the company is the inclusion of phones when on a term contract. The Basic (i.e. lower priced) plan comes with a Yealink T41P while the higher priced Executive plan includes the colorful, feature-rich Yealink T46G. Note that selecting the month-to-month option requires furnishing your own compliant equipment or purchasing the phones outright from SpectrumVoIP.

Phones can be located anywhere your company has an office site, including home locations or mobile devices, making it a very adaptable provider. Calls can be forwarded to other extensions or different phone lines, recorded at will or pulled into a conference session with no (or little) extra expenditure.

We like their approach to customer service. All customer service resides in the U.S (Texas) and you can contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. There are also numerous video tutorials available should you prefer to learn as you go.

The Bad

Perhaps one of the biggest flaws is the location of certain information pertaining to the service as it is a little difficult to unearth. Some of the finer points of service pertaining to operation and cost are only found in the support section. With that said, the overall language is very friendly for those both familiar or new to VoIP.

It is not blatantly stated but calling to the US and Canada is free, which is a good thing albeit confusing. Like every hosted provider that does not offer a specific international calling plan, such calls bill per minute, based on the location called.

Pricing seems a little high but not exorbitant. Unless your company already owns compatible hardware, the best option is to choose a term contract. Unfortunately, contract lengths are not stated outright so it is likely 2 years for the full realm of benefits. Sure, no one really likes being stuck in a contract but the phones included with either plan are decent quality.

The company acknowledges that the core technology for faxing over Internet (T.38) is somewhat error prone. It states that customers who rely on high volume fax service should maintain a landline or utilize MyFax, which is a low cost, bi-directional fax service that starts around $10 per month. Although this will be perceived as a negative factor, we like their honesty here, as Fax over VoIP can be problematic. It does offer an Internet Fax service (also known as eFax) which relies on email and a scanner.

The Bottom Line

  • Two service plans provide the full VoIP experience. The Basic plan costs $34.95 while the Executive runs at $37.95, both per month and per user.
  • Plans may be purchased in a term contract where phones are included or one may opt to go month-to-month though hardware is not included.
  • One exception to the all-inclusive feature set pertains to conferencing. This is limited to the number of total users under an account, though extra participants may be added for $5 per month.
  • Setup is handled by the company meaning no lengthy configuration process is necessary.
  • Faxing, like most VoIP services providers, is not ideal for high volumes. SpectrumVoIP suggests maintaining a landline or using the service from MyFax, which starts at $10 per month.

Overall Thoughts

Many times in the communication industry, the per extension models end up being quite pricey. Though pricing seems a little high, SpectrumVoIP offers a full set of common VoIP features and it is available for all users, plus unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

With a term contract, high end Yealink phones come at no additional cost. Businesses also have the ability to use compatible equipment or purchase different hardware directly from SpectrumVoIP.

Companies seeking a straightforward calling solution at a reasonable price may be interested in SpectrumVoIP.

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