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Insider Telecom Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Insider Telecom, founded in 2012, is based in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan. They provide VoIP phone services to small businesses in the Michigan and Northern Ohio areas. They consider their two main components as technology and customer service. Their service is based on the 3CX hosted VoIP platform.

The Good

Insider Telecom provide four different plans, which they refer to as platforms as each plan has a certain phone model included in the pricing, as well as certain PBX features. So each plan, or platform, is targeted at a certain type of area of usage or type of user.

Platform number 1 is referred to as "The Boss" and is $27.95 per user per month. This plan includes the Grandstream GXP2170 phone which can also utilize a sidecar. It can provide up to 48 busy/quick dial programmable buttons, making it a great option for an operator desk phone for companies with up to 40+ phones. The phone has a color display and also bluetooth headset compatible.

The features included in Platform 1 are ring groups, caller ID display, call forwarding, call queuing, call park, voicemail, voicemail to email, conference calling, direct paging, intercom, and auto attendant.

Platform number 2 is referred to as "The Insider" and is $24.95 per user per month. This plan includes the Grandstream GXP2135 phone model. This phone also has a color display, programmable keys and bluetooth headset compatible. This plan includes features such as ring groups, caller ID display, call forwarding, call queuing, call park, voicemail and voicemail to email, and conference calling.

Platform number 3 is referred to as "In The Know" and is described as a good option for waiting room or conference room service. This plan includes the Grandstream GXP1625 phone and is $17.95 per user per month. As mentioned this plan is for basic low usage areas as the phone is very basic and the features include just a few like ring groups, caller ID display and call forwarding.

Platform number 4 is $21.95 per user per month and is referred to as "The Traveler". This plan includes the Grandstream GXP1760 feature rich phone which has WiFi connectivity. This is a modern looking phone and has 24 quick/busy programmable buttons and has wired headset integration. Features included with this plan are ring groups, caller ID display, call forwarding, call queuing, call park, voicemail and voicemail to email, and conference calling. This plan is for those areas where there is no wired Ethernet connectivity.

Insider Telecom offer a full white glove service where they do everything for you (setting up your features etc.) and they also offer you access to a few features that you may need on a day to day basis.

They do make a reference to Grandstream desktop and cordless phones on the website so they may well offer other phone model options than the ones defined in their Platform plans. Also, as the phones are included in the plans you can simply send the phone back if there are issues or if you want to change to a different phone.

They also refer to the 3CX Softphone, which is an App that installs on your iOS or Android Smartphone and provides an extension to your business phone system while on the go. This is a great option for receiving and making calls on your business number while on the go.

Online Fax service is mentioned but there is very little information on the website regarding this service. There is also mention of a Cisco/Linksys Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) for faxing so they may support hardware fax machines also.

The Bad

There is not a lot of information on their website so we suggest giving them a call if you have any questions. Some of the links on the site are broken also.

There are no terms and conditions linked on the website so it is unclear if they have a fair usage policy. In fact none of the plans mention anything about unlimited minutes or minutes included in each plan. We recommend checking this if you decide to talk directly with them.

There is no support section on the website. This is not necessarily a bad thing but noting here for completeness. As they do all the feature setup you may not need any reference materials.

There is no information on pricing for add-ons like Internet fax, or additional numbers etc. so we recommend getting a quote from them for your exact needs if you decide to follow up with this provider.

The Bottom Line

  • Four plans (called Platforms) and each one includes a specific Grandstream IP desk phone and set of features.
  • Platform 1 is $27.95 per month and includes the GXP2170.
  • Platform 2 is $24.95 per month and includes the GXP2135.
  • Platform 3 is $17.95 per month and includes the GXP1625.
  • Platform 4 is $21.95 per month and includes the GXP1760 (WiFi capability).

Overall Thoughts

Insider Telecom utilize the 3CX hosted VoIP platform and mainly focus on the Michigan and Ohio region as a local provider. The four Platform options include a phone per user making it an easy switch. The higher end Platforms have slightly more features, both with the phone and the service.

Overall we would say Insider Telecom are worth investigating further if you are in the Michigan region. If you have used their service please add your review for others to read.

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