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Net2Phone was established in 1995 to serve the PC to phone market. It is owned by IDT, a publicly traded company on the NYSE with revenues in excess of $1.6 billion and over 1400 employees across the world. Today, Net2Phone's primary service is hosted PBX phone service that is adaptable to serve business of any size in the US and Canada. Net2Phone currently routes over 93 million minutes each day.

The Good

All standard PBX features are included at base pricing for the Net2Phone Office service, with additional options available for a la carte purchase.

The service itself is very up front - this is great for the consumer as it makes learning about the service and setting up an account very straightforward. Essentially, one plan exists that encompasses most features you would expect to find with a cloud-based PBX. For $19.99 per month, one user can make unlimited calls to the US and Canada. Several common PBX features are included such as a virtual receptionist, voicemail, find me/follow me along with many others.

Certain extras are available that extend the capabilities of the system. Additional phone numbers including toll free numbers can be added to your calling solution for a setup cost of $5 each. To enable conference bridging between lines, call recording or to add additional queues, these features will all run an additional $5 per month.

During sign up, it is possible to transfer an existing number. Normally, this fee runs at $15 but currently it will be waived during sign up as long as the number is eligible for transfer.

Net2Phone currently partners with Polycom, acting as a reseller of their IP phones. They sell these phones at a fair price (considering average rates on the market). I contacted the support team via the built in web chat application to speak with customer service about compatibility issues and learned the company supports most devices as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option. It also works with softphones, such as the popular Bria software which works on a PC and smartphones.

The company offers many promotions through the year and does not require a contract commitment.

If you already own an on-premise PBX, you may be interested to know that Net2Phone Office also offers SIP trunking service.

The Bad

The Net2Phone Office service appears to be decent but the website could be more helpful and offers little in terms of support. The resources section appears to be more sales related than customer support.

There are no terms of service displayed on the website. This is very surprising and one of the few providers we have come across that do not publicly display their terms for all to see.

The Bottom Line

  • Candid pricing model - $19.99 per month.
  • Unlimited calling to US and Canadian numbers.
  • A little unclear on information about how pricing for additional features are billed.
  • Customer service is accessible, helpful and friendly.
  • BYOD allows the use of your own IP devices as well as softphones for mobile devices and computers.

Overall Thoughts

Though the website lacks some information, it is easy enough to contact a representative to clarify questions. In most cases, it is usually best to speak with someone before signing up for service, especially when the solution will require many users (i.e. extensions).

At around $20 per user for unlimited long distance and local calling, a company that needs a high volume calling solution for connections in the US and Canada could greatly benefit. At this price many other providers only offer a small number of minutes, such as 500. A trial period is included so take comfort in knowing that the first month is free.

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#1 : : DEC 3rd, 2014

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Good service, low price, decent audio quality and dependable. Has never failed me or dropped a call.

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