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Skyetel Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Skyetel is privately owned and has its headquarters based in Vancouver, Washington and provides SIP Trunks to customers in all 50 U.S states and all 10 Canadian provinces.

It is highly commendable that it has such a focus on environmental initiatives inside the Company. Skyetel is powered entirely by renewable energy (verified by third parties) and also purchases enough carbon offsets to exceed its carbon emission footprint for its business and all of its employees. Skyetel is also partnered with various organizations to plant thousands of trees in the Northwest.

The Good

One of the main items that all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and resellers care about is high availability. Skyetel has had 100% uptime since 2004, thanks to its built-in geographically dispersed and balanced redundancy architecture. In fact, there is never more than 15% capacity on any of its servers.

Competitive pricing for everyone that signs up with Skyetel and additional volume discounts for resellers, wholesale and MSPs. Basic pricing starts at 1c/min for inbound local calls, 1.75c/min for toll free and 1.2c/min for outbound calls inside the US and Canada. You can also send and receive SMS/MMS messages from 0.5c/message. Local DIDs cost just $1/month and International rates are also very competitive priced and detailed on its Website.

You will find a very modern and polished mobile friendly User Interface (UI) to easily configure every feature available on the Skyetel network. It provides a true multi-tenant system so you can accurately map costs to each of your customers on a tenant by tenant basis.

Full SMS and MMS (i.e. media) support. Use the Skyetel Application Programming Interface (API) to send and receive messages from your PBX or setup phone numbers to forward messages to or even send them via email. An SMS/MMS App called Postcards has also been developed by Skyetel for you to install on your servers so you can provide a UI for text messaging to your customers. Skyetel has also partnered with Textable which offers Apps for desktops and also for cell phones in the Apple and Google store. This is a great option for those that need the ability to text to and from a business phone number using an App on their cell phone or tablet.

Its network supports the full G.722 Codec suite as well as G.711 and since the audio path does not get passed through its network the latency for calls is extremely low.

Record your phone calls and have them transcribed all from the click of a button and for only 5c/minute. Transcription can also be enabled for your PBX voicemails.

Skyetel has partnered with Documo to offer full T.38 fax service. You can have your inbound faxes sent directly to your email address (once you have entered your SMTP settings for your email server) or simply view them in your secure portal.

For resellers, Skyetel's free end user billing system can be used to send invoices, charge credit cards and even handle taxation. The tax tool from Skyetel ensures full tax compliance regardless of your location inside the U.S.

Built-in Spam and fraud prevention. Its Spam filter runs in real time and can be used to prevent these calls from reaching your phone system. The Skyetel International fraud engine prevents 100% of all fraud attempts to International destinations.

Full E.911 support and also emergency testing support. Simply call 933 to verify that your emergency contact details have been configured correctly for your phone number.

Number Porting is seamless with Skyetel. We have tested the porting process during some of our PBX setup guides and it works great. Providing you have given accurate information regarding the number and owner, Skyetel works tirelessly on your behalf to ensure a successful port.

Monitoring tools and alerts for your Private Branch eXchange (PBX) end point health and also fraud alerts. Receive emails and/or SMS messages whenever Skyetel detects a problem with your PBX. QoS can also be enabled, which pings your PBX servers so you can see real-time metrics for latency, packet loss and jitter detected by each regional Skyetel server. You can even use SNMP on your servers to report CPU, memory and disk usage to Skyetel for each of your end-points.

There is an extensive support section to make it easy to configure your PBX, setup features and also guides on how to use the Skyetel API. Top class US based customer support is provided with average response times of just 13 minutes and resolution times of 1 hour 47 mins. You can call, email or use live chat as ways to communicate with the Skyetel support team.

The Bad

No support yet for sending faxes, only receiving. By all accounts this is being worked on currently. Also faxes are only stored for 30 days on the Skyetel servers.

For MMS, images are restricted to less than 1.5 MBytes. Also all Skyetel numbers are limited to 1 outbound SMS/MMS message per second. For outbound SMS messaging there is no Email to SMS feature unfortunately. Only inbound messages can be sent to your email.

The Bottom Line

  • Competitive pricing with volume discounts available. Basic pricing for everyone starts at 1c/min for calls and 0.5c/message. Contact Skyetel for full pricing based on your volumes.
  • Feature rich SIP trunks: G.722/G.711 Codec support, SMS/MMS, APIs, Fax, Record calls, Transcription, Spam and Fraud prevention, E.911, PBX Monitoring, Porting and more.
  • 100% Uptime, built-in redundancy for high availability.
  • Excellent support, average response time of 13 minutes.

Overall Thoughts

Skyetel is a great option for those needing competitively priced SIP trunks with high call quality and availability. It offers an impressive feature set and excellent monitoring tools so you can easily see the Skyetel network status and also your own end-points, such as PBXs.

Skyetel offers first class support to all of its customers and we believe they are worth checking out if you are in the market for SIP trunks or wholesale minutes.

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