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Monster VoIP Review by WhichVoIP

The Company

Trademarked as "the happy phone company", Monster VoIP was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in California. They promote that they have over 6,000 customers which is an impressive growth since their inception. Monster VoIP was started by their parent company Monster Technology, an office solutions provider that serves over 5,000 customers.

Monster VoIP provide Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. What this means is that they provide multiple communication solutions all in one platform. Currently this includes voice, SMS, video conferencing, Internet fax and messaging. The advantage of this is that you only have to use one system for all these services (meaning one solution to learn) and that you get one bill to cover all these services (consolidation). A disadvantage may be that you only need voice services and not all the added communication services.

The Good

Monster VoIP provides a UCaaS solution for small business to enterprise, enabling users to work seamlessly from anywhere at anytime. There solution works on any smart devices, such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, as well as IP desk phones. Under the hood it looks like they use Netsapiens, which is an established and highly regarded UCaaS system that over 160 VoIP service providers utilize for their solutions.

Two plans are available, the Standard plan and the Professional plan. The below table provides a summary of pricing based on number of users and the plan you choose. One inportant note is that pricing includes taxes and fees. This is less common in the VoIP industry but there are a few providers starting to offer this type of pricing, making it easier to compare provider pricing.

Number of Users Standard Professional
1 to 10 $22.99/user/mo $28.99/user/mo
11 to 50 $21.99/user/mo $27.99/user/mo
51 to 99 $20.99/user/mo $26.99/user/mo
100+ $18.99/user/mo $25.99/user/mo

The Standard plan is mainly targeted at users who want to just use their Smartphones. The Standard plan is all inclusive of taxes and fees, month to month service, includes a local number, unlimited calls to USA/CAN, SMS, 24/7 support, 80+ features, unlimited call queues and auto-attendants, call reporting, music on hold, voicemail to email, Mobile App, web phone, and phone button builder. The Professional plan adds desktop Apps for Windows and Mac, call recording, CRM integration, click to call, voicemail transcription, and instant messaging and presence.

Add-ons are available including local numbers for $3.99/number/month, unlimited toll free numbers for $19.99/month, voicemail transcription for $3.99/month, Internet fax portal for $8.99/month and call center supervisor for $99/month.

There is a good selection of third party integrations available, including QuickBase, Redtail, Salesforce, Drift, Leadmaster, Freshdesk, Google, Google Contacts, Infusionsoft, Monkeymedia, Vtiger, Eleadone, DealerSocket, VinSolutions, eAgent, Zoho, Netsuite, Liondesk, SugarCRM, Copper, Trello, Kayako, Pestpac, Stripe, AgencyMatrix, Propertyware, and MarketSharp.

Their website has a dedicated phones page that lists a lot of different Yealink IP phones, including T2, T4, and T5 series options, their DECT solution, and the Yealink CP960 conference phone. They also offer a lot of different headset styles, including wired, wireless, two ear and one ear style, and from manufacturers including Plantronics, Jabra, and Yealink. There is no pricing available on their website so you will need to contact them directly.

A well organized support section is also available on their website. There is a search available and information is categorized under "how to guides", "PBX portal", "Setup Tips", "VoIP phones", "mobile/deaktop Apps", and "Fax" sections. When you click on a section you get a list of help documents available. One cool feature is that they have a SIP ALG Tester tool. SIP ALG is software that is built into many routers and can often cause issues with VoIP phone services so this is a great troubleshooting tool. They do not display other means to contact them for support on the support pages but they do note a toll free number and email address on the main website pages. They also note 24/7 tech support on the website but it is not obvious.

Monster VoIP also offer a few other services including SIP Trunks, call center solutions and residential VoIP phone services.

The Bad

They note 80+ features which is very impressive but there is no full list available on the website as to what they are. If you have specific requirements you may have to contact them to confirm they have the features you need.

Note that unlimited minute extensions are subject to fair use restrictions. They do not specify any fixed number of minutes like some providers do but mention that unlimited plans can only be used for normal business purposes, not including call centers or other type of "call blasts" or marketing campaigns unless expressly authorized by them in writing.

Their terms of service also note that unlimited minute plans are provided only for dialog between two individuals at any given time, per extension. Also note that Unlimited minutes are issued on a "single-concurrent-call basis", meaning that in case of concurrent (simultaneous) calls, only the first call will be unlimited and other concurrent calls will be assessed minutes. This could very well mean additional costs to you so we recommend checking this with them directly.

Using a third party PBX system under the hood may limit how much flexibility they have with adding new features requested by customers.

The Bottom Line

  • Two main plans available, the Standard plan and the Professional Plan
  • Standard plan ranges from $22.99 to $18.99 per user per month, depending on number of users. Mainly targeted at smartphone only users.
  • Professional plan ranges from $28.99 to $25.99 per user per month, depending on number of users. Includes desktop App for Windows and Mac.
  • All pricing is inclusive of taxes and fees.
  • Add-ons include local numbers at $3.50, unlimited toll free numbers for $19.99 and voicemail transcription for $3.99
  • Over 80+ features including various CRM integrations.
  • Yealink IP phones, and Plantronics and Jabra headsets available through them.
  • 24/7 technical support and a reasonable support section on their website.

Overall Thoughts

Monster VoIP is another UCaaS solution helping small business to enterprise level companies arm their employees with a suite of communication tools that can be used anytime and anywhere. The system uses Netsapiens under the hood which is a well establised PBX platform used by over 160 VoIP providers worldwide. They have two main plans, with the Standard plan focused on smartphone users and their Professional plan for those that want full coverage across all devices, desktop and mobile.

Pricing is all inclusive of taxes and fees so you know what you will be paying every month, as well as making it easier to compare with other quotes you may get. Pricing is competitive and they offer third party integrations to many of the commonly used CRM systems on the market today.

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