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The WhichVoIP articles index is split into multiple sections. This section is focused on articles for the residential (home) user, including explanations on how VoIP works, the benefits it provides to a residential user (including savings, features, and more) and some of the underlying technologies that make Voice over IP the communication medium of the future.

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Residential Articles (Newest first)

Skype vs Facetime vs Google Hangouts Comparison
Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts are three of the most popular messaging applications for voice, video and even texting in certain cases. There are pro's and con's to each solution so it is time well spent to perform a comparison prior to utilizing any of these products, especially if you are going to transfer your home phone number to one of them.
No Dial Tone Troubleshooting
If you have ever picked up your phone handset only to find there is no dial tone, you know how frustrating it is. Learn about some troubleshooting tips to fix no dial tone problems for landline and VoIP service.
Ghost Call Prevention
Have you ever had a ghost call on your phone at home or business? Your phone rings in the early hours, you jump out of bed to answer and nothing but silence on the other end. It's so annoying. Well there are a few reasons why this occurs and only a few ways to stop them. Learn more in our guide to preventing ghost calls.
Top 10 Landline Replacement Options
It's time to join the masses and cut your landline phone service. You will save a small fortune and love the new features that come your way. In this guide we focus on the top 10 landline replacement options for home and business users.
How to Block Phone Numbers and Stop Unwanted Calls
Learn how to block phone numbers and stop annoying callers from every reaching you in the first place. This in depth guide looks at the various ways you can stop unwanted calls on different devices and services.
Seattle VoIP Phone Companies
WhichVoIP is based in Seattle so we created a page for local visitors to our site so they could find a list of phone companies that base themselves in the greater Seattle area. You will find providers for both home and business service.
Top 10 Messaging Apps for 2017
Messenger apps on mobile devices are extremely popular around the globe and are starting to really take off in the US. This article investigates the world's top 10 messaging apps for 2016 and their reach among mobile users in the US.
10 Tips on Caller ID Spoofing that help you Fight Back
Scammers are on the increase and they are using caller ID spoofing to trick you into answering the phone. They will then attempt to fool you into parting with some sensitive information that they can use for fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, in many cases they succeed and can leave the unsuspecting person with some major headaches. Find out how you can protect yourself from these scammers.
Ooma vs Vonage
Ooma and Vonage are two popular options for home phone service. There are also many other services to choose from which makes finding the best provider a somewhat challenging and often frustrating task. This article takes an in depth look at these two services and provides recommendations on which to choose depending on your specific requirements.
Top 5 Phone Power Complaints and How to Solve Them
Phone Power is a popular residential VoIP phone service provider. But, like many things in life, not everything is perfect. In this article we take a look at the top 5 complaints from Phone Power users and ways to fix them.
Is It Time To Park or Forward Your Phone Number?
Are you thinking of getting rid of your land-line but don't want to lose the phone number you have had for years? If so, then phone number parking or forwarding services could be the right solution to meet your needs. These services are not only helpful to consumers but also for any business that changes location and wants to use a different phone number, while ensuring they can still be reached on the old number.
What is WiFi Calling and How to do it for Free
A good example of WiFi calling is using a Skype app on your Smartphone to make calls while connected to a wireless network. Cell phone carriers have recently been enabling this functionality on certain devices such that an app is no longer required. VoIP providers are also pushing this technology as a value add for their regular hosted services. This article discusses what WiFi calling is, why it is becoming more popular, and how it is being packaged by different service providers.
netTALK vs magicJack
The netTALK DUO (II and WiFi) and magicJack Plus products are popular with consumers as they offer the promise of home phone service at a comparatively low cost. While these products can potentially work great for some, they can be a complete nightmare for others. Read this in depth comparison to decide if either service is right for you, or avoid them altogether.
Top 3 Google Voice Competitors in 2017
Google Voice provides an interesting option for phone service. Before you decide to go down that path though you should consider other unlimited calling phone service options. This article introduces 3 top competitors and provides a comparison of all 4 solutions.
Cheap International Calling Options for 2017
You no longer have to spend a fortune to make phone calls to friends and family in other countries. There are now multiple ways that you can easily make free or cheap international calls, send text messages or even have a video call between two different countries. If you make an international call more than once a month, check your bill and see how much it costing you, then compare some of the options in this comprehensive article.
Obihai and Google Voice for Free Calls
Obihai makes Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) that transform your regular home phone into a VoIP capable telephone. The true power is when you add Google Voice to the mix. You can then make and receive calls anywhere in the US and Canada, completely free of any charge. Learn how to do this with our WhichVoIP guide.
A Personal Journey to VoIP
I first started with telephones in the 1950s. There were no numbers or rotary dials back then, in fact you had to rely on the switch operator to connect the call. My how things have changed. This article details my own personal journey from analog phones to VoIP.
Star Wars Hologram Phones to Reshape Communications
As fans of both science fiction and Internet based communication, we at WhichVoIP decided to explore this intersection of fantasy and reality a bit more in depth. We've profiled some of the most exciting hologram devices under development and created an infographic to show how communication could change in the future.
WebRTC - VoIP using a Web Browser
WebRTC is an addition to Web browsers that gives developers the ability to implement real time communication systems directly into a web page. Thanks in large part to HTML5, this technology will change how most of us utilize the web. In this guide you will learn about WebRTC and how to kick the tires.
Local Number Portability
Local number portability is a very important topic for consumers and businesses. After all, you may have had your home or business phone number for several years and given it out to friends, family and customers. You certainly don't want to give it up when moving to a new phone provider! Learn about number portability and important steps to be aware of when transferring your number.
How to Digitize Voice for VoIP Calls
This article explores the various components and engineering principles used when digitizing speech to be transported over the internet. It is aimed at bringing together the various technologies, why they are used and examine how each stage in the process affects the next stage in the process. A reasonably deep understanding of engineering principles, particular sampling theory is required to understand this article.
How to Setup VoIP with AT&T U-verse Internet Service and Reap the Rewards
An AT&T U-verse triple play bundle of TV, Internet and Voice service can be a tempting purchase to make when all the sign-up promotions and incentives are available. Despite these potential discounts, bundling your phone service with U-verse will still cost you a lot more than a 3rd party VoIP service. Continue reading for information on how to get this setup in your home.
Options for Home and Cell Phone Services on a Budget
If you ever sit down and examine your phone bills each month it is frightening. Add up your home phone bill and your cell phone bill and you are likely to be at least $75 per month. What if we said we could get that down to under $20 per month total, sound interesting? Learn about your options.
Triple Play - TV, Internet and Phone Bundles - A Good Deal or Not?
Did you know that if you have a triple play package from a cable or telecom company, you are already using VoIP for your phone service? Have you ever checked how much the actual phone service is costing you as part of the triple play bundle? Read our comprehensive research and analysis and decide if triple play is the best choice for your home.
VoIP over Satellite - Does it Work?
There are many remote areas in North America that rely on satellite service for their Internet. The question we get asked is whether VoIP can be used reliably over satellite Internet. There is no simple answer to this but in this article we delve into the problems and offer some solutions.
E911 and VoIP - What You Need To Know
Having the ability to dial 911 from your phone service is an important feature. Read this article to find out what you need to know about VoIP and 911 services.
Home Security Systems and VoIP
Discusses the potential challenges and pro's and con's of having both a home security system and VoIP phone service. Evaluates the different alarm monitoring options and presents some cost scenarios that both include and exclude VoIP.
Global VoIP Trends in 2014
VoIP is undoubtedly the future of global telecommunications. If you are wondering where it currently stands today then take a look at this infographic to get a global look at VoIP in 2014. We break down different countries around the globe to show current trends.
VoIP over Frontier FiOS
Frontier FiOS is only available in a few states but it is worth checking availability for your home. The price is highly competitive and the speed is consistently fast. However, take a look at the double play package rather than the triple play and add a third party VoIP service for bigger savings. We have kicked the tires in this in-depth article.
VoIP Troubleshooting
Having problems with your VoIP service at home? Read our comprehensive VoIP troubleshooting guide to help you get to the bottom of any connection or call quality issues you may be having. Ask us any other questions in our comments section.
VoIP Setup
Arguably one of the most important items to consider when using VoIP is how you setup your equipment at home. You may have an integrated router and modem or perhaps you need an additional wireless router or a switch to handle all of the devices you have in your home network. How you connect these devices could make the difference between dropped calls and crystal clear conversations. Learn about all the different scenarios in this guide to VoIP setups.
What is VoIP?
Want to learn more about VoIP? Read our VoIP 101 guide and learn what this technology actually is, how it works and the benefits and features it delivers. Also find out the equipment you need and some items to consider before diving in.
The History of VoIP
It is hard to believe but VoIP has actually been around for over 20 years. This article documents the history of VoIP and also examines the growth of VoIP and the driving forces behind it.
VoIP Explained (Advanced Guide)
In our "What is VoIP" guide above you will learn the basics of VoIP and its benefits. Our advanced guide is for the tech savvy folks out there that want a deeper dive into the world of VoIP. Learn what is actually happening when a VoIP call is made including helpful diagrams to make it clearer.
Saving with VoIP and a Real World Example
Read our popular article on VoIP savings and view our real world example on the savings you can expect to see over a traditional landline service. Often it can be as much as $500 per year or more.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We get asked a lot of questions each day via our comments section and contact us page. Here are the most frequently asked questions on the residential side. If you do not see your question feel free to ask us.
Whichvoip's Guide to VoIP Features
VoIP offers a vast feature set to make your life simpler and to stay connected with your family and friends. Read our guide to VoIP features, which explains each feature along with ratings so you can get a feel for the most important ones.
Ooma Competitors
Ever wondered why Ooma is so popular for low cost phone service? Well there are a number of reasons for this, as documented in this article, but there are also many alternatives to Ooma that may actually end up being a better option especially if you want the best VoIP features available.
Skype Competitors
Skype is probably the most well known VoIP company on our planet, mainly for PC to PC communications. Now owned by Microsoft, Skype is likely to become even more popular as it gets embedded into its entertainment consoles and phones. However, there are actually many competitors these days and many are offering deals that are as good as, if not better, than Skype.
The Best Option for Phone Service in 2017
There are now many options available to you whether it be VoIP, mobile VoIP or even just a cell phone. This article addresses each of your options and discusses the pros and cons associated with them.
Vonage Competitors
With over 2 million customers and a large marketing budget Vonage is certainly one of the most well known VoIP companies in the world. Offering a feature rich service and great International plans one can see why it is so popular. However, there are many Vonage competitors these days, and this article highlights some of those companies and why their plans may be a better fit for you.
Vonage vs MagicJack
A popular search term entered at WhichVoIP.com is "Vonage versus MagicJack", so we decided to put a comparison page together so you can get an overview of each provider and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
Ooma vs MagicJack
Ooma and MagicJack are two of the most popular low cost options for VoIP home phone service but which one should you go for? Read our comparison article for Ooma versus MagicJack and view customer user reviews for each provider.
How do I add multiple phones to my VoIP digital phone service?
One common question that comes up regarding VoIP is how to handle multiple phones in a home. We have documented four different options available to you in order to handle this scenario, most of which are very straighforward.
Intermittent Audio on your VoIP Line
Learn about some of the factors associated with intermittent audio on your VoIP phone line and the basic tests that can be run to identify the source of the problem, such as a ping test and our own VoIP speed and jitter test.
The Best Options for Low Cost Calls
So are you looking for the cheapest phone service out there? There are many low cost options for you these days and this article highlights some of those options. We also highlight some additional items to consider, for example triple play bundles tend not to be the best option pricing wise.
Digital Phone - Internet Phone - VoIP - Broadband Phone : Confused what to go for?
You have perhaps heard that there are much cheaper ways to get phone service at home these days. However, marketers are having a field day and this low cost digital service is being tagged under many different names such as VoIP, Broadband phone, Internet phone and Digital phone service. This article aims to remove some of this confusion.

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