Mobile VoIP

The main reason to use a Mobile VoIP service is to get access to cheap or even free local and international calling. There are also many other benefits to this service that makes it worth the effort to evaluate if it is the right choice for you.

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP Benefits and Comparison

The easiest way to evaluate the benefits of using VoIP for calling on a mobile device is to compare features. We have created a comparison table that looks at the key differences between making calls using the regular cell phone method, and making calls on a cell phone that is running a mobile VoIP application. Every provider that offers this service seems to offer it in a slightly different way so when we show that a feature is checked, then we mean that it is definitely available from some providers although perhaps not from all.

Feature Mobile VoIP App Cell Minutes
Free VoIP Calling via WiFi YES NO
Monthly Fee Required NO YES
Unlimited minutes YES NO
Uses up Cell Phone minutes NO YES
Uses up Cell Data plan bandwidth YES (3G/4G) N/A
Cheap International Calls YES NO
Free International Calls YES NO
Cheap International SMS YES NO
Virtual Office Capabilities* YES NO
Integrates with home VoIP service YES NO

* Additional fees may be required

Let's go through these features one by one:


There are many companies that have Apps for your smartphone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) or WiFi enabled device. Here is a list of some of the many companies. Feel free to add a comment at the bottom of this page if you know of others or have an opinion.

There are many different ways in which Mobile VoIP is used and different providers offer different levels of service. So do your research and ensure you get the features you need at the best price available. Services such as Rebtel are not only for USA based use and people in almost any location can take advantage of the service.

Confused about what Service you need?

It can actually be very confusing as to what type of service you are getting as different providers offer different options. Although the actual App is free for your mobile phone, the features offered can be dramatically different. Here are a few examples, so choose wisely:

Although this is a great solution for anyone that is on the go, it is often a smart move to use this as a supplement to a regular VoIP service for your personal home or business use. If you are interested in comparing some of these residential or business offerings, please check out some of the most popular VoIP service providers in the tables below and decide if one of them is right for you.

Home Phone Service Options

Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Special: Unlimited Calling for $6.21/Mo
  • Keep Your Number or Get New One
  • 45+ Features Included
  • Money Back Guarantee
30-day Money Back 4.6

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  • Save 53%+ on Your Phone Bill
  • Over 40 Included Features
  • Easy Setup & Free Adapter to Use
  • No Contract or Cancellation Fee
30-day Money Back 4.8

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  • Special: $75 per year!
  • Free hardware & activation
  • Money back guarantee
  • 30+ features
15-day Money Back 4.1

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Business Phone Service Options

Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Top Rated Customer Service
  • Unlimited Calls, Easy to Use
  • 35+ Features, No Contracts
  • Dedicated Support Person
Free Trial 4.9

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  • Includes Phones on Select Plans
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Incredible Features
Cancel Anytime 4.8

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  • Free Phones with sign-up
  • No Contract, No Commitment
  • USA Based Customer Support
  • Plans from $14.99/mo
Free Trial 4.9

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WhichVoIP Visitor Comments

#5 : Posted by Skip

Can I call a landline using Skype?

-> Response: Yes you can call a landline but you need to purchase Skype credit and you are then charged per minute rates (around 2c/min). Alternatively you can pay for an actual plan each month for unlimited calls to the USA/CAN.


#4 : Posted by Bob

I have wasted an entire day trying to delete contacts from the program on my phone and online. Would someone make this process known to us! How is it done ?

-> Response: Usually you can delete all contacts. Which type of phone do you have?


#3 : Posted by Olive

I had a message on cell. This is it: Setting a VoIP app ( as the default call dialer on your Android device may restrict your access to 911. So is this true and how do I change it?

-> Response: Yes that seems to be case for Skype. Please review this information at the Skype community.


#2 : Posted by Jake

Just got a Magic Jack. Wanted to install it's app for cell phone. Unfortunately, it does not support Windows based cell phones. Can you suggest any decent free or low-cost voip for Windows based cell phones?

-> Response: Good question Jake, both Skype and Rebtel now support Windows phones. We updated the table on this page so thanks for the heads-up.


#1 : Posted by Jessika

Can I use an ipod touch for this?

-> Response: Sure. It just means you can't make or receive calls on the road (i.e. you need WiFi) but you can download apps from the providers on this page to your ipod touch and make/receive calls. Some of the older ipods do not have microphones so keep that in mind (but you can purchase ear buds that have a microphone attached to the cable).