SIP Trunk and IP PBX Articles

In this section you will find articles related to SIP trunks and IP PBX hardware and software switches, since they all tend to be related.

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SIP Trunk and IPPBX (Newest first)

SIP Call Flow Examples
In this guide we introduce some tools that can be used to capture and analyze SIP packets. SIP call flow examples for inbound and outbound calls are also highlighted which can be very useful for troubleshooting, should you ever experience problems with your VoIP calls.
Elastix versus FreePBX
Elastix and FreePBX are two very popular open source software PBX solutions that are currently in use by many companies. This article takes a detailed look at each of these and compares features and functionality while taking a look at what is actually free and what will come at a price.
SIP Test Tools for Packet Loss, Line Quality & Load Testing
This article highlights some useful tools to perform packet loss, line quality and traffic load generation testing. It also provides a useful guide to generate traffic to test out a PBX phone system. Finally we show you how to use server metrics to determine CPU and RAM utilization during traffic loads.
What is a Session Border Controller (SBC)
A Session Border Controller (SBC) is often a critical and necessary part of both a corporations and a service providers network. These devices are similar to firewalls in that they are security appliances that control access to networks. There are important differences though that make an SBC especially helpful in a VoIP network. This deep dive takes a look what an SBC is, why you might need one and what some of the popular devices are.
FreeSWITCH versus Asterisk
FreeSWITCH and Asterisk are two of the most popular open source PBX switches available today. In this article, we compare these two switches and point out where each system excels. In addition, we highlight some of the most popular PBXs in the market and which of these two switches they base themselves on.
How to Configure SipXcom as a Cloud-based Phone System
SipXcom is the new project name for SipXecs, a Freeswitch based PBX platform. This article takes you through the installation and configuration steps to create your own cloud-based phone system that can be used for any size business.
IP PBX Phone Systems and Providers
Gone are the days of businesses setting up old antiquated PBX systems. The world is digital and phone service has moved to the Internet age. In this article we look at the benefits of an IP PBX phone system and highlight a few of the more well known open source switches. We also provide links to our deep dive setup guides for each switch.
FusionPBX Tutorial
FusionPBX is a scalable and intuitive platform for handling all of your business telephony needs. Built on top of the powerful FreeSWITCH software, it provides a simple way to control the underlying switch. In this guide, I will present a step-by-step guide on installation and configuration in order to obtaining a working PBX.
SipXecs Freeswitch PBX Guide
SipXecs is a powerful open-source PBX GUI that is built on top of the Freeswitch platform. It is popular but installation can be difficult and confusing. In this sipXecs guide we walk you through the installation steps and perform a basic configuration that enables you to make phone calls.
PBX in a Flash Install Guide
PBX in a Flash is a powerful open-source switch with many add-ons that turn it into a developer's dream. However, the installation process can be problematic so we put together this installation guide to remove some of the most common frustrations.
Elastix Setup Guide
The Elastix open-source PBX software has been downloaded over 3 million times, and it is easy to see why. In just a few hours you can have this configured to handle all of your business phone calls. In this guide we show you how to setup this PBX software on a PC and setup extensions for internal and external calls.
FreePBX Setup Tutorial
FreePBX can be the heart of a powerful IP-PBX phone system for your home or business. This tutorial walks you through download, installation, setup and configuration of everything you need to start making phone calls.
Configure a 3CX Software PBX
The 3CX Software PBX is one of the few VoIP switches that can run on Windows operating systems. In this guide we take you through the configuration steps so you can set up your own 3CX business phone system.
How to Setup an Asterisk PBX
You don't have to be a large enterprise to use an on-premise phone system such as an Asterisk PBX. Any sized business can use Asterisk. The savings can be significant, even over a hosted PBX. This guide walks you through the steps to setting up Digium's Asterisk server for your business phone system.
Asterisk for Custom VoIP Systems
Does your business have inside IT networking knowledge or support group? If so then Asterisk may be a great option when considering switching to a VoIP phone system.
SIP Trunking vs PRIs
SIP trunking and PRIs are both ways that many different businesses use to connect their phone systems to the PSTN. Learn more about each and which one may be right for you.
SIP Protocols - Technical Guide
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) was first introduced in 1999 and runs on the application layer of the OSI model. In this technical guide we review the components and messages of SIP, the various response codes and the differences between SIP1.0 and SIP2.0. We also look at its basic operation, the ports used and link to all of the RFCs.
What is SIP Trunking
SIP trunking allows you to make Voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls using your existing on-premise PBX. Read this article to learn more and to find out why you should consider it.
Wholesale VoIP
The Telecom market is highly lucrative with new players appearing daily it would seem. Wholesale VoIP is a great way for these businesses to jump on the train through a reselling model. Learn about all the types of wholesale service and the advantages of going down this path.
If your business currently uses an analog based PBX or is considering one read our article on PBX versus VoIP to get a breakdown and comparison on each service so you can make an informed decision.

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