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Business Focused VoIP Articles

This section of the WhichVoIP articles index contains guides and whitepapers that are specifically focused on VoIP service for businesses. It covers the benefits that VoIP has to offer businesses of all sizes.

For articles on residential, mobile and broadband solutions or for more in depth whitepapers use the links below:

Business Articles (Newest first)

Asterisk for Custom VoIP Systems
Does your business have inside IT networking knowledge or support group? If so then Asterisk may be a great option when considering switching to a VoIP phone system.
Call Recording Services for Modern Business Phone Systems
Amongst the call management features there is one that has been quietly growing in use across businesses. Call recording provides many benefits and is not just for training purposes. Learn more and compare five provider offerings.
Microsoft Lync Hosted Providers Comparison
Often to the surprise of many there is the option to get Microsoft Lync via a 3rd party hosted provider for your business communication needs. Why would you consider this solution? Read this article to find out why and to see a comparison of provider packages and pricing.
How to Turn any Phone into a Business Phone System
There are lots of options for businesses to choose from for business phone service. Did you know that you can effectively turn any phone into a business phone system with a virtual phone number service?
What Everybody Ought to Know About Android for Business
There are now more Android based smartphones in the marketplace than any other. Businesses are also realizing the benefits of Android smartphones. In this article we look at the Android benefits such as security and productivity enhancing features.
How to Choose the Right Microsoft Lync Solution for Your Business
Following on from our introductary article on the Microsoft Lync VoIP solution this article addresses the differences between the two available solutions, Lync Server (On-premise) and Lync Online (Hosted). Understanding the differences is key in making the right choice for your business.
The Promise of Microsoft Lync and Unified Communications
If you are in the market for a business VoIP service then one option that has emerged is Microsoft Lync. This article provides a detailed overview of what Microsoft Lync is and how it could benefit your business.
VoIP Call Quality
VoIP call quality is as much a function of the codec found at the heart of every VoIP system as it is to the quality of your internet connection. The CODEC compresses and decompresses your voice in order to save bandwidth. This article describes the various codec's providers implement, how good they are and how configurable they are by the user.
Toll Free Numbers and Service Providers
Toll Free Numbers are a popular option for many businesses from small to large. It helps your business portray a professional image and one that shows you care about your customers. This article provides everything you need to know about Toll Free Numbers and details some provider options.
New Office Technical Considerations
If you are looking for a new office for your business, it is critical to consider a number of technical aspects when making this important decision. In this article we perform a deep dive into some of the technical and IT related issues that you need to be aware of, and offer a free checklist that you can use during an office walk through.
Fax over IP (FoIP) - What are your Options
The fax machine is still important to businesses even after almost 50 years since its invention. However the move to Internet based technologies such as VoIP has caused some relaibility issues for faxing. Learn about your options, how to save money and some troubleshooting tips to ensure reliable faxing over IP networks.
VoIP for Law Firms - Questions to Ask
Information and questionnaire specifically focused on evaluating phone service options for law firms. Although VoIP is normally the best choice, it is worth considering all the options.
Auto-Attendant Feature
Detailed look at the automated attendant feature. What it is, how it works, what the benefits are and how to set it up.
Flowroute Provisioning with a Cisco SPA 303
Flowroute is a wholesale VoIP provider of inbound and outbound minutes. In this article we kick the tires of its trunking service and provision a Cisco SPA 303 IP phone to connect to the Flowroute SIP servers.
Compare Business Phone Solutions (Infographic)
Businesses have a number of phone solutions to choose from these days from a landline service through to a full featured PBX. See all of the options available to your business with our infographic and view the pros and cons of each option.
VoIP Protocols
There are many protocols used for VoIP. Read our summaries of the main protocols you may comes across when researching VoIP.
VoIP Features Guide for Businesses
VoIP delivers a vast amount of features, particularly for business phone service. This guide explains some of the basic and advanced features you can take advantage of.
Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Businesses tend to have a lot of questions on VoIP. In this FAQ we detail the most common questions that arrive in our inbox.
Hosted VoIP - the business case for switching
Hosted VoIP has grown rapidly over the last 5 years and there are no signs of it slowing down. The savings are huge and the feature set is such that it will enhance productivity at your place of work. This article dives into the business case for this technology and highlights some examples of the savings you can expect.
Vocalocity Desktop
Boost the productivity of your business by taking advantage of all the plugins that often are included with a VoIP service. In this article we take a look at the Vocalocity desktop - a set of features that integrate your phone system with your computers.
Nextiva compared with Vocalocity
Nextiva and Vocalocity are well known and established providers serving businesses throughout the USA. This article compares these two providers, includes a comprehensive list of features that each provider supports, and also a comparison of user feedback received at WhichVoIP for each.
RingCentral vs 8x8 VoIP Comparison
Another in our series of provider comparisons highlights Ringcentral versus 8x8 services. A full comparison of each services features followed by a comparison of real life user ratings for each service.
Internet Fax Services
With the advent of technology and the growth of the Internet the days of the old fax machine are numbered. This article will educate you on the future of Faxing and introduce some popular service providers and their available low cost plans.
Audio, Web and Video Conferencing
As business budgets tighten and with technology advancements the days of travelling for face to face meetings has reduced. Internet and VoIP technologies have opened up a new way of meeting, through online Conferencing. Learn more with this article, including history, the associated benefits and typical features, our guide to provider selection and some popular providers in the market today.
Wholesale VoIP
The Telecom market is highly lucrative with new players appearing daily it would seem. Wholesale VoIP is a great way for these businesses to jump on the train through a reselling model. Learn about all the types of wholesale service and the advantages of going down this path.
What is Unified Communications?
Learn about Unified Communications, what it actually means for your business and how Business VoIP has been the driving force behind it. View some use cases to see how it could be utilized by your company.
If your business currently uses an analog based PBX or is considering one read our article on PBX versus VoIP to get a breakdown and comparison on each service so you can make an informed decision.
VoIP Requirements List
If you have been reading our articles you likely are already sold on VoIP and the benefits is can deliver to your business. However there are some requirements and some questions you need to resolve before jumping in. This guide runs through these items.

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