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VoIP Reviews submitted by real users are a useful tool for those who are looking to make the switch from traditional phone service to a VoIP solution. With literally hundreds of service providers in the market today they can help differentiate one from another, or confirm your choice. Below you will find useful recommendations on reading and researching reviews plus direct links to our provider directory pages to access over 4,000 user submitted reviews. Scroll down or use these quick navigation links:


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Over 1,500 business user ratings and comments for over 100 service providers submitted through our website review form.
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Over 2,900 home user ratings and comments for over 100 service providers submitted through our website review form.
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Some Items to Consider When Reading Reviews

Whether you are looking to save up to 80% on your business phone bills or over $500 per year on your home phone bill, user feedback can help you make that final choice. We have thousands of submissions for over one hundred providers.

Here are some recommendations to help read between the lines:

All the user reviews on our site are submitted by users of this site. Various techniques are employed to verify authenticity of the submissions in accordance with our site guidelines. Although we strive for 100% authenticity we cannot guarantee that all are submitted by real users. However, we can guarantee that all have been submitted through the forms on this site.

We also have user opinions for IP phones and Internet service providers. Use the links opposite to access those reviews.

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Business Service Providers

If you are considering purchasing a hosted VoIP phone solution for your business we recommend that you read through feedback by business owners and IT decision makers.

Recently Received

Post DateProviderRatingRecommend

JUL 12th, 2018SOUNDCURVE (5)Yes

JUN 28th, 2018STAR2STAR (5)Yes

JUN 13th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (4.2)Yes

JUN 7th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

MAY 31st, 2018SOUNDCURVE (5)Yes

Post DateProviderRatingRecommend

MAY 30th, 2018SOUNDCURVE (5)Yes

MAY 25th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

MAY 25th, 2018FLOWROUTE (2.4)No

MAY 23rd, 2018ANVEO (4.6)Yes

MAY 22nd, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

MAY 21st, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

MAY 21st, 2018VONAGE (1.8)No

MAY 17th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (4)Yes

MAY 15th, 2018STAR2STAR (2)No

MAY 10th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (4.8)Yes

MAY 8th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

MAY 8th, 2018STAR2STAR (2)No

MAY 4th, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

MAY 2nd, 2018INTERMEDIA (2)No

MAY 1st, 2018RINGCENTRAL (5)Yes

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Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Over 84,000 Businesses Trust Vonage
  • 36% Savings and No Annual Contract
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • NEW! Amazon Chime Incl, no Extra Cost
Cancel Anytime 4.4

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  • Simple to Use for Admins/Users
  • No Fees for Add-ons/Upgrades/Features
  • Unlimited Calls, from $19.95/mo
  • Get First Month Free!
Free Trial 4.6

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  • Powerful Communication Features
  • Fast, Easy, Free Setup & Install
  • Trusted by 50,000+ Customers
  • Unlimited Calls. Flexible Pricing.
30-day Money Back 4.5

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  • Feature-rich System for Multi-location Users
  • New Customer Offer - $14.95/month/user
  • Real-time Team Collaboration Features
Free Trial 4.7

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Business user reviews

Free Business VoIP Quotes

Business Resources

Residential Service Providers

We recommend that you only consider popular, well known providers and look for any hidden costs such as taxes and other charges. Also ensure that you are aware of when any discounted rate changes over to the regular rate.

Recently Received

Post DateProviderRatingRecommend

JUL 3rd, 2018LINGO (2)No

JUL 1st, 2018OPTIMUM VOICE (4.6)Yes

JUN 13th, 20181VOIP (2.6)No

JUN 8th, 2018MAGICJACK (2.8)No

JUN 5th, 2018COMWAVE (1)No

Post DateProviderRatingRecommend

JUN 5th, 2018MAGICJACK (1)No

JUN 3rd, 2018MAGICJACK (1.7)No

MAY 31st, 2018CALLWITHUS (4.9)Yes

MAY 28th, 2018CALLWITHUS (5)Yes

MAY 21st, 2018COMWAVE (1)Yes

MAY 19th, 2018CALLWITHUS (4.6)Yes

APR 16th, 2018ITP (4.7)Yes

APR 15th, 2018COMWAVE (1)No

APR 11th, 2018ACANAC (1.9)No

APR 10th, 2018VOIPO (1.4)No

APR 4th, 2018COMWAVE (1)No

APR 3rd, 2018AXVOICE (3.9)Yes

MAR 31st, 2018PHONE POWER (1.9)No

MAR 28th, 2018VOIP.MS (5)Yes

MAR 27th, 2018VOIP.MS (2)Yes

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Provider* Highlights Startup Reviews More Info
  • Save 53%+ on Your Phone Bill
  • Over 40 Included Features
  • Easy Setup & Free Adapter to Use
  • No Contract or Cancellation Fee
30-day Money Back 4.6

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  • Special: Limited Time Offer
  • No setup fees - US Based Support
  • Free Adapter, 50+ features
  • No Annual Prepay
No Cancel Fees 4.4

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  • Special: $149 for 2 Yr's service
  • Free 2nd line + Int'l mins
  • Free setup. No contract
  • 45+ features. US-based support
30-day Money Back 3.8

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  • Special: $75 per year!
  • Free hardware & activation
  • Money back guarantee
  • 30+ features
15-day Money Back 4.2

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Residential user reviews

Before you Sign Up for Home Service

Please ensure that you check the pricing along with the feedback of service providers that you are considering. We estimate that you can save anywhere up to $500 per year by changing your home phone service to VoIP but that amount can be reduced by hidden fees that are not advertised. These fees include items such as taxes, regulatory fees and other charges. Click through to the provider website and evaluate the sign-up process to find these fees and ensure you are aware of them. They are typically very small though and not really a cause for concern.

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